Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Itchy feet

This immense nation
With her brimming gorgeousness
Feeds my wanderlust

Cleansing concerto

With delightful abandon,
The role of a singer I don,
Orchestra in my fantasy,
Introduced by the emcee.

I belt out a few tunes,
Alternated by mellow croons,
I am the star of my concert,
With few high notes, I flirt.

The moment doesn’t last,
A peek at the time, I am aghast.
It was great while it lasted,
Music in my mind, I blasted.

The water stops and so do I,
Away from the eyes that pry,
My own stage, here I create,
With just me to appreciate!

Farther and Farther

One after another, my mind feels,
Life is a series of never-ending,
Setbacks and falling short ordeals,
And of tasks constantly pending.

A pause from it all I seek today,
Just for the catch up endeavor,
Over time, I realize in dismay,
Not today nor tomorrow, it’s never.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Wafting through the doors,
The smell of contentment,
Tinkling through the windows,
The sound of joyous giggles,
Shining through the glass,
The sight of blessed togetherness,
Tingling through the heart,
The feel of delightful camaraderie
Flowing through the homes,
The tasty deliciousness of the season!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jolly Days

A time, it is now, to be with joy,
A time to look back and reflect,
To fondly remember and enjoy
The wonderful memories to select

A time to look within and assess,
A helpful hand to another, extend.
With hopes of bliss and happiness
And a lot of peaceful content!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dawn anew

A new beginning to my journey,
Of life, a continuing tourney.
A resolution, I try to craft.
To not hinder my drift, my waft.

Unhurried and carefree, I hope to be,
Far from the unyielding rigid, I see,
Life is too short for stringent rules
Lay back a little, hoping it cools.

As I begin to start afresh,
My life with others does mesh,
With this hope that I set out,
a few will be touched, helped out!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dreary misery

A belly load of laughter
Was the doctor’s orders
She’d rather pop the pills.

Life to her, hadn’t been kind,
But then she didn’t mind
Seeking love, she was in a bind.

She could never be happy,
Paranoid of it, she was,
Always a down followed an up!

She dodged the downs,
One painful blow after another,
They didn’t stop, so she had to?

A little one in her arms,
She hoped would do the deed
Would she get what she needs?

A belly load of laughter,
Joy beyond words
Things that money couldn’t buy.

Friday, December 18, 2009


A connection I had slowly built
A familiar face among the many,
Life has to go on, doesn't it?
As if happenings there weren't any.

A dull day it was overall,
As a fellow being affected I am,
Not a thing over which to bawl,
but my days shall take a slam.

Sending out a prayer unspoken,
For the well being of one and all,
For the one to recover from broken,
Give out good wishes, I shall.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Frigid fury

Grave warnings abound,
Storm watch and wind advisory,
Weathering pre winter storms.
Mixed precipitation pelted hard.
Slushy dirty snow flooded
Automobiles and people alike
Howling winds compete
For their share of damage,
Mother nature on an offensive
Ripping power lines apart,
Trees fall like toothpicks,
Manpower stands no chance
People lithely cancel plans
And patiently await the calm

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Off color

Down I am today,
Achy all over I feel
Body doesn’t cooperate,
As much as mind wills it to
Croaky I sound groaning,
The cliched sore throat
And the archaic runny nose
Weird how I caught it
Careful that I am
Strange are the ways of,
The body, the human machine!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A snowy shindig

Just another day, it was to be
But set out, on our way to see,
Among them all, a special few
A visit that was long overdue.

A snowy day was predicted
Brave it we will, we indicated.
The little ones continued to enthrall,
A lovely time was had by all.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nip in the air

Carelessly fondling my gloves,
A slight pull to my hat
I set out of the door

With a rude kick to my face,
The breezy chill awakens me,
Sending a harsh shiver down

Sumptuously dressed in layers,
I ready myself for the freeze,
Winter snuck up on me, uninvited!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Errant in my pursuits
Of poetry have I become?
Hankering over other things
Stepping out of my virtual,
Anonymity to my identity.
There is a liberation, I find
In putting down thought,
Without constraints or rules,
I am my own master,
But then things get murky,
When this thin line blurs!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I believe in Karma
The only laws I obey are
Nature’s, which are thrust upon me
I can be mean and sneaky,
Perjure and shoplift,
Petty defaults define me
I do it however, in the fear
Of universe conspiring
I am disappointed in me
Honestly, I may confess
But dishonest I am
I don’t make any sense
To me either!
Destined I am to wither away,
Unseen, unheard, in solitary confinement
As he was dragged away, he spouted thus!
He is just one among the few punished,

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


An idea slowly incubates
Smugly, she believes in it,
A dream come true, she hopes

Her vanity amidst it, explodes,
Unknown to her, life has other plans,
A garish nightmare seems to brew!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Pale worn out pieces of paper,
Tattered edges and frayed corners,
Stitched together once so well
Now the loose threads lie there bare.

Sewn up and darned more than once,
Crumpled with creases one too many,
Held over and over by sweaty palms.
Dust and grime cover in layers.

To any other eye, it is just junk,
Trash to be thrown away in a blink,
For him, it was priceless treasure
A century ago’s journaled memories!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Twinkly twos

Jangling her pretty curls,
Her tresses tied up in a bow,
She came in reckless abandon,
As only a two year old could do.

Nary a heartache in her mind,
As carefree as the autumn breeze,
If only life could remain thus,
If only, this frame I could freeze

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Changing colors

I don several roles in a day,
To prioritize, there is no way.
A chameleon I am, I change
Of colors I have a wide range.

Fickle, will I be known forever?
Or sign is it, of being clever?
In every role, I seek to be the trump
Smoothly, I cruise over every bump!

Inconsistency, I don’t see it as,
Not a phase either, which shall pass.
Adaptable, I term this trait
Of troubles, this could cause a spate.

I promise to myself and I break.
As a new me, I try to fake.
Versatility, at time is a curse.
Self conflict, it always spurs!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Caretakers of the earth, we are
Not a burden to bear through
A gift to cherish and preserve for
We need to uphold it, without any ado.

Snow in summer, it has happened.
Rainy days melt away the winters.
Natural calamities seem to impend.
Mother earth will soon be in splinters.

Seasons came and used to go,
Now they all seem to blend.
For our actions, all we have to show,
Are outcomes we can’t comprehend.

