Wednesday, March 13, 2019


my very first, a black sedan
nondescript, no one took a second look
The plates said KRA, thus christened.
with devil’s number juxtaposed
Travel, I did in simpler times
youth conquered all worries
Losses weren’t of life
There was surely hope
What I wouldn’t give for
resurrection, not just of KRA
of many loved ones.
A trip through the times
Simpler & sweeter
Money was short but
laughter abundant
Memories created within
One day left with it
in the middle of the freeway
Stuttering to its peaceful end.


A day you can lay claim to.
Yours to own with pride.
When you have paid your due.
Now to enjoy your strides.

Unburdened by the mundane,
You can lay bare your fantasy
There is nothing arcane
in desiring some revelry.

Plied, with gifts small and big,
Modestly you revel in the attention.
Of the drink of life, you take a swig,
Oblivious to all around dissention.

You slip into roles you must play
Customary or progressive, be it
Milestones, you gather and assay
Adding to them, your own twist

Wishes flow in, all shapes and kinds
You are thought of very fondly
Take a moment also to rewind
 And recalling all that led to today, warmly.

Whacked and Walloped by life

Passage of life goes on its pace  
Pranked by its vagaries we are  
while I’d like to caper and chase
I am sure, what’s planned is bizarre.

I rise, rubbing off the debris of time,
Legs give away, bearing the brunt of age.
Instinct says, into cocoon, to climb.
Sticking to determination, a battle I wage.

The chain of events slips by unseen
Vulnerabilities sets the bar low.
While my youth, I attempt to preen.
Insecurities land me a harsh blow.

Sunday Whirl