Sunday, July 19, 2015


The rays of sunshine
Dance with the leaves
A graceful rendition
A ballet of sorts
Shadowed amidst light
The foliage prance about
Breezed away gently,
By the summer wind
The elegance, the joy
The blissful trots  
The sparkling rays
The rustling trees
Operatic allegory
Of the unseen nature
Nestled within
The deep forests
No prying eyes
Just carefree abandon
The primal purity
And pristine grace

Monday, July 13, 2015

Mythical demesne

Resurrection begins in isolation
In werewolves and witches nation
Voodoo dolls are blinded aspiring
Nemeses begin their veering.
Hunted and branded they’re as fruitcake
Spells are chanted in heart break
Alone, they are left to face the facts,
Amidst scorpions, vermin and the bats
Perchance among mortals, they appear,
Ordered by the heads to cut off ears
An occasional sighting in the royal ball
Is enough to make the subject appalled
Persecution is all they have faced
From the face of earth, erased   

Legacy left behind

The rains, clouds and the roof,
The game of a lifetime
Merciless, the opponent
Obstacles continued to climb
Feels like no tomorrow
The sun shall not rise
Sinking feeling in the heart
Familiarities reprise
Dreaded destiny is brought up
Maturity is summoned
Tears are stemmed, through
The rough, emerges the diamond.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

A day from the past, today

I seek ways today
To pay my tribute,
There seems no way
Attempts seem moot.
Stuck up and formal
The very word sounds
Not meant for you
Whose laughter abounds.
I think up rituals,
Ceremonies and rites
I plan to recollect all
Of the sounds and sights.
Nothing will bring you back
That hits me hard
No matter what I do
From life you are barred
The loss shall remain
The ache gnaws away,
Time lessens the pain?
But not like what they say.
Destiny and fortune, I
Seem to call out much,
For want of anything better
That will calm me much.
As long as I can
Smile at thoughts of you.
That shall be my homage,
From my heart comes true.
Remembering you, today and always... I pray, it stays that way  

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Exhausted essence

Aloof I want to remain
Ponder at the absurdity
Of the painful past
Of imminent adversities
Temporary, I deemed it,
But transient, it hasn’t been
Nary an up follows the down,
What am I supposed to glean?
Living is hard, I conclude
In reality, I shouldn’t carp,
Among privileged, I count me,
But, cannot stop this harp
The body of mine holds up
The broken down soul
When can I mend the tears
And become my old whole

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Entwining comfort

Weaving quilts of memories
Heartfelt grains of joyous moments,
Splintered by ominous worries
Cracking open anxiety torrents
The feeling pervades the bones
Dubious qualms crawl within
Escaping the cynical tones
And let some bliss seep in
Collapsing in a huddle of thrill
Crowing in a collecting hurrah
Like the clay pot water’s chill
Life takes a welcoming yaw

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Raspy, I got today
Trying to instill
Come obedience
But was a tedious drill
In a high, I set out
With a bag of wins
Brought to my place
With quips that stings
A nobody that I am
Was made to realize
Somber the moment
When I was left to theorize

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fettered and free

Nervously I set out
To grab life by its horns
Changes that I envision
Are not without thorns
Puzzling, the actions seem
But that is just the way
Fearful, I admittedly am
Decisions, nothing shall sway
Lumped up life, I led
Unwavering the right course
Throwing caution to the winds
Freeing the shackles, I endorse.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Move on

Dead as doornail, my spirits are
Hunger for life, nonexistent by far
Threatening to stagnate, my days,
Unless mend, I did, my ways.
Blemished, as a consequence of past
Lopsided life was getting too fast
A commemorative to be erected
“Her life sapped, now corrected”

Spat with summer

The sun shines bright,
I am gray within
The breezy world beckons
My legs immovable lead
The cheery chirping
While I wallow in quiet
The joyous awakening
I choose to give a miss
I wait in patient gloom
For the apathetic autumn  
Mirroring my own ennui
Preview to the forbidden frost.

"I had a lover's quarrel with the world."
- The epitaph on Robert Frost's grave.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Green elephant

There’s an elephant in the room.
And it can’t be seen
No matter how much you zoom
He is beyond the screen
There are squirrels in the nook
Rainbow birds kissing
But however hard you look
The elephant is missing
In the jungle thick and dense
The trees have been
Veiling. If you look in the distance
This elephant is green

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A betrayal

I should show, not tell,
Feelings to be deciphered
Not said. I try to yell
But its eerily silent
It hurts and hurts bad,
Love shall heal, so will
time. There’s no salve
just emotions to distill

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A science poem

Atoms and molecules
Are the building blocks
Holding together they
Are of the earth’s stocks.