For the lurkers in the fence,
Time for action to make amend.
For no one can be this dense,
To not grasp, what the signs portend.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Deformed moment

Trapped between the hands of the clock,
The ticks and the tocks frustrate me,
Bound within the grid of the calendar,
The fleeting numbers irk me
Looking for a tiny hole to slip by,
To get away from the indecent pace of life
Slow down, I can’t seem to, however I try,
Will I ever understand the enigma that is time?

Monday, October 12, 2009


I revel in the strength,
of my talisman's power.
I guard it with my life,
I religiously follow routines.

Is it that powerful,
To guide every step I make?
To it, I attribute success,
to lack of it my failures.

Could it really be,
I am my own power?
Stripped free of charms,
Will I still be me?

Are amulets just a prop,
To stir the dormant self?
The trinkets I lug around,
Are they holding me back?

Should I be reveling, instead,
in me and who I am?
I'd rather not jinx my life,
For the want of luck!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Petite Panache

His imagination, hardly fallow,
Sky is the limit, in his mind,
In self pity he doesn’t wallow,
Vocal he is about his find.

All of four years, he is today,
A fine young man, he is now,
Breaking milestones, along his way,
With his skills, he continues to wow!

Every day, a new beginning,
New heights, he seeks to scale,
He settles down for a long inning,
Accomplishments shall prevail!

You know who you are, little one... :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

First Kiss

It was a day, just another,
In his room, we were together
Two awkward teens in a bay,
Hoping to not scare the other away.

A silent pause, a long one too,
Beating hearts, not one, but two.
Butterflies in the stomach seemed real,
Fear then added to its appeal!

Hands came in the way,
Everything just as the cliché
Fumbling along, it ensued.
Heart and mind seemed to collude.

The moment stood still there.
Nothing for it, could prepare,
Sneaking away from older eyes,
And away from people’s pries.

Two short moments, did the deal,
A lifetime of love, it did seal.
Decades later, it is still divine,
And, sends a thrill down my spine.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Riddle of life

Red and gory, is that me?
Or pure and holy as white?
Life shan’t be a series to me
Of paths of remorseful contrite.

Seek to never tread away,
From the chosen path of right,
Quietly I shall lead my life
With care to not be a trite!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The beginning of the end

He was nearing the end of his life
Ambitious he wasn’t, he realized,
Life for him had been a struggle, a strife.
That was his own and he greatly prized
Incredible others, he idolized
But to be one of them, he did not like
Now, mature and wise, he of them despised.
The ugly truth of life, he did dislike
Something that could no longer be disguised,
Gradually he knew, what his life comprised.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vivid vivacity

Colorful, like butterflies, flitting by,
Dressed in their dance costumes,
Little ones, with their heads held high,
Their dedication spoke volumes.

With pride, my heart swelled,
Seeing our dear little one there,
Joyous tears, in my eyes, welled,
Looking at her lovely fare.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Reign of rigor

Nature rules supreme,
Sovereign is her state,
Distinctions, there are none,
Her subjects for her are one.
Majestic she holds her fort,
Even in the autumn of life,
Supply, she does to all,
The sweet nectar of joy!
All creatures survive,
Under her just rules.
Additions there are a few,
Subtractions of late, many.
Men, her prized creation,
Caused her kingdom’s anarchy.
Nature, however rules supreme
And, sovereign is her state!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Overbearing gray
Descending fog stifles all
Leafless trees in line


Powers, I have, a great amount.
The world, all of it, I did surmount.
The master of the universe I am,
Anywhere, anytime I can cram.

Clean up this land, I did in a snap,
Peace and prosperity all over the map,
I did all of this, sitting in a chair,
See, I am superpowers' apparent heir.

Invisible, I can be, anytime I want,
No task, ever, will it daunt!
A moment is all it will ever take,
Of course, that is, until I awake!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stellar sadness

Eclipsed in sorrow,
Waiting for penumbra of joy!
Will I languish forever,
In the umbra of melancholy?
Orbit eternally, will I,
In the phases of grief?
From the velocity of life,
I seek an occultation!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life, a stage?

Extending his exposure to the limelight,
He stood silent, deep in thought,
Seeking a remedy, for him a respite,
Firm hands in his hips, sleep he fought.

Conformed he hadn’t, often, to norm,
Scofflaw, he however, wasn’t thus far,
Multitude of roles, he had to perform
In the plum of his career, he was a czar.

Real and reel, for him was a blur,
A confection of truth and lies hover,
A pittance of love, for him would stir,
A denouncement of all of his in clover.

He sought for substance all along,
A husk of triviality was his life, he felt,
Snapped out of his reverie, by a song,
Life as an actor was something to be dealt!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Looming gloom

A hanky I may need today,
To stem my tears,
Heartbreaks for no reason,
Miserable smears,
Drifting through the tasks,
Warding off fears,
The thick of this gloom,
I hope soon clears,
Life, however, shall go on,
It appears!


Drifting aimlessly,
A hanky keeps company,
through the thick of tears,

Friday, September 11, 2009

Treasured pleasure

Your identity, that is your name,
To fame, it shall be your claim,
The joy in the process, beyond dreams.
Its loved by all, luminous – it gleams.

With bated breath, you were awaited,
Your tiny presence, got us elated!
The thirst of longing for you was sated,
To greatness, you are, one day slated.

Nurture you, we will, as you grow,
With pride and delight, we seem aglow.
Soon, our hopes you will transcend,
Today, with love, all our wishes, we send!

You know who you are, little one!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Commonplace glamor

Summer trips, by the road,
BBQ grills fired up around,
Smell of warmth wafting by,
Red, white and blue in July.

Sports woven into its fiber,
Baseball, football and tennis,
Labor day with its sneaking chill,
Travels abound, with school in tow,

Football begins to drive weekends,
A turkey feast with pumpkin arise,
Cornucopia given in thanks
Soon enough festivities take over.

Traditions of one’s own originate,
Created for the sense of belonging,
Life thus goes on here beautifully,
Like the poetry verse that’s just right!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Engaging in war,
Aiming at disarmament
Resulted in mayhem!


His disarming smile
Amidst his toddler mayhem
Kept his mom engaged

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Spirited clash

Thwack on the left and then on the right,
Alternating with the roaring applause,
Aargh - a grunt, loud and wrought in pain,
Aaah – a groan, followed by a pause!

