Friday, July 20, 2018

Cruel clout

A few years ago,
A scorching fall evening,
I set eyes on a presence
An understated event, sweet even.
What I saw, can’t be unseen
What I know, stays forever
And, how it changed me
I detest the me I became.
The power of influence
The intricate web of manipulation
The innumerable stings of
Words that wound, throb on.
The toxic stench of narcissism
Buried my endeavors of altruism
Forsaking all clich├ęs here
Karma looked the other way.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Never more

Never more shall you
Holler out my name
Just to seek acquiesce
Of your already set plans

Never more will be the calls
At the exact moment
That’s right. just to pull a
Mini verbal con, ending in climax

Never more a juicy
Tale of gossip will I hear
While you provide the added
Embellishments in jest

Never more will I see
A sliver of smile breaking
The cloud of suffering –
Because there isn’t any left.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Born to wane

Pretty without purpose
Are they born to be wasted?
The faraway fields
Speckled in yellows

They stay unnoticed
And, unappreciated,
In irony are pulled out
In exasperation

The revival of life
With no symbolisms
Ruthlessly abhorred
Viewed in disdain

Wistful and dying
Folklore bestows value
Grantor of wishes
Purveyor of passion.

Selfless are the dandelions
Resilient in charity
Thriving through it all
The timekeeper lives on  

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Rolling to-do lists

There are things to be done
But first they need to be begun
While there is interference
Of progress, there’s no appearance

A rolling list of improvements,
While to life, I make amends
But, the effort remains in vain
While I tend to matters insane

Lacking empathy and propriety
And, of everything there’s dubiety
There will be no end in sight
I curl up and wallow in my plight.

Stifling are the nights and days
While no one alters their ways
Unfinished, things will remain
While menial, I seem to deign

The contentment of completion
Remains but a hazy notion
While others’ lives are in motion
Mine is nothing but a commotion.