Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Out with the old?

With promises of
Turning a new leaf,
The air is filled with hope
And, of ringing in the new.
Resolute seems the intent,
Shedding away the past
Trying to embrace the present,
The next chapter in life.
Jovial, the mood is
Far from the somber,
The grouchy groggy,
Of the many yesterdays.
The start afresh and
The clean slate
A new beginning
Yet again, in cycle, goes.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Is this she?

Help from none, she expects,
Gifts, she hopes to refuse.
Every gesture is suspect,
When mistrust is diffuse.
Not a moment of joy,
Not a nice word to say,
Dripping in sarcastic decoy,
Says, she whiled away.
Of others’ actions, critical,
Never any appreciation,
Of everyone, she is cynical,
Breeding constant revulsion.
Life, it is said, in fleeting,
Purpose is to spread love,
But, all the while bleating
In misery, as she wallows.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Pre-destined... are some ...

Deserving of it,
Some seem to be
The hardships.
The constant nagging
In their spiteful mind,
The persisting worries.
They have done,
Their share of ills
To one and all.
Bearing fruit, they have
Of their malicious ways,
Karma, they say, bites.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Aspire to inspire

I nurture and protect
My little one with care,
I ensure right things and
thought to others he spare.
While I cocoon him today,
From the happenings away,
I stop and pause and wonder,
How will I keep horror at bay?
The big bad world, I caution,
Will set out to get him,
While mountains, he scales,
And oceans he swims.
Hurt and disappointment,
With love, I can embalm,
Nightmares and torture,
Disturbs what little of calm.
I equip him well, I try,
To face the world with élan,
Everyone’s qualms to defy.
To be the human, he can.

Watchful Wonderful Wordsmith

Words are putty in my hands,
Mold them into emotions I can,
To meet anyone’s demands
Any gamut of feeling, I span.
Melting others’ hearts, my letters,
Travel wide and travel far,
Shackling all of their fetters,
Of beauty, they raise the bar.
And, of my heart, these are decoy,
Of course, they are all my dears,
My readers weep in elated joy,
Choking, holding back tears.

Humble, the endeavor

Misty eyed, at the sight,
Of his glorious presence,
Otherwise languid in pace,
She seemed rocking today.
The glaring difference then
 The turnout of one other
Felt alive enough, to muster all,
She said, once of my words.
Being there was another jolt
A shot of buoyant optimism
Morale booster, was the word,
Used by a usually reticent one
That’s all that is the purpose,
To be of use to another.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dull and gray, it is

A neglected heart
yearning for affection
jubilant at the prospects
Anticipation keeps it going,
Compacted within are
Unbridled emotions
Waiting to boil over
Expectations are copious
Serving no purpose
When Dull and gray
Is the way it is.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

In inadequacies, I thrive

Ailments, I can help treat,
Not of the deliberate harm
How do I catch it all?
And, rightly raise alarm.
Death, as scary it is,
The joy is in living,
To move on ahead,
In spite of all misgivings.
Equipped with my shield,
Of unconditional love,
Face adversities in aplomb,
Unscathed rise above.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Episode in psychoanalysis

A nonchalant mention,
A passing by question,
How do you feel when stressed?
Pondered at it and paused.
Can’t you tell how wired I am
With a trillion thoughts swamped,
Sending silent prayers upward,
While barely moving forward.
A smile and I slowly spoke,
Heart heavy, like being poked,
Palpitations are one too many,
Stress is something I can’t deny.
It isn’t my age then, she replied,
That notion, I gently decried,
In me she laid her trust,
The role, I accept, if I must.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My perturbed mind

In denial, I pause,
A deferment of the ruling,
The disbelief stark,
The distance not consoling.
Turn of events,
I'd rather they not
The clock, can it not tick
With fear, days are wrought.
Twiddling all fingers,
I await the reckoning,
Idle, the mind isn't
Anticipating a rude awakening.