A few loud shrieks and some squeals,
Screeching in pain or is it joy?
Squeaky foot work on the surface,
To prevail, briefly they toy!

Out from there, a call of name,
In return, a whimper of a smile,
The climax in pin drop silence
A well played game, worth its while!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Noisy surroundings
And copious commotion
Beginning of school

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mute pursuit

Not the pitter patter of rain,
Not the roaring of thunder,
Nor the flash of lightning strain,
All I hear is silence, I wonder.

Not he rustling of leaves,
Not the gushing of wind,
Nor, of the storm, the heaves,
All I hear is silence, I find.

Not the burn of the scorching sun,
Not the buzz of the flying bee,
Nor, the chirping of the birds on the run,
All I hear is silence, I see.

The quietness of the rooms,
The insulation below the transoms.
The panic of the moment looms,
Outside I go, and my world transforms!

Fire play

Blazing hot star,
The street performer act,
Crowd gaping around in awe,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cusp of seasons?

It is threatening to rain,
Dark clouds covering sun’s glare,
The day just lost its luster,
Gray can never surpass the shine.

Isn’t it still summer?
Where did seasons go?
Are the leaves ready to fall?
And, rains waiting to pour?

In the cusp of seasons,
Oscillating from cold to warm,
Can I still wait in anticipation,
Of a hot day, before moving on?

Din in the train

As I sit in the train,
Watching people go by,
Detachedly I strain,
To hear words floating by,

“Why, Mummy, why?”
I hear a little whine,
“when can we see the sky?”
I then hear a sigh of resign.

Hushed laughter spots,
A loud bellow interrupts,
An instrument melody waltzs,
A harmonious song erupts.

A soft purring snore,
A whimper and a cry,
A boy practising his roar
And a conversation gone awry.

As I slowly alight,
With a smile, slightly sly,
I witness a wordy fight.
And I wonder, should I spy?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sounds at work

The gentle whirr of the AC
Monotones like the waves of sea.
The CPU buzzes on in pace,
Voices in subdued tones and bass.

The clicking of keys all through,
Everywhere these sounds imbue,
Whistling and humming I hear,
I try to guess who, before they appear.

Conversations, now are a lull,
Over their tasks, as they mull.
A moment of pause to take it all in,
A day of work, thus shall begin.

Monday, August 31, 2009


With mixed emotions,
From across the miles,
Across seven oceans,
My heart breaks out in smiles,

Day of celebration,
For a very special one,
Joyous jubilation,
All previous ones’ outdone.

Someone very dear,
Always in my heart,
I wish I could be near,
With joy share my part!

Happy Birthday!!!


It was a wrong number that started it
The collapse of their resolve,
The paranoia of death,
The terror of vulnerability.

The telephone rang thrice, in the dead of night,
The darkness accentuating fear,
The dread of bad news,
Amplified by obscurity,

They had loved her with a love, that was so much more,
Their nana she was,
Forever old,
Loved by all,
A guiding light,
Enduring pillar of love,

A return call at night, to her humble abode,
All but did the deed,

She was no more….

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Eulogized deservingly, he was,
His greatness – he was human,
Share of flaws, amidst perfection,
Immortalized for being mortal.

Persevere, he did well,
Humble, amid greatness,
Unflinching in dedication,
Devoted to his job, he was.

His past preserved forever,
To annals of history, he moved.
Born into prominence,
Earn it, he seemed to!

Amongst life’s events,
He drew his strengths,
His greatness – he was human,
Eulogized deservingly, he was!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tribute to a city

The golden grandeur
Majestic structures,
Fantastic facades,
Of impressive edifices.

In its peak of glory,
Flourishing prosperity,
Once that there was,
Seemed to vanish in a flash.

Fractured buildings,
Surfaced with wounds.
Broken pavements lined,
With dried up gardens.
Was it the pain of progress?
The modernization protocols,
The larval metamorphosis
Of shedding old for new, rather.

Grandeur back in display,
Resurfacing affluence.
The noisy lavishness
In the tread of evolution.

Origin as a humble hamlet
Surging on to a urban hub,
From ancient to modern,
Eternal in its undying spirit.

Inspired by: Forwards

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The sign on the wall reads
Loud and clear is the message,

Quit now
Quit now

When the going hasn’t toughened,
When the stakes are low,

Quit now
Quit now

When the road hasn’t forked,
When choices aren’t hard

“Do I?”

Then the inner voice speaks up,
Don’t quit!
It whispers in encouragement,
Don’t quit!
The fruits of labor are sweet!


Five wonderful years,
Five fold happiness,
Five better than the best,
Five times the success,
Five, a milestone to cross!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Radiant blooms

Graceful with beauty,
Until the day of decay,
A riot of pinks

Pictures courtesy - a friend!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hours of hardwork bide,
Disappointments in its stride.
Stumbles are brushed off
Failures are met with a scoff,
Perseverance had payback,
Getting back on track,
Words fail me today,
Sense of relief I display,
The outcome reinforces,
Optimism it endorses.
The journey began well,
Hope to end it swell!

When a journey begins badly it rarely ends well

Friday, August 14, 2009


I shed happy tears today,
I look on with a heavy heart,
I feel a lump in my throat,
But what do I really know?

An end of a chapter, is it?
A fresh new start, maybe.
To greener pastures, I hope
May success follow I pray!

Hard decisions like these,
Bravery to take the plunge,
Freedom, it shall be
But no rest for the weary,

Livelihoods come and go,
Looking back at this day,
I hope will be noted,
As the birth of something new!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An orb of love

A tiny ball of fuzz
Tugging the heartstrings,
Everyone’s heart it captures,
And as adorable, it qualifies.
Symbiotic exchange of love,
Charmingly it executes,
Devotedly it will follow,
The friendship unbreakable,
Strong she is, as her name.
Gentle demeanor,
Fierce in affection,
Here I shall stop,
Lest I jinx the bond,
To wonders created,
Lola, you will march on!

a tribute to a friend's friend....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Lamenting her loss, he was,
Days as he knew, had gone awash,
Life was beginning to take a pause,
All his dreams instantly quashed.

