Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Hashtags are overrated?

Standing tall, here in the know,
That talk could knock her down
While the awful future she faced
Stares back at her in a fearful frown.

Setting aside all the worries
Refusing to blend in, amongst the many
She plans her move in trepidation
Trying to dodge the strikes aplenty.

Shamed and berated as the weaker sex
Her facts are tossed away and refuted
From the world she seemed to know
From her known life, to be booted.

Prompt: Sunday Whirl

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Castles in air

There’s a dawn in the horizon
As the first ray of sunshine hits
I wake up and decide that
Today shall me mine, as I see fit.

The silent waves consume the mind
While there’s the deep blue sky,
All is well and there is hope
To their soaring dreams, birds fly.

There’s the unseen touch of
The crisp autumn air in the face,
While I struggle to meet my wishes
And, wage my fight for my space.

Feigned faith

A rebellion of sorts, atheism
A show of support, faux indeed
A fashionable denouncement
A clutching of recklessness

A closet spirituality
A reluctant mocking
A silent prayer upward
A disguised bravado

A life lived to fit in
A conversion to play cool
An ingrained belief
A higher power’s existence