Combining in ways,
Beyond human’s claims
They get bent in shape
To fulfills its many frames

Anything that exists
Does so, just because
Mushrooming together
Atoms got on the cause

90 naturally and 25 more
Just that few, we wonder
If they are matter,
from atom they occur

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Honestly I led my life
Righteous path followed
Harsh was the return I faced
When I entered the hallowed

‘Why’’ I now begin to ask
Did I not sway or stray
Why are the good guys
Always the ones to pay

Isn’t there the universe
Keeping the clichéd tally
Aren’t the debauched
Meant to suffer their folly.

Monday, April 13, 2015


A wallflower is what I see
When I think of me
In my childish mind,
There isn’t another way to be
Blend in, I was told
A lesson reinforced
Never to stand out,
Moderation was enforced.
Now, leading my own
I don’t snap out of it
Living in hesitancy
I scarcely subsist

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Life, as I know, is broken
Without a means to mend

Days go on just a token
No joy to nurture or tend

Dull and gray everything seems
Without a hope to clutch on

Not a ray of bright gleams
Nor hopes of a dazzling dawn

Saturday, April 11, 2015


The wait has been long
For the hues to burst out
The pinks and the pastels
Are delayed beyond doubt

Holding to its last leg
The toothless frigid frost
Let go, if it doesn’t
Our spring could be lost

Winter and summer alone
Cannot hold the balance
The moderates play their part
Even if there isn’t valiance

Friday, April 10, 2015

How I wish to write

Words, they elude me,
But I chase them down
Then I set them free,
To take a life of their own

Verses I pen many,
Just for the love of them
But I do have an envy
For the impactful poem

I wish and sigh
And sit down to write
I will continue to try
Till I get it right

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Occupation action

Setting out at oh-dark o’clock
Many a hour, I daily log,
Sitting for long amidst machines,
To the outcome, they are the means.
In a paper forest, I subsist
Figures are all that exist
Spreadsheets come in handy,
Reports, I make them dandy.
Formulae are copious in numbers
Volume in billions, no encumbers
Though all that matters is speed,
Accuracy is a pressing need.
Tickers and trades roll by
With regulations to comply,
The closing bell now has rung,
But I am far from being done.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Flimsy were his excuses,
All options were rebuffed,
Futile were the reassurances,
As he walked off in a huff.
Tense the scene seemed,
As more tantrums thrown,
His little world fell apart,
Signs of hunger were shown.
A hearty meal was had,
All was well once more,
There were still some things
He needed his mommy for.

A dare poem

As meek as I am
I am up for a dare,
Never the one to miss
No matter how I fare
This month of spring,
A deadline I have set
To slow down, to pause,
Of little things not fret
The venture to brave
To triumph over fear
To embrace the water
In swimming persevere
For across from the dread
is everything I desire

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sunshine and strawhats

Temperatures aren’t in the teens
Days aren’t short nor light scarce
Frigidly, the months aren’t spent
Plans, the blizzards don’t thwart
Hues of nature, aren’t many
Crisply chill, mornings aren’t
Leaves aren’t falling in hordes,
Skies don’t bring out torrents.
On the other hand …
Longing, basking is done,
Pools and beaches swarmed
Heat is all that’s around
The occasional day is stormed.

Break up

She poured her heart out,
Vilely she wanted to let it out,
All the pent up emotions,
She just wanted to spout.
He stood in callous calm
Her cries weren’t heard,
Moved on, he had for long,
A sense of loss never occurred.
A sad ending imminent,
As they went their ways,
She had never been his,
He never let go his space.
She had held on to him
He was her first love
Patiently she waited
Is spite of his heartless shove
It was time, she  knew,
Her heart would never mend,
Though love begot hate,
Not a thing would she amend.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Venerable vegetable

A stroll in my garden,
Past the lush and lively beds
The sustenance of humans
The greens and the reds.

Flowers bloom as they do,
But what makes me glad,
Is the freshest of produce
The healthiest of spreads.

Bell peppers and tomatoes
Lettuce, Spinach and beans,
There?s Zucchini and squash
And pumpkin in the scenes.

