Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Angels hark

An invisible hand hovers,
Over my troubled head,
My thoughts then recover,
As though back from dead.
My sheltered existence,
Seemed to be threatened,
Required of me was penance,
For the unrest to amend.

Let down

You are the one I call my own,
But you treated me with a frown,
Horrible days, then followed,
Your pride, you never swallowed.
Listlessly, dejected I went about,
Uncaringly, your day, you tout.
Moody, of me, you dismiss,
While you went on with your tryst.
Pieces, I picked up, one by one,
Propped or prodded, I was by none.
Alone, I decided, is the way to go,
With you, there is only sorrow.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

To flourish while fading


I will fade away, into recognition
The seasons maybe any
I will wilt and wither here,
Possibly Thursday, the day in spring.
I decide on Thursday, because I was
Born on that day,
I pen these lines in fear,
In dread of diminishing,
The end is terrifying.
There will an emptiness
No one to recollect my days,
Truly I will vanish
Into dust, in the woods,
On a rainy sunny day.
And now for today’s (optional, as always!) prompt. Today, let’s rewrite a famous poem, giving it our own spin. While any famous poem will do, if you haven’t already got one in mind, why not try your own version of Cesar Vallejo’s Black Stone Lying on a White Stone? If you’re not exactly sure how such a poem could be “re-written,” check out this recent poem by Stephen Burt, which riffs on Vallejo’s. Happy writing!

Lurid quietude

Plagued by nightmares,
My life takes a turn,
Blood and gore don’t fare,
Still makes my heart churn.
Waking up in cold sweat,
There are visions, that stay,
Tragedies that torment,
Life turns into gray.
Like dementors to my soul,
Gnawing away the calm,
Smells so acrid and foul,
Seem to all over, embalm.
Knee jerk tears flow,
Swaying in the anguish,
Nothing stems the throes,
In desolation, I languish.
Respite, there isn’t at all,
From the infinite agony,
Ordeals continue to whirl,
Dissipating all harmony.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Captivated by doohickey

Not a day goes by,
When I don’t fondle you,
With all my undying love,
Your praises, I spew.
Your bright response,
To my first look,
Continuing from where left off,
Taken line, sinker and hook.
I caress your behind,
As I hold you tight,
We both settle down
Under the covers each night,
The lights turn off,
You grip me with your glow,
Spending hours together,
No fatigue, you seem to show.
As sleep plays on me,
My dear, I let you go,
Until the next time to play.
My iPad, I adore you so.


I sit to paint a picture,
Of me, in my element,
Long gaping at the canvas,
No ideas seem to cement.
A female, I am, I conclude,
Do I owe me any props?
Is there the ideal mix,
Of the gains and the flops?
Successful, I decide to add,
Generous all the way,
Intangibles, I list many,
But, how do I portray?
A briefcase, do I depict
Or money illustrate?
Kids and husband in tow,
Joy, does it demonstrate?
While I ponder over these,
The blankness stares back,
In the nothingness, I settle
I am an unfinished abstract.
*A play on introspect


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Note to self


I am my biggest foe,
I reap whatever I sow,
Dejected I feel at slight,
And, on it I focus my might.
Frustrations show me raw,
Discontents  begin to gnaw,
Discouragement, a self blow,
I am then forced to lie low.
With all these within me,
Who needs an enemy,
For me, I should root,
My own horn, to toot.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Withering sight

Emaciated, he looked gaunt,
His past continued to haunt,
His vile deeds of the yore,
Gnawed at his innermost core.
Decomposing his life gone by,
He awaited his verdict with a sigh,
His few remaining days on earth,
Of love, there was a dearth.
Repentance, it crossed his mind,
‘Too little, too late’, he resigned,
No one else will ever come to know,
To the grave, he will take his woes.

