Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Going along, he once slowed!

Going along the empty road
Without a care, as he rode
Leaving everything, he just soared,
The ringing of his phone, he ignored
To keep on going, he did long,
On the highway, going along

He once slowed, when he saw,
Some thing made him stand in awe,
The beauty of it was stunning,
Amazed, he stood, wary of returning
He felt refreshed, energy flowed,
He was glad that, he once slowed.

NaPoWriMo - the beginning...

Once a day creation,
Of rhymes and recitation,
Following many a suggestion,
Has come to a completion

Starting with no expectation,
Of month long dedication,
Time for declaration,
Of extreme satisfaction

At this fulfilling occasion,
I extend my congratulation,
Along with my admiration,
To all others in participation

An exercise in contemplation,
With specific care for notation,
All the ideas in gestation,
In several blogs took fruition.

Pleased with my execution,
And happy at it culmination,
I join others in the realization
Of a satisfying elation!

A Big Thank you :) to UL for the inspiration and encouragement...

And thanks to Tammy, Michelle Johnson, Tumblewords, Paisley, Gautamy Tripathy, TC , Linda Jacobs and others for taking the time to comment

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The year that was...

January with its wintry cold,
Came and went in a flash
Snowstorms are no fun, truth be told.

February was here, short and sweet
A special one, with a day added
Chilly winter continues, hail and sleet.

March we saw slowly arrived
Sun shone away some of the frost
Everyone awakened, plants revived.

April was just a breeze
Spring is here, all declared
Allergies it brought many a sneeze

May was here, was barely a blur
Time to make some memories here
Warmth it brought on its way to summer

June danced by, always speeds
Bringing some vacations in its wake
Along with the laziness it breeds

July appeared with a bang
Picnics and fireworks, one a many
Independence, as everyone sang

Then it was time for August
Autumn’s here, time for fall
All good things, end they must

September drove by soon
Labor hard, as schools will open
All around leaves are strewn

October came and went unnoticed
Pumpkins and people in costumes
Nature with all its colors enticed

November dashed by real quick
Time to look back and give thanks
A big feast should do the trick

December soon made its mark
Holiday season with time abound
A cycle ended and on to new we embark

Monday, April 28, 2008


Transient beauty
Painstakingly done
Forces of nature
In a flash, its undone.

Of life, its symbolic,
Its splendor forgone,
But life in it,
There is none.

With nothing,
It was begun,
Sculpted by hand,
Its magnificence will stun.

Glittering radiance,
As the sun shone,
Man made creation,
But is nature outshone?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Time capsule

If I could go back in time,
I'd bring back a few trinkets,
Things that aren't worth a dime,
but nonetheless, precious

If only I had known,
to fill a capsule back then,
To see how fond I'd grown,
of things that now don't matter

If I had the capsule by my side,
I would revisit childhood,
It would be a memorable ride,
To relive and remember!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Valuation and recommendation,
Analyst and market specialist,
Earnings surprises and market reaction,
A few terms I work amidst.

Share repurchase and dividend,
Merge on one hand, divest on the other,
Write-off and bad debts seem to have no end,
Acquisitions swell as targets disappear.

Investor sentiment, not an emotion,
Modeling an exponential equation,
historical prices and Brownian motion,
Few exposures of my vocation.

Stress is on speed and accuracy,
human errors have no room,
Tensions abound in a frenzy,
be it recession or a boom.

Graphs, charts and spreadsheets,
Each one has its own quirks,
I love what I do, and all its treats,
And, with it come all the above perks!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Creative exercise

Unless I keep writing, my skills will molder,
Especially since, now I am getting older,
Writing is a passion, creativity my motive,
April is a month to pen, to keep up my votive.
Distractions everywhere, I have to manage
If I do focus, I can create many a page,
The key is to sort ideas, maybe splinter
To keep on writing, without any linger
Onto a catchy title, edit and punctuate,
That is all to it, something for me to create!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stamp of a champ!

Success doesn’t come easy,
But it does favor the brave,
Failures don’t make him queasy
Nor does he give in or cave.

Victory is for the valiant,
He is daring and not meek,
Of misfortunes, he is defiant,
And, challenges he must seek.

Trials and tribulations,
Nor adversity can deter,
Weighing the implications,
Onward he will spur.

Triumphant as he stands,
‘A victor’ – says his gait,
Misery stands no chance,
As he conquers his fate.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Picture perfect...

Her exquisitely striking picture,
Reflected a perfect structure
There was not a flaw to be found,
With charm it was abound.

Deep black eyes glancing,
A smile, in them dancing,
A pleasant face so glorious
In appealing to all, it’s victorious

A grin that is bright and gay,
Contentment, it does portray
Bathed in basic simplicity,
This painting was really pretty.

Balanced carefully, with a prop,
People, who pass by, make a stop,
to glance at this impressive beauty,
The greatest work of art ever to be!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ours! to cherish...