Okra in bunches stand tall
Eggplant shows its hue
Radishes in white and red
Beets and berries in blue.

Varied in shapes they are
With the seasons, they grow
Sized in miniature to large,
Their grandeur they show.

A day I overlook their care
They shrivel and give out,
A little love and warmth
In leaps and bounds, sprout

Saturday, April 4, 2015

A departure poem

A departure from routine
I sought for long

When the day was here,
I was forlorn

All I had wanted was to
Lay in peace

But worrying about life, I
Wasn't able to cease

With a burden of thoughts
I left home

A new land, far away, I
aimed to roam

In a few days, I returned
To my domain

The yearning for a holiday
does not wane.

Friday, April 3, 2015

A machine poem

I dream of laying
Under the clear blue sky
Opening the blinds
I stay put, wonder why
Lodged between the
Couch and the chair
The TV and the PC
Causing technology wear
Mechanical, life is now
Dulling the general pace
Paying the huge price
My entire being is debased

Thursday, April 2, 2015


My door shall not open
You have to stop with the chivy
My space is just mine
No one shall be privy
Mysteries may lie within
That need no elucidation
I can have my skeletons
You daren't seek justification.
There shall be no interference
My life is mine to lead
Curiosity is an innate fetish
But yours, I refuse to feed.

Glitter and gleam

The roof of my room
Gets blown away
As I get to slumber
Glimmers come my way
I gaze in rapt attention
At the gray black skies
They seem to send a message
Of twinkle, in the guise.
I pick out the clusters
I join up some shapes
Amidst the fullness
I see all the gapes.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Resist no more

Fly, soar, in the vast skies,
Shedding the shackles
Sans inhibitions
A recurrent dream of mine

Bogged down by the
Insurmountable weights
Of the daily drudge

Gravity pulls me down
While I irrationally gravitate
Toward the utopian paradise

The urge to run amok
In unbridled joy
Overbearing in its charm

The perfect moment
When I shall be free
A defiant chase toward
Resisting the routine

Fatuous fright

I frisk and frolic in oblivious disarray
Ablaze in the irresponsibility of youth
Deep within lies the fear of aging
Concealed well, though are its signs
Rabid in the horror of the fated
The imminent fallacy of being dated
In the present not deemed to be
Beyond the brooding, unable to see

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Time of life

Annoyed every morning,
At the recurrent pain,
Gnawing away the insides,
Seeking relief in vain.
Age is the cause,
But it gets hushed up,
The need to stay young
Necessitates cover up.
Like a switch turned on
The aches began to garner
Just as she went past
The proverbial corner.
Admittedly she did not
Look anything like old
But the body discerns,
The groans are foretold.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Short stint

Not so long ago
Your head fit in my palm
I look again today
My hands are normal
Far from gargantuan
I think I blinked
The customary forty winks
Where did time go
Was I enshrined
In suspended animation
Is the time continuum
Inflated exponentially
Age is just a number
While I stop tallying mine
You accumulate digits to yours

Gift of infatuation

Giddy with anticipation
Was a clichéd one-liner,
The lewdness of her gaze,
Wasn’t lost on her or others,
The craving was a frill
The lavishness a guilt,
Needless to say, she was
Just a slave to her desires.
Her heart was in tremor
And her head dizzy in excess
The day finally was here
It came packaged in white
As she pulled away the covers,
Revealing the shiny new gadget.
An attempt in stealth
From her loved ones
A lapse from prudence
For just this once.

In contentment, in joy

You, to be born tomorrow
Of me, mine shall be called
You shall bring me no sorrow,
As with you, I shall be enthralled.
As much a part of me, you are
Though seeds, I’d have sown,
Truth could be very bizarre,
You shall be of your own.
I shall bring you into the world,
I will wait to see your face,
And then let you free to unfurl,
Every bit will forever amaze.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


My sacred sanctuary
Away from the routine,
Unlike my crowd that
I think I fit in
Was violated beyond repair
Left with a gaping hole
Not so much a compunction
Not a sense of qualm,
Again my soul is stripped away
As I try, to move on, get a grip.