Not so long ago, she was a stranger,
Their lives were never to meet,
But fate is a peculiar arranger,
Fatality, to them, was the cheat.

“We think we know the ones we love,”
More than once, he was told,
Abruptly, life can cause a shove,
Her lifeless form, in his enfold.

Style of Poetry: Monody

Friday, August 7, 2009

Legend of love

Perched on the post
By the edge of the path
Eyes far away to the coast,
Looking out for nature’s wrath.

Awaiting the loved one,
Anticipation, tied her in knots,
Anxiety getting her undone,
It was a mix of ‘nots’.

Thunderstorms looming by,
Roughing up the sea with waves,
Tides closing in, quite high.
All this, she well braves.

A flash of lightning struck,
Coloring up the darkened sky,
Pray, she did for a stroke of luck,
Waiting for this to pass by.

Sea turned a fiery gray,
Shadowed by dusk and rains,
Hues of blue went away,
Beach was stained with remains.

Her beloved was in it somewhere.
She sobbed, ‘he’s just in his prime’
pleading, to God, in despair,
as she heard the church bells chime.

Wafting strains of the piano,
The sound brought tears,
Accompanying melody of soprano,
Washed away her fears.

Slowly the skies cleared,
And quietened the sounds,
His tired shadow afar appeared,
Her joy then, knew no bounds!

A tribute to the age old love saga, a tribute to the cliche'd concept

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summery trims

A pitch here I make,
For July’s summer days,
Enjoyable in so many ways.

There are changes in its wake,
As blossoms thrive in glamour,
Striving hard to enamor.

For mother nature’s sake,
Just as winter strips her down,
Summer accentuates her crown.

There is joy in it, to take
And little gems to relish,
to adorn and to embellish!

Style of poetry: Constanza

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Aging apathy

The body gradually weakens,
Mind, but remains nimble.
Patronizing behavior sets in,
Demeaning and degrading,
Relationships unwind.
Once the best, there ever was,
Now slowly begins to unravel.
Changes beyond one’s control,
Living transforms to existing
And life plunges into darkness.

Will we all age this way?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Early days

Tire swing in the park
A trip back to my childhood
Can I reverse time?
Can I reverse time?
A trip back to my childhood
Tire swing in the park


Opening the door
Fragrance of love wafting by
Home, I have arrived!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Today, I am on cloud nine,
Ecstatic I prance around,
Disbelief and privilege combine,
Gratitude does abound.

Someone I greatly admire,
Kindly gave me an award!
First ever in the blogsphere,
To rejoice, I can afford!

Continue to pass this on, I shall,
To seven others as directed,
Them and others et al
All of whom well respected.

Seven favorites of mine,
Here I shall soon list,
In my own way, I define,
From ordering I shall desist.

Blogging1, I made few friends,
Brought me a feeling of belonging.
To bookstores2, my love extends,
All loved ones3, I think of with longing.

Helping others4, I always want to,
Giving gifts5 is yet another,
Cute little things6 I collect too,
But save money7, I’d rather.

Typing away, I pick you,
Lakshmusings as well.
Firmly rooted is chosen too,
On Just my way of thinking I dwell.

ThomG is an awesome read.
Just a mother of two is one more,
Rude Cactus, I lurk, I cede.
There are many many more I adore.

Here I add a word of mention,
A note of thanks included.
To the awesome Poefusion,
And all great blogs here alluded.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Frame of mind

Scary thoughts cradled in my heart,
With reality - can’t tell them apart,
Just as life begins to seem perfect,
Gnawing uncertainties begin to affect,
Its share of sorrows, life snares,
Anger and disappointment then flares,
Scary thoughts cradled in my heart,
With reality - can’t tell them apart!

Style of poetry: Octelle


A perfect diamond ring,
Moon cradling the Sun
Slowly and gently to be let go
From its phenomenal snare,
A morn swathed in darkness,
Dawned not once, but twice,
Swarms of people awaiting,
A historical spectacle divine!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Human Nature

Of mistaken identities,
Leading to comedies
Men are like muffins,
With mushy insides
Covered by hard tops!
Society of humans,
As brothers come together,
When tragedy strikes!

Who am I?

I am again measureless patterns,
I seek to know me and my verve,
Am I the undecipherable enigma?
Is there a purpose, here, I serve?

Whether I shall turn out to be,
The hero of my own life…

Will there be some happiness?
Or of conflicts, I will be rife?

How do I come to know me?
Am I really who I think I am?
Is there another side to me?Am I just a big ol’ sham?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Walk in the beach

The flaming red sky,
A setting sun bidding good bye,
Walking on the shore feeling lost,
Loitering along, time to exhaust.
A heavy heart, feeling forlorn,
Walking in a slump, I mourn.
Looking sanguine, in the ocean breeze,
Seeking acuity, from the seas.
Dejected hearts, I see around,
who, sorrows seem to hound,
I pause, as if in a seance,
All around, people are in a trance,
Furless I feel, I stand exposed.
To my world, I am transposed!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Sulking, the sky grieves,
Raindrops drip down the leaves,
A hypnotic daze surrounds,
In the wet and watery grounds,
Thus refreshes nature today,
For a fresh start, clears the way!


It got me thinking,
How complex things can become,
My life as it is!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dream on...

Dream on, the sky is the limit,
Dream on, for dreams are sweet,
Dream on, of a great life ahead,
Dream on, and great joys are spread.

Dream on, and fulfill each one,
Dream on, and think of everyone,
Dream on, go till the very end,
Dream on, but doing, time you spend!

NaiSaiKu (July 14, 2009)

It got me thinking,
How complex things can become,
My life as it is!
My life as it is!
How complex things can become,
It got me thinking,

Monday, July 13, 2009


As white as snow
A supporter of peace
Feathers outstretched beautifully,
The dove!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Whys of us?

Why can’t humans forget?
Why do we continue to relive,
Every hurt in the past?
Why can’t we seem to forgive?

Why can’t humans learn?
To love unconditionally,
When will we ever stop,
Needing to keep a tally?

Why can’t humans let go,
Just live for the joy of it?
Why is the world thus?
Can we, these forces, defeat?

Why can’t humans stop,
To smell the roses, pause?
Why the need to one up?
And, of fights be the cause?

Why are humans consumed?
In mundane clichés innumerable?
Why can’t there be a fresh start?
Is ideal just a fictitious fable?

