Monday, August 31, 2009


With mixed emotions,
From across the miles,
Across seven oceans,
My heart breaks out in smiles,

Day of celebration,
For a very special one,
Joyous jubilation,
All previous ones’ outdone.

Someone very dear,
Always in my heart,
I wish I could be near,
With joy share my part!

Happy Birthday!!!


It was a wrong number that started it
The collapse of their resolve,
The paranoia of death,
The terror of vulnerability.

The telephone rang thrice, in the dead of night,
The darkness accentuating fear,
The dread of bad news,
Amplified by obscurity,

They had loved her with a love, that was so much more,
Their nana she was,
Forever old,
Loved by all,
A guiding light,
Enduring pillar of love,

A return call at night, to her humble abode,
All but did the deed,

She was no more….

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Eulogized deservingly, he was,
His greatness – he was human,
Share of flaws, amidst perfection,
Immortalized for being mortal.

Persevere, he did well,
Humble, amid greatness,
Unflinching in dedication,
Devoted to his job, he was.

His past preserved forever,
To annals of history, he moved.
Born into prominence,
Earn it, he seemed to!

Amongst life’s events,
He drew his strengths,
His greatness – he was human,
Eulogized deservingly, he was!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tribute to a city

The golden grandeur
Majestic structures,
Fantastic facades,
Of impressive edifices.

In its peak of glory,
Flourishing prosperity,
Once that there was,
Seemed to vanish in a flash.

Fractured buildings,
Surfaced with wounds.
Broken pavements lined,
With dried up gardens.
Was it the pain of progress?
The modernization protocols,
The larval metamorphosis
Of shedding old for new, rather.

Grandeur back in display,
Resurfacing affluence.
The noisy lavishness
In the tread of evolution.

Origin as a humble hamlet
Surging on to a urban hub,
From ancient to modern,
Eternal in its undying spirit.

Inspired by: Forwards

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The sign on the wall reads
Loud and clear is the message,

Quit now
Quit now

When the going hasn’t toughened,
When the stakes are low,

Quit now
Quit now

When the road hasn’t forked,
When choices aren’t hard

“Do I?”

Then the inner voice speaks up,
Don’t quit!
It whispers in encouragement,
Don’t quit!
The fruits of labor are sweet!


Five wonderful years,
Five fold happiness,
Five better than the best,
Five times the success,
Five, a milestone to cross!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Radiant blooms

Graceful with beauty,
Until the day of decay,
A riot of pinks

Pictures courtesy - a friend!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hours of hardwork bide,
Disappointments in its stride.
Stumbles are brushed off
Failures are met with a scoff,
Perseverance had payback,
Getting back on track,
Words fail me today,
Sense of relief I display,
The outcome reinforces,
Optimism it endorses.
The journey began well,
Hope to end it swell!

When a journey begins badly it rarely ends well

Friday, August 14, 2009


I shed happy tears today,
I look on with a heavy heart,
I feel a lump in my throat,
But what do I really know?

An end of a chapter, is it?
A fresh new start, maybe.
To greener pastures, I hope
May success follow I pray!

Hard decisions like these,
Bravery to take the plunge,
Freedom, it shall be
But no rest for the weary,

Livelihoods come and go,
Looking back at this day,
I hope will be noted,
As the birth of something new!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An orb of love

A tiny ball of fuzz
Tugging the heartstrings,
Everyone’s heart it captures,
And as adorable, it qualifies.
Symbiotic exchange of love,
Charmingly it executes,
Devotedly it will follow,
The friendship unbreakable,
Strong she is, as her name.
Gentle demeanor,
Fierce in affection,
Here I shall stop,
Lest I jinx the bond,
To wonders created,
Lola, you will march on!

a tribute to a friend's friend....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Lamenting her loss, he was,
Days as he knew, had gone awash,
Life was beginning to take a pause,
All his dreams instantly quashed.

Not so long ago, she was a stranger,
Their lives were never to meet,
But fate is a peculiar arranger,
Fatality, to them, was the cheat.

“We think we know the ones we love,”
More than once, he was told,
Abruptly, life can cause a shove,
Her lifeless form, in his enfold.

Style of Poetry: Monody

Friday, August 7, 2009

Legend of love

Perched on the post
By the edge of the path
Eyes far away to the coast,
Looking out for nature’s wrath.

Awaiting the loved one,
Anticipation, tied her in knots,
Anxiety getting her undone,
It was a mix of ‘nots’.

Thunderstorms looming by,
Roughing up the sea with waves,
Tides closing in, quite high.
All this, she well braves.

A flash of lightning struck,
Coloring up the darkened sky,
Pray, she did for a stroke of luck,
Waiting for this to pass by.

Sea turned a fiery gray,
Shadowed by dusk and rains,
Hues of blue went away,
Beach was stained with remains.

Her beloved was in it somewhere.
She sobbed, ‘he’s just in his prime’
pleading, to God, in despair,
as she heard the church bells chime.

Wafting strains of the piano,
The sound brought tears,
Accompanying melody of soprano,
Washed away her fears.

Slowly the skies cleared,
And quietened the sounds,
His tired shadow afar appeared,
Her joy then, knew no bounds!

A tribute to the age old love saga, a tribute to the cliche'd concept

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summery trims

A pitch here I make,
For July’s summer days,
Enjoyable in so many ways.

There are changes in its wake,
As blossoms thrive in glamour,
Striving hard to enamor.

For mother nature’s sake,
Just as winter strips her down,
Summer accentuates her crown.

There is joy in it, to take
And little gems to relish,
to adorn and to embellish!

Style of poetry: Constanza