Thursday, November 27, 2008

Home and back

A visit back home,
Bitter sweet in review,
Homes to visit, time to roam,
Family are all over are strew.

Home is forgiving,
Sympathetic and magnanimous,
Consoling any misgiving,
the feeling is unanimous.

One drifts away, far off,
Patiently, but home awaits,
Warding away one's scoff,
Forever open are her gates.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

This little one

This little one, today, I behold,
A connection, unspoken, untold,
In her, I see my own, my old,
A friendship, I seek to uphold.

For her, to all I beseech,
Hold her, to stars as she'll reach,
Learn, she will from all I teach,
Act, she will, defying speech.

To God, on this day, I implore,
One, who everyone around will adore,
Carry her, on her way to explore,
Pearls of wisdom - safe in her store.

Today, in her beautiful presence,
Just soaking in her sweet essence,
Bathed in contentment, immense,
Any doubts today, will dispense.

Growing old, I will see her grow,
A great life to her, I'll bestow,
March ahead, she will, others in tow,
She is the best, I know, I just know!