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Measuring every tick of the clock,
Straining to hear the sounds of time,
The four walls closing in slowly,
The room was getting smaller,
Sweating hard, in terrifying fear,
Listening to the wafting radio hum,
Giving up all hope of any escape,
Breathing heavy, hard and strained,
The trapped feeling is like none other,
Just then, door opens to freedom!

“Wake up!”, he heard the sweet voice call!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kismets and trinkets

A cat with one paw raised,
The clover leaf, almost razed,
A horse shoe fallen off the hoof,
Rabits foot, tied to the roof,
Rainbows with the pot of gold,
Penny on the ground to behold,
Dream catchers caught on,
Red chinese lantern from Saigon,
Wishbones and bamboo plant,
The seven Gods will always grant.
A stray eyelash to blow away,
A falling star can make your day,
Tortoise, elephant and pigs,
Crickets and dragonflies on twigs,
Across the world these are sought,
A stroke of luck for the distraught.

Circus ruckus

On this October evening divine,
Plans for a trip are in the design,
Of all the places, where do we go?
Soon enough, you’ll come to know.

Off to see all the animals, there,
Something else that not many’d dare,
Acrobats and flamethrowers around,
So many things that do astound.

Ropes of the trapeze were strained,
Performers for hours had trained,
The clowns came out to give a pose,
Keeping the others, on their toes.

The ringmaster is the spine,
Majestic is his royal reign,
Other things add to the ruckus,
That was our trip to the circus!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Kneeling in the garden,
Atop a transparent seat,
Soil under her will harden,
But she will keep at it.

Praying for her sanity,
All she seeks is peace,
Letting go of her vanity,
From suffering, her release.

A tragedy hanging in the loom,
Which she seeks to destroy,
There is a consuming gloom,
But she looks for the joy!

Subdued, she won’t be,
Rising from the ground,
From everything she’s free,
And with happiness surround.


The sky cries with me,
Swallowed by gloom, I am,
To the one, I kneel, but
Nothing can take the pain away,
Transparent is my face,
With grief of the unknown,
Pouring my heart out,
Clears away any self doubt,
This day too shall pass,
Morning will dawn anew.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A voyage

Worn out from the daunting trudge,
Every step, a burden to budge,
Needing a place to rest weary,
Looking for sometime, finding nary.

"Is there anybody there?"
said the traveller, in despair,
Knocking on the moonlit door,
Almost dropping on the floor.

Life is thus, a journey long,
Traipsing on, till the swan song,
Lay to rest, at the very end,
Death, it will then portend.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer showers

Standing close to the foggy windows,
Watching the flashes and thunder,
The skies are opening and pouring out,
Monsoons are here and it soon shows.

The parched ground thus reawakens and grows,
Slowly, life creeps out from under,
Insects buzz on and crickets are out
Earth shall regenerate, it knows.

The streams are swelling and along flows,
Rousing earth’s hidden wonder,
Showers rage on, wiping out the drought,
Scenery in its brilliant pose.

Standing close to the foggy windows,
Watching the flashes and thunder,
The skies are opening and pouring out,
Monsoons are here and it soon shows.

Blue rain

Bright and shiny sun
Dreary and overcast sky
Mix to pour, blue rain


Source: read write image #17

A man with a donkey’s head,
An odd and extraordinary tread,
A frayed shade open and spread,
An alien creature or home-bred?
Would he stand a human’s stead?
Or into the horizon, off he’d sped?
Was he one of the sixty’s ted,
Whose heart for none shall bled?
Is he a nightmare to dread?
Or just a creature soon to be dead?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Up and Down

She found the sweet smell of success,
Opened doors, for her to access,
Slowly she left the others behind,
In her race, she aced the grind,
On her way, she amassed a following,
Winds of fame, toward her, were blowing,
Yearning for the sparkle of victory,
Soon, her life became contradictory,
Once at the top, she realized,
Of all the devious designs devised,
Her world collapsed like a pack of cards,
She was left picking up the shards.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Adore, not abhor

The red rose whispers of passion,
A slow murmur of vivacity and verve,
The urge for love attains satiation,
The contented sigh shan’t unnerve!

And the white rose breathes love,
The wheeze of life meant to persist,
Adoration abounds, seeks to prove,
Over loathe and revulsion, can desist.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Sink in, it doesn't,
Assimilation is hard,
Ubiquitous grief

Thursday, June 25, 2009


An Icon, he was known,
Lonely, on his own,
Love him or hate him,
Can’t ever ignore him,
Talk about, they all do,
Things to say, quite a few,
He looked very gentle,
Held the entertainer mantle,
A sadness to the story,
Rise to and fall from glory,
For his soul, an offer of prayers,
A very sad state of affairs!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rhythmic beauty

Rhythmic beauty
With dazzling exterior,
Rhythmic beauty
Almost the stature of a deity,
Arresting in its demeanor,
None wicked, entirely ardor,
Rhythmic beauty

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Poems by a budding poet

Guest poet: Someone's niece

‘Someone’s Niece’ is all of 6 years old and loves writing and reciting poems! This is her maiden attempt at writing

Pop Corn:
Pop Pop Pop
Popcorn sweet
I like Popcorn
Do you like Popcorn?

School!!!! Its the first day of school
I love school

Old Cat Young Cat
Black Cat, White Cat
Do you like cats?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sides of a coin

Sweet are the sounds of success,
With the drum roll and the reveal,
Though upon it, we tend to obsess
Failure does have its own appeal.

Rejections hurt, but play their part,
The constant fear of it, did hang.
Lessons of life, it does impact.
“sides of a coin”, thus people sang.

Success, to some, always came late,
Disappointed, they continue to trudge,
It seemed as though it’d never abate,
Turnaround it did, never holding a grudge.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

In memory...

Forget-me-not, I cross my heart,
Distance shall never keep us apart,
I promised her and she said to me,
Goodbye until the next time we see.

Forget her ever? No I did not,
Though at times, close I got,
In this and that, her memory I sought,
In remorse, often, I was wrought.

Pausing my thoughts, I realize,
Little things of her, I recognize,
Nowhere else, but deep within,
Safe in my heart, she has been!

In memory of my grandmother... who is always in my heart...

