Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Complete exploitation of relationship

There is no happy way
to disengage with them.
There is ripping the bandaid
And not worrying about the outcome

Never a reciprocating gesture
Nor a give and take, mutually
There is only one way of things
oblige and operate perpetually,

In every aspect of life, there are
Many demands of sorts.
Not once is offered, anything
close to a remorse

Use and throw brutally
there is no emotion attached
Only when there is a need
There's an effort to stay latched.

Friday, April 12, 2019

The art of condescending

They stick up their noses
at every failure of others
They laugh in derision
every time someone falters.

They point fingers in abandon
Deeming themselves free of blame,
They don ' t realize that four of
those fingers direct at their shame.

Their brood are examples
Of excellence in every field
Others, however, are scoffed at
for any skills that they wield.

They judge every measure of action
of the people all around them
Never once, do they look into
Their own sins before they condemn. 

Prompt - Poetic Asides

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Poem of Origin

I am from the right path
Never to be strayed
I am from the strong
emotions are not displayed.

I am the heir of values
of the greatest kind
I am from the people
claiming the sharpest mind.

I am supported
by generations of piety
I am held up in good stead.
by not quantity but quality

An upkeep of these lofty
Ideals calls forth,
Of rising beyond ordinary
And of mindful things doth.