Lost in fantasy

Like the proverbial Alice,
I have entered the mythical land,
Of Fujins and Thors, Odin too,
The Gods of Wind and Power,
I am sufficiently entranced,
Perplexed overly.
Eleves and dwarves scurry about,
While Gozu and Mezu guard,
I don’t make any sense,
I stay entrenched, deep
Escape my real world.
A realm beyond my conscious
I have descended into.
I make my own stories
History is fiction
Characters my figment
Blurry with sensory illusion.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I rake my brains hard,
To name something blue,
I have been duly dared,
That it cannot be “you”
While on my thoughts, I chew,
And, think of the ocean,
As I try to not eschew,
The skies of the blue notion.
As I ponder over more,
There is the Hindu God,
Devotedly followed by scores,
Who are humbly awed.
I think of joyous beauty,
And the peacock comes to mind,
To spread its splendor is its duty,
Just when the gray skies descend.
Or it could be the Nav’i tribe,
In the mystical Avatar space,
That’s all I am able to  scribe,
Of Blues there are no other trace.

Then there was the beginning

Then there was the beginning,
The fidgety wait for the day to arrive,
The apprehension made it exciting,
The nervous energy on which I thrive.
Then there was the beginning,
Or am I looking at it wrong,
Am I walking in circles,
And, is it to be the swan song?
Like the ticking time piece,
The sundial that never stops,
Or the hourglass with sand,
The incessant cuckoo’s squawks.
Can time be boxed in , at all?
Is there ever a finishing line?
With the incessant succession,
Life certainly got on quite fine.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Open homes and hearts

Flying balloons and boards,
They beckon me towards,
AS I slowly open the door,
Anticipation, within soars.
The welcome helloes done,
And, now begins the fun,
With the crowd milling around,
There are surprises to be found.
“Charming, cozy and comfortable,
To afford, are you, currently able?
These are words strewn about,
When stories I begin to spout.
I look at some of them in awe,
In others, I find many a flaw,
There isn’t one, that’s perfect,
It is just all about the connect.
With the thank-yous, this ends,
I close the door, on my intends.
I wonder if this is in my fate?
Here, memories, will I create?
I turn back, for a last glance,
Did it sufficiently entrance?
Then, I get yanked to reality,
Finances matter, what a pity!

Delusional restitution

I dreamt about you yesterday,
You were weak and whittled,
I saw you unstable and tottering,
The smile on your face unbridled.
In the colorless hospital gown,
I saw you in a faded vision,
As we all paced around,
Bring you home, was the mission.
I heard the excited voices,
Conversation, I don’t catch,
I seemed to be participating,
But there was a slight detach.
I saw you like old times,
The eagerness in your eyes,
I quieted my worrying mind,
And joined in, in the reprise.
Did the events transpire such?
It blended with the facts,
I willed myself to a new hope,
But reality, remained intact.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Skip to spring

Magnificence in the horizon,
With many hues, emblazoned.
In silence, I soak it all in,
Everything is new within,
The drifting spring breeze,
Puts me at complete ease,
By the sprouting colors on trees,
My turbulent mind gets appeased.
Formerly frigid frozen skies of gray,
The sunny splendor drove it away,
Refresh and renew, they say,
It’s the cycle of life at play.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Mundane Romance

Unprofessional, others silently fumed,
To split up, they seemed to be doomed,
But, they moved on without a care,
Illegitimately, with their own fare.
Conflict of interest, another said,
Resentment toward her, it bred,
Special favors to her, were seen,
But, their fondness didn’t wean.
Formal action, some threatened,
But, he was a force to be reckoned,
They carried on their forbidden affair,
Of the nasty whispers, blissfully unaware.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Requests requited

As I set out to face
Another day, a week,
The crazy hurried pace,
Isn’t for the meek.
In the midst of it all,
I send up a silent look,
To hold me when I fall,
To steady me, if I shook.
His ways, I find are clever,
Invisible hands wiping my tear,
There is, I find, never,
An unanswered prayer.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Grind, the dreary kind.