I don’t get that about me
Unexpectedly I begin to rebel
Against the unfairness of it all
Right thing, I thought if I do,
Always of the virtue,
The evil bias shall not
Raise its iniquitous head.
That was not to be
Prejudicially, I was taunted,
The clicked lesson reinforced
Life is far from fair
Questioning the premise,
Gets me nowhere
Why doesn’t everyone
Live and let live

Friday, February 20, 2015

Just another tirade

Omnipresent, the callousness,
That get me agitated,
Obnoxious are the actions,
That make me unsettled.
Offensive, the comments,
And inconsiderate observations,
Obtusely interfering,
In every others’ business.
Obsessively, I rant about,
The infuriating foibles,
Oblivious, the person leads,
An existence joyful.


Words, I had in my repertoire,
There was a steady stock,
Sadly, not the case any more,
The supply has been caulked.
Thoughts and feelings flow,
That tide doesn’t ebb,
To confine them apropos,
Is mired in a thwarted web.
Attempts lay half done,
Never to see the light,
I am left to now mourn,
The verse’s curtailed plight.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


As I evolve into the new me,
A grave discontent pervades,
There is a yearning to be free,
But life seems to invade.
Sobering into maturity,
It is time to pull back,
Accompanying it, insecurity,
And it cuts me no slack.
Days begin to fill with despair,
The feeling won’t go away,
Encroaching, it slowly ensnares,
The imminent birthday.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Nowhere but up

As I hit rock bottom,
About how to go on
There’s not a ray of hope
That I could fall back on.
As I want to just
curl up and cry,
Nothing I do matters,
Life just goes awry.

Friday, February 6, 2015

The trip

Nothing short of a voyage,
We embarked on today,
A destination exotic,
With childlike excitement.

Meticulously planned
The hosts wowed us all
Days turned into nights
And hours flew by fast

Perfect, a word I don’t use oft
Was the only way to say
Away from the maddening

Rat race and the crowds.

Monday, February 2, 2015

To nothing…

The countdown begins
To nothingness
Assigned to loneliness
There’s no next time
No tomorrow
No joy no sorrow
Age isn’t any number
Its speed bump
To the flump.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Out with the old?

With promises of
Turning a new leaf,
The air is filled with hope
And, of ringing in the new.
Resolute seems the intent,
Shedding away the past
Trying to embrace the present,
The next chapter in life.
Jovial, the mood is
Far from the somber,
The grouchy groggy,
Of the many yesterdays.
The start afresh and
The clean slate
A new beginning
Yet again, in cycle, goes.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Is this she?

Help from none, she expects,
Gifts, she hopes to refuse.
Every gesture is suspect,
When mistrust is diffuse.
Not a moment of joy,
Not a nice word to say,
Dripping in sarcastic decoy,
Says, she whiled away.
Of others’ actions, critical,
Never any appreciation,
Of everyone, she is cynical,
Breeding constant revulsion.
Life, it is said, in fleeting,
Purpose is to spread love,
But, all the while bleating
In misery, as she wallows.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Pre-destined... are some ...

Deserving of it,
Some seem to be
The hardships.
The constant nagging
In their spiteful mind,
The persisting worries.
They have done,
Their share of ills
To one and all.
Bearing fruit, they have
Of their malicious ways,
Karma, they say, bites.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Aspire to inspire

I nurture and protect
My little one with care,
I ensure right things and
thought to others he spare.
While I cocoon him today,
From the happenings away,
I stop and pause and wonder,
How will I keep horror at bay?
The big bad world, I caution,
Will set out to get him,
While mountains, he scales,
And oceans he swims.
Hurt and disappointment,
With love, I can embalm,
Nightmares and torture,
Disturbs what little of calm.
I equip him well, I try,
To face the world with élan,
Everyone’s qualms to defy.
To be the human, he can.

Watchful Wonderful Wordsmith

Words are putty in my hands,
Mold them into emotions I can,
To meet anyone’s demands
Any gamut of feeling, I span.
Melting others’ hearts, my letters,
Travel wide and travel far,
Shackling all of their fetters,
Of beauty, they raise the bar.
And, of my heart, these are decoy,
Of course, they are all my dears,
My readers weep in elated joy,
Choking, holding back tears.

Humble, the endeavor

Misty eyed, at the sight,
Of his glorious presence,
Otherwise languid in pace,
She seemed rocking today.
The glaring difference then
 The turnout of one other
Felt alive enough, to muster all,
She said, once of my words.
Being there was another jolt
A shot of buoyant optimism
Morale booster, was the word,
Used by a usually reticent one
That’s all that is the purpose,
To be of use to another.