Sunday, October 12, 2008

Obscure verse

In the sandy river bed,
Unseen by eye, undisturbed,
Soft and smooth pebbles abound,
Untouched and not yet found.

This vagrant piece of paper,
Words floating, almost vapor,
Creation born to remain unread,
And, no praise on it showered.

A rhyme - the best that was,
The only one with no flaws,
Perfection, if ever there's one,
But, Alas! A pity, seen by none.


Men tire, growing weary,
Matters dire, eyes bleary.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Turbulence and turmoil

The markets all over are thrashed.
Effortlessly records too are smashed.
Economy is in a spiraling whorl,
Vindictive blows, it does hurl.

Let things be and take its course,
Intervene and it could break the bourse,
Deliberate long and discuss hard,
Nourish the depleted and the ones scarred.

Many a giants have dissolved,
Zest weaken and guilt unabsolved,
A few trinkets are all that is left,
Life ceases as people leave bereft.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Laud the torn tome!

Onto being shredded into tatters,
taking along with it, nothing that matters,
Selflessly giving away all that was,
Letting itself go for a noble cause.

This book in its heydays, imparted,
Forays into territories previously uncharted,
Many a hungry mind was satiated,
Setting foot where others, to tread, feared.

One of mankind's greatest discovery,
Aiding socities on their way to recovery,
A chronicle of countless past glories,
Manuscripts with scores of sorry stories.

Here's to the unassuming tome,
Patiently through it, as one does comb,
Every volume is a rousing find,
Stimulating indeed to the human mind.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Wall Street Woes

Tumbling debacle,
Followed again by rally,
Wall Street in blame game