A day at work, like any other,
Things continue to smother,
Productivity turns non-existent,
But, tasks growingly persistent.
With my little notebook, I peer,
Hoping to make the day disappear,
Like the sound of the closing bell,
I await for my time of farewell.
Day dawns bright and boring,
With the early alarms blaring,
Rinse and repeat, the day goes on,
While I try and stifle my yawn.
Monotony is the name of the game,
Breaking it, garners you fame,
Until then, bear the daily grind,
And, to this tedium, be consigned.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Often said, cliche

Her eyes, frantic, sought out,
The only one that mattered,
Fleetingly, an instance of doubt,
Her breath seemed to falter.
He then came into sight,
Clothed in complete perfection,
Was it, in tiny armor, her knight?
As she soaked in, her elation.
All of seven pounds he lay,
Swaddled in oodles of love,
Bawling his little lungs away.
Life now changes and how!

A runaway kite, left to fare.

I hold in my desires,
I reign in, my hopes,
As dreams take me astray,
And, love makes me afloat.
I drift away unbridled,
In the vast expanse of joy,
Flailing unrestrained,
Amidst clouds of calm.
Far away, I set my sights,
Leaving certainty behind,
The brave breeze of change,
Carpets me to there.
I soar in wild abandon,
Without looking back,
Like an arrow shot in the air,
A runaway kite, left to fare.

Growing up and growing old

Pensive, I brood the past day,
A number, that’s all, I try to say,
While decrepit, I am not,
With signs of it, I am wrought.
Credibly, I may still pass off,
As young, without anyone’s scoff,
But, the day isn’t far,
With wrinkles, I maybe marred.
I wear my grays in pride,
After all, that was to betide,
Wisdom, I await upon me,
Ripe and mellow, soon to be.

Cogently contradictory

I walk in anticipation,
Of the ever present beauty,
I await in apprehension,
Of the things falling apart.
I soar in joy, along with,
The many stories of triumph,
I shed copious tears,
At the thought of the others.
I breeze through in ease,
At some daily tasks,
I struggle hard and long,
With other demands at hand.
A big bag of paradoxes,
Is all I seem to be,
But Inimitably unique,
Is was I intend to stay.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Rocking routine

Friday arrives without much ado,
Weekends sought after are due.
A rolling list of things to do,
Serenity, elusively, I try to woo.
Strewn by social interaction,
Routinely are the same faction.
My tasks remain in non-completion.
As I continue on with my infractions.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Nature’s insatiable desire,
Toward the ultimate equilibrium,
The delicate thread holds on
The massive sense of balance.
All the man made contraptions,
Prostrate before her raw power,
The feral urges she fosters,
To drive in the ignored lessons.
Not a shred of remorse,
The humans seem to show,
A day will come, not far,
Knowing will dawn on them.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


For now, awash in white,
The entire land awaits,
A slippery slew will follow,
Until the melt-away floods.
As far as eyes can see,
A fair pallid encompasses,
The grass is no longer green
And roads have lost their gray.
Piled up, everywhere around,
Mountain loads of snow,
Winter wonderland of yore?
Or is it arctic of the future?
Navigating through these,
Feel like amidst glaciers,
Could very well swap shoes,
For a pair of well oiled skis.
One of these days will happen,
Discovering what lies beneath,
Spring will unravel it all,
Along with unbridled joys.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Contiguous ambiguity

I plan for the morrow,
Without knowing in certainty,
If time, I have enough to borrow,
Or succumb, will I to adversity?
The dreaded moment, there is,
Comes with no premonition,
Things may not seem amiss,
Still comes the final transition.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Shoring up smugness

Nurturing comes easy to me,
Is there any other way to be?
Loving without restraining I do,
In likeability, I pull the coup.
Like the honey to the bee,
They all flock to be with me,
Clichéd as it may sound,
With pride, my heart is abound.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Prominence, in anonymity

I seek to emulate the greats,
Rub off on me, I hope, their traits,
Sharing some Longfellow tastes,
Dickinson, Whitman and Frost's days.

Walking into their hallowed homes,
Breathing in the smell of their tomes,
Pacing by the desks of oaken,
The air is filled with words unspoken.

I close my eyes and take it in,
In the turmoil, of where I begin,
I harbor no mammoth ambition,
Humbly, I set out on a poetic mission.