Clutter sputter

Its that time of the year,
When clutter, we try to clear,
Purging our homes, as we do,
Out with the old, in with the new.

Can we also have a yard sale,
For all our thoughts that are stale?
Can we all have a personal pensieve?
Or does the mind always deceive?

On the other hand, I do wonder,
Will any for my thoughts, ponder?
Will I be able to put a price sticker?
At the very thought, I snicker!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rationally irrational

Started out with a keepsake collection,
An innocent hobby that was worthwhile,
Soon turned into a dangerous obsession,
Restless in the mission to stock pile.

There is always a fine line of division,
Between various states, for mankind,
There is realist and from it deviation,
Putting us all in a constant bind!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bouquet of wishes

A year passes by,
Time breezed through,
Made you laugh and cry,
Among it all, love grew.

Start of another year,
Look ahead, while looking back,
Loved ones far and near,
Wishes for you, they continue to stack!

Happy Anniversary!!

You know who you are... :)

The final act

The book was thick and black,
Her precious manuscripts it held,
And, covered with dust it was,
Along with it, her dreams withered.

She trudged along to the attic,
Its boards were bowed and creaking,
Rummaging through the boxes,
She found her past, from them, peeking.

Straining she brought, a smile to her lips,
With a heavy heart, struggled to let go,
As she lay down for a brief respite,
She then knew, it was time to end her show.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Soul mate

Spending a lifetime,
in search of the one,
but, is it in vain?
Or is that just life?
Do we really need,
one to give that name?
Can we be our own
personal soul mate?

Unscathed radiance


Magnolias in bloom,
in its full splendor,
Born to spread the joy,
its simplicity, its grandeur.

Strength in its frailty,
Lack of symmetry, its allure.
Exquisite in its elegance,
And, vagaries it'll endure.

Nestled amidst the lake,
Untouched by man,
Nature's magnificence,
Enjoy it, while you can.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Death isn’t for the timid,
Caught in its embrace, he lay,
The air around is frigid,
All around is a dreary dismay.

Efficient, he was in life,
Adventures, he had his share,
Alternated by peace and strife,
All that remains today is despair.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Bicker amid nervous, anxious state,
Trajectory of strenuous arduous fate.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Though it can change in a flash,
Cryptic she was to be today,
In a mood to malign, she was.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

NaPoWriMo 09

With a contented sigh, I let go,
Of this eventful April, for now,
I mark complete this race of mine,
A poem a day, I set out to design.

The path indeed was fraught,
With lack of time, I constantly fought,
I look back at the month past,
I admit I did have a blast!

Rhyme away, I did, to my joy,
Prompts many, I did employ,
Encouragement from many a one,
That just added to the fun!

With gratitude I am filled,
If only I was better skilled,
Of expertise I make no claims,
Just participation is among my aims!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Never give up!

Failure should never deter,
Another attempt is an opportunity,
To work on it, slightly better,
Chin up, is the challenge here.

Quitting is a disservice,
To self and to others even,
Results shouldn’t drive the deed.
Action for action indeed.

A constant quarrel will ensue,
Right against wrong, it will pit.
Good judgement shall overcome,
And, the goal, a life well lived.

Prompt: PoeticAsides Day 29

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ars poetica

A poem should be sweet,
As chocolate replete,

As the clichéd sugar and spice,

Charming, as the fairy tale prince
In the garden of the flowering quince,

A poem should enchant
Like the magical polyjuice plant.

Inspired by Poefusion

Copycat is the greatest form of flattery.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Clean and Dirty

Crisp sheets and clean clothes,
Were around her, as she dozes,
The morning spent in cleaning,
And, then she was preening.

This quietness fleeting,
As soon she will be greeting,
Little legs bringing in,
From the park they’d been.

For the few moments of joy,
The freedom, she will enjoy,
Cleanliness and convenience,
Are opposite in essence.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


What is missing today?
Is a sense of commitment,
Of finding a better way,
For our nature, to augment.

Everyone is for their own,
We don’t stop or pause,
Upon certain things we frown,
Not paying attention to the cause.

Earth needs all the help,
From everyone who can,
As she lets out an yelp!
Seeking from us, a plan!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Sitting in the train,
I watch life pass by,
Wafting through the terrain,
A million things I spy.

Looking through the glass,
Wonder if they see me?
Quickly as I pass,
Zooming past the tree.

Children running,
Playing in the fields,
The vision is stunning,
And, happiness it yields!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Work life

Every morning,
At an ungodly hour,
Up I am with the sun,
Why? You ask!
Why, oh Why? I ask too,
Just as the other do,
I work for a living,
Though it now seems,
I live for working!
Aren’t the two,
One and the same?
It shouldn’t be!
To strive for that
Is the ultimate goal.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A day... for you...

I wonder what I can get you?
On this wonderful day!
A gift for you is long overdue,
How about, of wishes, a bouquet?

What will do you justice?
Nothing comes even close,
Is there anything I can reprise?
Offer of love, that forever grows!

Even though an empty hand,
My heart today is bursting,
With dreams for you that are grand,
And hopes that success, life will bring.

For you, I have a lot of respect,
Admiration and appreciation abound,
You are the best in every aspect,
Birthday time, once again, around!!

Happy birthday, dearest!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth day, every day!

Spurred by indiscriminate indulgence,
Source of all ills, in quintessence,
Ignorance is not an excuse here,
Living in self deceit, it does appear,
One and all, need to take an oath,
Action is needed, a jolt from our sloth!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spoken actions

A few speeches,
Knick-knacks to collect,
Is that how we,
Our planet, we protect?

Actions speak louder,
Than mere words,
But, act we must,
To protect the herds.

A great way to start,
It is, nonetheless,
Continue with it,
To solve the distress!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Suddenly I was,
Totally blank,
Ready to panic,
Extremely anxious,
So… not worth it,
Still doing it,
Enigma, that is life,
Do I have a choice?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The problem with exams

If you'd like to hear,
I can go on and on,
I have it all clear,
For now, to me, it dawned.

Exams are a snag,
A hassle, if you may,
To study is a drag,
In the sunny month of may.

Anxiety it breeds,
Waiting for an outcome,
And, in it succeeds,
to foster a general glum!

Prompt: Day 3's prompt from PoeticAsides

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hear Hare

It is the time of the bunny,
Now that Easter is near,
With an anthropomorphic origin,
It is time to spread some cheer.