A spherical silhouette
Is ours to cherish
Earth, our planet,
And, we shan’t let it perish!

A balance so delicate,
Of many a element,
In a mix to create,
The prefect environment

She hums and she spins,
In the frigid space,
Amidst spatial ruins,
She holds up the brace,

She’s always nurturing
Cultivating her support,
Meantime enduring
All that we purport

Today, we should vow,
To foster and to revere,
In respect we will bow,
To this ‘life-giving’ sphere!

To save it for posterity,
Recycle, restore and renew
Immortal until eternity
We want it to be anew!


Monday, April 21, 2008


A light breeze, across the field blows,
Life is standstill as the day slows,
Dusk begins to creep in above,
Spreading a dull gray all below!
Alone, perched there, is a black crow
and the umbrella sways, twisted like a bow
Trying to stay steady, facing a task uphill
the picture, frozen in time, sends a chill!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lost love

Walking away without a word
She watched him go aboard
A cry of plea almost escaped
As she stood, in her sorrows draped

Her composed self was eerie
To move away, she was weary
'Take me back' she silently mouthed
Her calmness now, she loathed

Here, she was in land of no return,
This was her loss to mourn
Peeling herself from the horizon,
She walked slowly toward the setting sun!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I am me

Smart, decent and nice,
Passive and in speech concise
Knowledgeable and well read,
Demure and well bred.

Short tempered and diffident,
Blended in, never different,
Lazy and stubborn
Nervous and at times forlorn

Fair and beautiful,
Kind and thoughtful
Generous and gentle
Loving and sentimental

Perfectionist and obsessive,
Self effacing and submissive,
Strong at times, weak at others,
Bogged down with worries and bothers

This is me, I bare my soul
Virtues I have, I can extol
Other things better left unsaid,
The thin ice of good and bad we tread!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

A tall tale

Aboard the caprussule they left
Back into time, they would mozzle
At maneuvering it, they were adept
In outer space, cozily they nuzzle

Soon, they reached centuries back
Worried that on them, others would prey
They huddled together, with their cack
All they wanted was to find their skrey

Once they had what they came for
Off they went, traveling eons
A tale of adventure from yore
Of creatures known as glureons!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Crack of dawn

A new day dawns after the night

The rising sun with rays of light

Birds wake up and begin their flight

Oh! isn't this a beautiful sight?
But, sleep isn't to give up without a fight,

As you savor in the morning delight

Yet another beginning, new and bright
Time to get going and do things right!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


As a dark cloud descends,
With no silver lining visible
At a stage where sadness extends
And happiness isn't feasible
I try hard to make amends
But I seem to be invisible
In despair I trudge as I try to cope,
Touching my heart now is a ray of hope!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Internet connection,
An unpredictable affliction,
Feeling suffocation,
Disgusted resignation!

Monday, April 14, 2008

A strain of Cinquain

Beautiful, colorful,
Fragrant, lively, nurturing,
Celebration of nature & spring,

on a personal note

Auspicious, joyous,
Harvest, bountiful, festive,
Material and spiritual abundance,

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Today is the day

To let things go
To go on your way
To reap what you sow
To grab the day

To stand up for things
To clear any self doubt
To let dreams take wings
To stop worrying about

To just slow down
To smell the flowers
To smile away the frown
To realize your powers

To remain content
To never lament
To grasp your talent
To live in the present

Today is the day for finesse,
To declare yourself a success,
Today is the day for progress,
Yes! Today is the day to be fearless!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Two of a kind

Forever radiant
Seeking perfection
Skin deep fascination

Gentle inside
Pleasant glow outside.


Transcends age
With astute insights
Comes good judgment

A humble necessity

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ode to my pen

This mighty pen I wield
Helps in thoughts being freed
Writing is a beautiful need,
Masterpieces, it can yield.

Poets are a different creed,
Writers too! Geniuses indeed,
As ideas grow from seed,
All you want is a pen to proceed.

What one writes, others read,
Many a dreams, this will feed.
But, Oh! So potent, it can mislead,
Observe every word, pay heed.

Power to the pen, once you cede,
In creating, you will succeed,
Born ago, from a simple reed,
Onto great heights, my pen! God speed!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I am blossoms

Budding tiny pink blooms,
In my backward, I see,
Awakening to light, as spring looms,
Making the spirits soar, in me.

After harsh wintry days,
Just as I look forward to life,
Their fragrance fills up the space,
Brightens me up - as happiness is rife

Gently, as the wind blows,
I try here today, to be resolute,
A carpet of pink slowly shows,
Spreading in me, a joy absolute

Flowers to leaves, with passage of time,
Going through the cycle of life as I do,
The tree stands tall, in their prime,
Onward I move, without much further ado.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


A Trip I take down the memory lane,
My mind is filled with a longing,
What wouldn’t I do to be young again?
A Trip I take down the memory lane,
To forget things, as I try in vain,
In it I look for a sense of belonging.
A Trip I take down the memory lane,
My mind is filled with a longing.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The green train

I see a shift,
"Hu" the new buzz word,
Human energy and Human element.

