Wednesday, January 5, 2022

January mornings

 An icy chill, frigid within 
Snaps me out of a reverie,
While the days wear thin,
The time is indeed a memory.

Snowflakes frozen clear
While trees are laid bare,
Toward renewed, we veer,
Awaiting the refreshed ware.

Sunday, January 2, 2022

A new book and a rehashed chapter


A new book, I open,
I smile at the blanks
The pages that await
me to fill them up.

Words flow, in bursts
I aspire a deluge
but, sometimes its dry
I don’t give up

Mediocrity seems to
be my trait, defined.
Quality, while sought,
Quantity persists.

A start, that’s half way
To the destination
of completion, of the end
And, that is my aim.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Freshness, in stale

Today, in the time of morn,
a renewed winter dawn,
There's a faint pink hue
That outshines the sky’s blue.

There’s a feeling forlorn
But, love over me fawns,
I am long overdue,
for a taste of morning dew.

The day passes now reborn,
While some ‘brights’ are spawned
I wish some joy, I could woo
A fresh start, I begin anew.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Birthdays in heaven

A day, special as ever,
Etched in mind, forever,
Remembrance from afar
Wishing upon the lovely star.

Seeking a stairway to heaven,
if only time could leavened.
There are words left incomplete
Waiting for when we meet.

Without cards, nor flowers.
Sorrow beyond our powers,
A milestone - today would be
If only you were here to see.

Always, loved beyond measure,
every moment in past, treasured.
There's an ache that persists,
A void that never ceases to exist.

Friday, July 2, 2021


A decade and some
Pearls of moments
Strung together with aplomb
Of many, endorsements
A chapter in life, longish
Not the cliched era though
Years of joy undiminished
But for a brief presence of sough
The walls echoes with us
Our joys ingrained in them
The tear stained nooks
Interspersed with some humdrum
Without looking back, I will
Walk away from this abode,
Fighting back tears that’ll spill
Heart filled and head bowed.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Tallying my thoughts


I pretend I am a nurturer

I whisper into the air

My endearments of love

And, thus my gloom, I forswear


I wear a cloak of sainthood

Where nothing fazes me

As I march on alleviating

The distresses of humanity


And, yet the once I pause

Assessing my balance sheet

The moment I seek a miracle

The universe has me beat.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Exceptional, exclusive and extraordinary - the day

Birthdays are special,
A personal commemoration,
of self worth, a reflection.
As you revel in elation.

Age, a number, is cliche.
Count the moments,
that blow you away,
of happiness these are potent.

The more, the merrier
yet another platitude,
the truth nonetheless,
to embrace in gratitude.

You are the most special,
not just today, every day,
to all around you, who hover
you remain, our mainstay.

Happy Birthday!

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Living with a shrewish one

Singed by constant hurts
my heart refuses hope
with a smoke that envelopes
every spark, I can't cope.

A touch, a lift - of spirits
that is all I sought
Instead, I faced empty threats
dished out in onslaught.

A breath of air, to clear,
my frothy turbulent mind,
remains a pipe dream, like 
building cottages in air, I find.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Life that's vested

Conditional, if this
then! only suits
lines of code to
create apps.

In life, reality 
is a simple how
'if things work well,
I shall remain bow'

everyone is measured 
in a balance of ifs
where all that's needed
is checks in the lists.

Centered around self
the universe shall revolve
that's the expectation 
in which they devolve. 

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Confined in Caution

The silence is deafening 
I step into the building alone 
My desk of decade and a half 
stands watch over the agone. 

With a heavy heart, I pose 
click a selfie for posterity 
Pushing the button, for a hard reset. 
I stand still to ingest the severity. 

I repeat certain words often, 
‘eerie’ and ‘unreal’ mostly. 
Everyone agrees with me, 
while the world feels ghostly.
The things once the norm, 
seem unattainable at best. 
The mindless living on, 
something I have begun to detest. 

As I peer out of the window 
streets lined with parked cars. 
No one has anywhere to go. 
The world is indeed on a pause.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Mired in contradictions

Blessed to be alive,
cursed to despair,
Fortunate with fortunes
But, the heart lays bare.

Surrounded by many
Amidst them all alone, 
enveloped in affection 
But, unconditional love, none.

Plentiful are necessities, 
Provided for in abundance,
living close to perfection, 
But, hollow without substance

Trying conditions persist.
Days are long and fleeting
Struggling to stay in pace, 
But the mind takes a beating

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Gazing at the twinkling stars

I walk the road, across
from my door. I look up
at the vastness of skies.
Inconsequential, I letup.

In the shadow of my eyes,
swirled in perpetual grief,
the twinkling stars don't
provide an inkling of relief.

gazing at stars, gushed at
romanticized in emotions
When the heart is in despair
hardly a healing potion. 

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Into the abyss I stare

Prayers, miracles, luck
chances and luck of the draws,
Guarantees are non existent,
Talks remain about last straw.

How did I not know?
How was I so naive?
To believe in another
Letting my heart grieve.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Complete exploitation of relationship

There is no happy way
to disengage with them.
There is ripping the bandaid
And not worrying about the outcome

Never a reciprocating gesture
Nor a give and take, mutually
There is only one way of things
oblige and operate perpetually,

In every aspect of life, there are
Many demands of sorts.
Not once is offered, anything
close to a remorse

Use and throw brutally
there is no emotion attached
Only when there is a need
There's an effort to stay latched.

Friday, April 12, 2019

The art of condescending

They stick up their noses
at every failure of others
They laugh in derision
every time someone falters.

They point fingers in abandon
Deeming themselves free of blame,
They don ' t realize that four of
those fingers direct at their shame.

Their brood are examples
Of excellence in every field
Others, however, are scoffed at
for any skills that they wield.

They judge every measure of action
of the people all around them
Never once, do they look into
Their own sins before they condemn. 

Prompt - Poetic Asides

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Poem of Origin

I am from the right path
Never to be strayed
I am from the strong
emotions are not displayed.

I am the heir of values
of the greatest kind
I am from the people
claiming the sharpest mind.

I am supported
by generations of piety
I am held up in good stead.
by not quantity but quality

An upkeep of these lofty
Ideals calls forth,
Of rising beyond ordinary
And of mindful things doth.