Solitude and sanity

A boisterous crowd,
Cracking up in unison,
Bubbling over in laughter,
Smiling in excess.
Unknown to each other,
Began the hesitant hello,
Within a couple of hours on,
Had all gelled well into one.
Heads throbbing with sound,
Ears reverberating with rings,
Moved on away from it all
A haven, in splendid isolation.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Pursuit of repute

With a fine sense of balance,
Not missing the bucolic essence,
Synergetic hats openly donned,
Eyes set on gold silver and bronze.
Quitting is not an alternative ,
Pushing to the limits, the motive.
Daring to live on the edge,
Potentially jumping off the ledge.
Inspiring others are the former greats,
Pushing, pulling and throwing weights,
Tiptoeing, twirling and springing high  
Towards excellence, as they vie.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lettering on the sly


time at work,
Writing verses on the lurk,
I embrace my poetry bug
Sustaining it may become a tug.
Facilitating it, are aspects,
Of life and its usual suspects,
Strands of words together,
Many revisions, they weather.
No matter what the throe,
Whatever plans may throw,
Wherever I am sent,
To write on, is my intent.
States and countries don’t matter
Verses are never a smatter
Writings  always my reprieve,
Pictures in words, as I weave.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Laced in poise

Gifts to each other was trite,
But the thought behind, just right.
Years haven’t ebbed the joy,
Low key is just a meticulous ploy.
Life begins to fill up with platitudes,
Ventilated, it gets by fresh attitudes.
Every moment launches itself anew,
Toward content comfort, gets skewed.
The day may feel like any other,
There's no way else to want it rather.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hark back

A little girl, I cowered in fear,
Everyday was spent in high gear,
Await as I did for a pat on my back,
All I got was oodles of flak.

Pathetic as it may sound now,
Lessons from it, I learned to plow,
Harden me for life, it did not,
Delicately, for affection, I sought.

Scarred, others may take me to be,
Childhood, to return to, I am free.
Every day, is a turn of the page,
Everything, time will assuage.

Escape, I do into my own world,
Hoping that as events unfurled,
I shall have my share of stars,
Though sprinkled with battle scars.

Cherished consort

I sit in my corner,
In awe of my charmer,
The love is stronger than ever,
The bonds shall never sever.

Watching in love and joy,
As I turn away, feeling coy,
Words, now, feel overrated,
In silence, thoughts translated.

Blended in unison, forever,
Hand in hand, in every endeavor,
Facing ups and downs, in candor,
As we, through life, meander.

Beyond chums

Friendships blossom and bloom,
Days and hours they consume,
Old memories are exhumed,
Laughter left off, resumes.

Childhood BFFs stay that way,
Age doesn’t dim the cliché.
Toward each other, they sway
Miles between them fade away.

No matter where life leads,
Into joy, friendship feeds,
contentment also it breeds,
Fulfills even unknown needs.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tryst amidst turmoil

Agitated, whenever I feel,
Colors are always calming,
The store beckoned to me,
Mysteriously patterned and hued.

Shelves lined with yards of reds,
Fragrant candles waft along,
Carved into beauty many a box,
Glittering décor strewn around.

Minutes can turn into hours,
With a pick of the random
A trinket that's filled with hope,
And heart serenaded with peace.

I wondered why it was so,
Not once but every time,
This happens to be the outcome,
Then today, it dawned on me.

It wasn't the materials within,
Rather the transportation sense
Takes me to times serene,
That's nowhere else to be seen.

Casual chronicle

Trains do this to me,
I watch detachedly

I see a house there afar,
A silhouette in the window ajar,

I create him, in my words
In bits and pieces and blurbs

Wrapping up my made up tale
Making it all smooth sail

As the train chugs by
I close my eyes and sigh

I think of thoughts trite
Biographies of strangers, I wish to write

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Heart to heart, far apart.

No topics are taboo between us,
You pamper me with the right fuss,
The heavy heart was like a rock,
Now slowly, relief begins to flock.
Why did I say, all that I did?
Among others ,unknowingly slid,
Tight I feel like a miser’s squeeze,
Despair, in no way, can be appeased.
The sighs and sadness wiped away,
Smiles, toward happiness, did sway,
You pray, you can be there for me,
I say, that’s my heartfelt plea.