Spring, its splendor begets,
And to the kids, it is quite dear,
As they hunt and seek the eggs,
Which always seems to disappear.

Gentle creatures of beauty,
Nothing of it, to fear,
Like all other creatures,
needs a bit of revere!

Prompt: Day 4 of PoeticAsides

Friday, April 17, 2009


The little one,
Grows up so fast,
Soon toddlerhood
Will be a thing of the past,
Birthdays, like today,
Continues to accumulate,
Soon, in her ways,
She will go, separate.
In our eyes, little she is,
Will be and continue that way,
Age sure catches up,
Wisdom, the price to pay!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Pink blossoms abloom.
Beautiful view from my room,
With fragrance like perfume,
Spring is here, I presume.

With love, I will groom,
The responsibility I will assume,
Of nature’s beautiful costume,
Until fall, which is in the loom.

The pink petals consume,
The little passing flume,
Soon summer will resume,
Of greenery, will be a boom!

Prompt: Day 16 of PoeticAsides

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


November is the most muddled month
Thence goes the allure of warmth,
Is the perch of the imminent winter,
Aside, the vivid colors of autumn linger

Puzzled perpetually people are,
Just out of the throbbing heat,
Lay submerged in the pool,
Descends upon them, this month,
Waking up the reverie, this frisson!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mystic monument

The little yellow house,
With the purple doors,
I wonder what it holds,
Maybe chocolate floors!

Every day, I drive by,
this lovely landmark here,
One with a magical aura,
Like a fairy tale gear!

A picket fence surrounds,
A garden within grows,
It is almost surreal,
As if, in it life slows.

Maybe once I will stop,
Possibly walk by there,
Wonder what I will find?
Will it be a scare?

Prompt: Day 5 at PoeticAsides

Monday, April 13, 2009


I always wondered,
How language began,
Amazing, how much used
it is, in a lifespan.

Did the first man,
need a way to say?
Signs weren't enough
for ideas he had to convey?

How great it must be,
to create the first word?
From which followed,
the zillion others heard!

Prompt Day one at PoeticAsides

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Two geese crossing the road,
Intrusion of civilization?
Or union with nature?
The unhurried pace in tandem,
The cars wait, some honking.

A step, one after another,
Not a care in the world,
No place they need to be,
No concept of time, there is.

Uncorrupted by thoughts,
Without a sense of urgency,
Just the imminent task.

Can we get there one day?
Where contentment rules?

Once touched by goals,
We don’t stop to see!

Are we better off as animals?

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Over these books, I pore,
The sweet sights out I ignore,
Spring from my life disappeared,
Exams were always just as I feared,
Practicing the numerous techniques,
Reading those pages for weeks,
Come summer and I will be done,
Until, of course, the next one!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

From a little one's mouth

Can we draw the equator,
Through where we want?
Would that mean the creator
Can be changed on demand?

Can there be reversal of time?
Reverse chronology in place?
Old man to a baby to nothing,
Kids never cease to amaze!

What if I am nocturnal?
Can I sleep during the day?
Kindergarten can wait for me
I will have it my way!

From pilot to a cook, they go,
In a minute, into the future,
Anything they can pretend to be,
That’s just their nature.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Diminished, she felt in stature,
Amidst the great poets present,
She held her breath and the rolled up poem,
And waited patiently for her turn.

Being introduced, as they did,
Was a blessing and a curse,
Striding up the stairs, there she was,
Out flew her courage and her notes.

Persevering, trudged up,
A deep breath and she began,
The outcome was dazzling,
She walked away with relief and the award!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Repeated routines

Every Wednesday I write,
A poem flirting with the words,
I make up a ploy, new each week,
To, it then I add some rhyme chords!

Every Wednesday I wait,
For the prompt of the week,
Desiring to create a stunning piece,
In my own style, I hope is unique.

Every Wednesday, I enjoy,
The entire literary process,
Of great works from others,
And in it, my own I assess!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Prompt: ReadWritePoem

Feet up in the air,
Ground fading away,
The sense of freedom,
With the heart in the stomach,
Up, up and away,
As they rise higher,
Round they go again,
For the thrill of a lifetime.

Isn’t life like that?
Every passing day,
Each decision we make,
Of the consequence we face,
We move away, far,
From familiar grounds,
The sold home we leave
With feet dangling in the air,
All of this for what?
The thrill of a lifetime!

Monday, April 6, 2009

One more time...

Here I go again,
Challenging my brain,
Risking repetition,
Of previous rendition,
Loving the dare,
Of commitments, aware
For the love of rhyme,
NaPoWriMo, one more time!

(you know who you are, thank you always for your wonderful support)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Celebrate, as we did,
Our holy matrimony,
Together every step,
we then pledged!
As we enter into
The symbolic threshold,
That was how it was,
And, today years later,
That is still how it is!

(the blur is the effect of lack of a pic handy and lack of a camera handy, and an attempt with the phone, blog friendly being the focus, so not sure if it does serve the tag, but it is a pic of the 'grihapravesam')

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Life is but a loan,
Contracted with the one,
The years that you own,
Have effects to be borne.

You sign the contract,
Unbeknown to all,
Each day is an extract,
From the infinite scroll.

Every day is a fresh page,
Written from scratch,
You are left to do damage,
Or of it make the patch.

At the end of the pact,
It remains yet unknown,
Continuing with abstract,
For none is ever shown.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Sprung

Something is in the air,
Probably spring is on its fare,
Respite from the winter despair,
Interesting sights to share,
Nature is in her colorful attire,
Gardens bloom in full flair.

Seasons change, come and go,
Part of life, along with it will grow,
Refreshing changes, it brings in tow,
Undone, at times, by men, although,
Nature fights to keep the flow,
Glorious outcomes for her to show.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


In solitude, he found peace,
Crowds brought him unease,
To that, he went to great lengths,
Affability wasn’t his strengths.

He avoided people like plague,
His words, always quite vague,
His avertive eyes, never met another,
People, soon of him, didn’t bother.

Into his world, I try to peer,
Maybe he is just austere,
Introverted, is just a quality,
Why show him this inequality?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


A knack for rhyme,
Do I possess?
Topics varied with time,
As events I assess.

Quality not quantity,
I aspire,
Milestones I crush,
For it, I perspire.