I see a shift,
Biodegradable plastic,
Chemistry and humanity bonding.

I see a shift,
innovation going green,
Clean technology is the new success.

I see a shift,
out go gas guzzlers,
Hybrids and low emissions are in.

I see a shift,
Environmental conscience,
Nature is the new inspiration.

I see a shift,
making a difference,
Goodness of ecofriendly coal power.

I see a shift,
lower carbon print,
Recycle, reuse and renew today.

I see a shift,
People and corporations,
taking care of Earth, our own.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Mural


Purple hues,
Fiery red eyes, a stolen glance

Birds of a feather,
Hanging in mid-air, together

A dance in rhythm,
In perfect harmony, they perform

Fumes of fury,
Or love passion – a peacock’s poetry

A subtle spectator
Veiled in the violets watches

Tints of dye,
Colors are tertiary, complex to eye

Two birds,
And a beauty, the eye is tricked

Toned and graded,
Lilacs, lavenders, indigoes and reds

Charm of abstraction,
It enthralls, its bewitching

Mottled rainbow,
Colored and intertwined like a Rangoli

Mythical phoenix,
Its rebirth from the ashes, gray

Fluttering freely,
An object of allure, as we see

A fresco, a frieze,
Vibrant, brilliant and captivating

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Whiny Whys!

Why do we do the things we do?
If only we cared, if only we knew?
Why do we wake up? Why do we sleep?
Why do we hang on to the things we keep?

Why do we work? Why do we play?
What makes us what we are today?
We all go on, and on this path we stay,
This delicate balance dare not sway

Why are we here, what is our role?
A speck we are, in the universe whole
All these questions hanging around,
Can any answers for these, be found?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Infant indulgance

A baby in the house is a gift,
Lifestyles though, may need a shift.

Midnight feeds and a few many more,
Sleepless nights and days galore,

But one whiff of their sweet smelling head,
Will make you want to have more instead.

Babies have their own pitter and patter,
Once you hear it, nothing else will matter.

Then, as they grow a little more older,
You have in your hands, an active toddler.

Sulks and tantrums have their share of fun,
Just imagine if there were more than one.

Little older, as you soothe their scrapes,
In pretend play, they hold fort under the drapes.

Onto pre-schoolers with a mind of their own,
Nothing you say will ever slow them down.

Time just flies, as you enroll them in school,
Slowly they begin to think, you are far from cool.

Still amidst all the scramble, there is that day,
When you wouldn’t want things to be any other way;

They, then seem to grow just too fast,
All these good times, in memory, will last.

Their language and gestures, as you try to discern,
You see that your lessons, they did seem to learn.

On to greater things, as they fly out the nest,
In the sidelines, you stay, wishing them the best.

Soon enough you see that the cycle continues,
Your little one is a parent, paying the dues.

Up and downs, it is a roller coaster,
Before it all, courage, you must muster.

Parenting books may all seem so wise,
But, if nothing else works, you just improvise.

Hearing all this, would I want a baby?
If not a yes, its definitely a maybe!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Acrostically aesthetic

Naturally, being who I am,
Poetry is close to my heart.
Writing is something I enjoy,
More on the way, this is just a start.

Naming the poem is the challenge,
Poems without titles aren’t cared for,
Writing in different styles for a change,
Month full of poems is what I aim for.

If I may continue….

Naively I go ahead with it,
Possibly, they arent any good,
Wringing my hand, as I sit,
Moping around, in a mood!

Nagging feeling at the back,
Potentially, I could be great,
Writing I will therefore continue,
Moreover, there are reviews I await:)

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Home is where the heart is,
Be it concrete or hay,
Where there is love and affection,
That's "home" any day!

Many a home is broken,
For reasons unknown,
If you 'forgive and forget',
unhappy, there'll be none.

In today's harsh world,
With a load of strife,
This is my humble prayer -
"For everyone – a good life!"

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I write...

I write because it feels good,
I write when I am in the mood,
I write when I get the time,
I write of things that rhyme.

I write for the joy of creation,
I write for my own satisfaction,
I write seeking recognition,
I write at my own volition.

I write about me and others,
I write when something bothers,
I write everyday for fun,
I write about everything under the sun.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Senses of Spring

I thought I smelt something,
it was the fresh smell of spring,
After a long winter, dull and dry,
Spring is here, be nimble & spry.

I thought I saw something,
it was the peek of a wing,
The little birdie is in its nest,
Spring is here, at its fullest.

I thought I heard something,
it was the sound of bees flitting,
From flower to flower, when they buzzed.
Spring is here, as the gardens are mulched.

I thought I touched something,
it was the soil, as I was digging,
Time to grow some veggies and fruits,
Spring is here, as the plants take roots.

I thought I tasted something,
it was the berries, I went a picking,
nothing like it, fresh off the tree,
Spring is here, and nature's in a beauty spree.