Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Same day, same time

Clich├ęd resolutions
Fresh starts
That’s not the norm
Same old continuations
Novelty stalls
To monotony we conform
Cyclical rotations
The new pitfall
Predictability swarms

Thursday, December 10, 2015


My well woven existence
Slowly began to unravel
Already in visible shamble
On the fringe of complete dishevel
Current days feel like
On rocky terrain
Nights are harder, so to speak,
As I beg to relieve the pain
There’s the constant battle
To pick between flight and fight
As my body gets chafed and filed
All I seek out is respite

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Festive, the feast

Hark ye, the holidays are here
Christmas eve beckons all near
The reds and the greens are visible
Out, come the tales and parables
A race against the hour to do
Collection of gifts and the ado
It’s all about the thought I say
As the holiday sales, I try to parlay
Trinkets laid out in neat displays
As I maneuver the shops in a daze
Does it really need to be in plenty
After all, it should not be about the money
On the day, I gather loved ones
Food abundant and chatting tongues
The joy of being under one roof
Of a richly content life, is proof.

Cloaked and covered

Clothed in shackled formals
A tie around my bonded neck
Like the caged bird who sings
I harp on useless jargon
Feet leadened by heavy wear
Like the chained elephants’ leg
Roar, he can, bellow at best
I scream to no avail
Layers of pieces stitched
Clothing cover my body
All that I will end up with
A piece of simple shroud
Silks and fancy polyester
Cuff links of gold, studded
Head to toe, each item
Reeks of nasty captivity.
The pure soul escapes
Discarding the body
Why do I then clutch on
To these useless dons


Resonant is the grief,
And the void burdens
Days are led in subsistence
And heartache extends
Placid, the outer remains
Turmoil and cries are
Well cradled within
Bottled up, with a vengeance
A life doesn’t cease,
With just an obituary
There’s the memories
In the hearts of who love
Life is short and done
Physical, with hurt and pain
But then there’s the fact
For others, it goes on.
There’s the clinging
The longing of the past
But, forward is the truth
The present, the moment

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Quirky cat videos

Funny, offensive or amusing
People react to it, in many ways
Likes and comments cause a rousing
Move on, they do in few days
Symbolic, the creator aimed,
But, was lost in translation
Disclaimer, no animal was maimed
Was needed to appease the nation
Cats and dogs come and go
Causes, they espouse are many
Life is, after all, a great big show,
Actors on stage are zany.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Death is lackadaisical
A nude awakening of
The only certainty
In all of eternity
The barest of emotion
The whys and the how’s
The ceasing of life
But, I have to go on
Makeshift plans are made
Overwhelmed and overcome
Irrationality rules
Mind is beaten down
Continuity and onwardness
Get hard to relate to
Time can heal, probably
But I shall resist


Imperfectly, it started. Rustic, not
It is all not about me, I need
To learn that lesson and move on.
I conjure up old memories and
New insults. I overreact, in
Anger and despair; shedding tears.
I want to run, escape this
Human jungle. Faraway into
Pastoral oblivion.
All I need is a day of peace, a
Routine without sadness, a
Home to relax in
A soul space of escape
Untethered. But, in the midst of
them humans, Ambitiously greedy?