Poets Who Blog: Day One of NPM, 2009

Poets Who Blog: Day One of NPM, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A drop in the ocean

Sitting in the dark, I wonder,
Will it be of help? I ponder,
The message is out, loud and clear,
But, is it as bad as we fear?

My little part, that I play,
Accumulate, it will, day by day,
Leave it behind, as my legacy,
Not just rely on others' mercy.

As I observed the earth hour,
The neighborhood, I did scour,
There are others who believe,
Actions will provide the reprieve.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Image source: Poefusion

Love is seeking and finds,
Love is direct, at times winds,
Love is earnest as is flippant,
Love is reactive and is planned.

Love comes layered and in bulk,
Love makes you savor and sulk,
Love, in it, you stumble and regain,
Love is tender, with some pain.

Love is elusive and brazen,
Love can slow, or hasten,
Love brings tears and joy!
Love, sure is complex, oh! boy!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For posterity

Of the burden, we carry,
Of issues, we must be wary,
Our children pay the price,
Now ways we must devise.

Ubiquitous in its presence,
Organic - of natural essence,
Green is the new goal,
Of course, there is the toll!

Being green needs prudence,
People, so, are on the fence,
Evaluate one must prior,
Else it could lead to dire!

On man can indeed,
when actions, of speech precede,
Our world in its splendor,
is one to our children, we render!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Parted she has from childhood days,

Said good goodbye to the carefree ways,

Taken leave of nimble bodies,

Farewell to all the things the world embodies!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Alphas abound

ingredients of this verse,
Building blocks, I use to converse,
A writer I hope maybe I will become,
To words, one day, I may succumb.

Artist, I have always wanted to be,
Though maybe I do have creativity,
If only I could paint, I often sigh,
Create a masterpiece, my! Oh! My!

Anecdotes or yarns, I love to read,
To its pleasure, I myself cede,
Knowledgeable pastime it is indeed,
And, my curiosity it does feed.

Ancestry defines where I come from,
Family helps in who I become,
Friends belong to the extended kind,
With them, you make it through the grind.

Average, I think is the way to go,
Moderation, a trait, one should show,
Neither of the extremes I hope to be,
But the top may not be that bad for me!

Anonymity, very much a mixed bag,
Normalcy along with it, will tag,
Fame at times can be a can of worms,
Notoriety has totally different terms.

Arrangements bring order and organization,
Contentment is a great sensation,
A place for everything and everything in it,
Too often though, I deviate from it.

Architecture to accounting, its been a ride,
Structures and numbers in its stride,
Engineering can be of many a style,
To understand that, it did take a while.

, whichever way it is defined,
To investigation, it needn’t be confined,
I end up doing a little too much,
I know and have been told as such.

America- United States of, rings a bell,
A vast nation where I currently dwell,
Among the diverse, I do belong,
A feel of home here, would I prolong?

More ‘A’s here, not to be outdone,
My name and that of my loved one,
A tag prompted by someone I admire,
To continue to write, she does inspire.

Across the miles

Like a brother, he has become,
The one, with whom I kid around,
Lot of good times and then some,
Mutual respect between us abound.

Today is a day to celebrate,
The day dawned bright and clear,
Wishes flow in, in a spate,
Sending him a lot of good cheer.

An year older and wiser,
Feet firmly on the ground,
Today is so much nicer,
Just 'coz he is around!

You know who you are, Happy B'day!:)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Her calling

Lost in thought, on a lazy afternoon,
Her recent past flashed by then,
Seemed like time went by, just too soon,
Scooting by were her unfulfilled yen.

Cajoling herself out of day-dream,
She wondered, if she was a recluse,
Awakened from the stupor by a scream,
Tempering him became her excuse.

Dashing up to the source of cry,
Unevadeable responsibilities in her tow,
Picking him up, nimble and spry,
For she was a mother now!

She loved his every little freckle,
Smothered by loving pecks, she was,
Her life now had become a speckle,
Of little milestones and a lot of pause!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Here I go again, on a ramble.
Going about things, in a scramble,
Snow is here, all around in ample,
A blizzard, we get to sample.

It was Mother Nature’s revenge,
For a gorgeous summer, she tries to avenge,
Weather is, these days, certainly strange,
Winter to spring, all in the range.

A Genuine respect for nature,
Love for earth, one should nurture,
The delicate balance needs a suture,
For our land is growing an aperture.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Time flies...

Its that time of the year again,
An extra digit to my age I gain,
This day, I hope shall be perfect,
Memories along the way I collect.

If I had my way today,
Morning sun would shine away,
The best of seasons would appear,
And, all I love would be near.

Dreams aside, move in reality,
I seek a change from normality,
A day to celebrate, a day for me,
A day I hope, happy I can be.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lady legacy

On an impulse, she decides,
Risking her all, she goes,
She takes failure in her strides,
This life for her, she now chose.

Single-handedly she marches,
Challenges, aside she shoves,
Her life path that arches,
For the one thing, she loves.

Now candid, in her admission,
Of the many, she did rout,
As she carried on her vision,
In a man’s world she set out.

Looking back in time, she sits,
Age in grace, now she has,
Legacies, she slowly revisits,
Lacking never, the pizazz!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Economy in disarray,
The common man will pay,
In history books, will rabble,
Validate - only time will able.

Leaders seek validation,
Disarraying many a nation,
Rabbles out in throes,
Seeking solace for woes.

Trying times exist,
From rabbling, we must desist,
Disarrayed state of affairs,
Validating our despairs.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The day...

Just another day, it shouldn't be,
A party, celebration & confetti maybe,
Tout to all, love will never crumple,
Evidence of it, of course, is ample.

Ups and downs are part of the curve,
Never waver and never to lose your nerve,
Happiness, in abundance to elicit,
Contentment shall never be illicit.

Just another day, it has become,
Growing old together, whatever may come,
Years gone, years to look forward,
Life well lived, is the best reward.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

History made

The day after is just another,
Memories as they try to gather,
People in their trek back home,
Of momentous, it was an epitome.

Humbled he stood, in their amidst,
Love and respect from people persist,
Festive mood is slowly fading,
Resolve, however, is pervading.

His message delivered in cadence,
Solemn, but deep and intense,
Nothing short of historic,
The day was plain meteoric!