Wednesday, October 28, 2009


An idea slowly incubates
Smugly, she believes in it,
A dream come true, she hopes

Her vanity amidst it, explodes,
Unknown to her, life has other plans,
A garish nightmare seems to brew!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Pale worn out pieces of paper,
Tattered edges and frayed corners,
Stitched together once so well
Now the loose threads lie there bare.

Sewn up and darned more than once,
Crumpled with creases one too many,
Held over and over by sweaty palms.
Dust and grime cover in layers.

To any other eye, it is just junk,
Trash to be thrown away in a blink,
For him, it was priceless treasure
A century ago’s journaled memories!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Twinkly twos

Jangling her pretty curls,
Her tresses tied up in a bow,
She came in reckless abandon,
As only a two year old could do.

Nary a heartache in her mind,
As carefree as the autumn breeze,
If only life could remain thus,
If only, this frame I could freeze

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Changing colors

I don several roles in a day,
To prioritize, there is no way.
A chameleon I am, I change
Of colors I have a wide range.

Fickle, will I be known forever?
Or sign is it, of being clever?
In every role, I seek to be the trump
Smoothly, I cruise over every bump!

Inconsistency, I don’t see it as,
Not a phase either, which shall pass.
Adaptable, I term this trait
Of troubles, this could cause a spate.

I promise to myself and I break.
As a new me, I try to fake.
Versatility, at time is a curse.
Self conflict, it always spurs!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Caretakers of the earth, we are
Not a burden to bear through
A gift to cherish and preserve for
We need to uphold it, without any ado.

Snow in summer, it has happened.
Rainy days melt away the winters.
Natural calamities seem to impend.
Mother earth will soon be in splinters.

Seasons came and used to go,
Now they all seem to blend.
For our actions, all we have to show,
Are outcomes we can’t comprehend.

For the lurkers in the fence,
Time for action to make amend.
For no one can be this dense,
To not grasp, what the signs portend.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Deformed moment

Trapped between the hands of the clock,
The ticks and the tocks frustrate me,
Bound within the grid of the calendar,
The fleeting numbers irk me
Looking for a tiny hole to slip by,
To get away from the indecent pace of life
Slow down, I can’t seem to, however I try,
Will I ever understand the enigma that is time?

Monday, October 12, 2009


I revel in the strength,
of my talisman's power.
I guard it with my life,
I religiously follow routines.

Is it that powerful,
To guide every step I make?
To it, I attribute success,
to lack of it my failures.

Could it really be,
I am my own power?
Stripped free of charms,
Will I still be me?

Are amulets just a prop,
To stir the dormant self?
The trinkets I lug around,
Are they holding me back?

Should I be reveling, instead,
in me and who I am?
I'd rather not jinx my life,
For the want of luck!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Petite Panache

His imagination, hardly fallow,
Sky is the limit, in his mind,
In self pity he doesn’t wallow,
Vocal he is about his find.

All of four years, he is today,
A fine young man, he is now,
Breaking milestones, along his way,
With his skills, he continues to wow!

Every day, a new beginning,
New heights, he seeks to scale,
He settles down for a long inning,
Accomplishments shall prevail!

You know who you are, little one... :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

First Kiss

It was a day, just another,
In his room, we were together
Two awkward teens in a bay,
Hoping to not scare the other away.

A silent pause, a long one too,
Beating hearts, not one, but two.
Butterflies in the stomach seemed real,
Fear then added to its appeal!

Hands came in the way,
Everything just as the cliché
Fumbling along, it ensued.
Heart and mind seemed to collude.

The moment stood still there.
Nothing for it, could prepare,
Sneaking away from older eyes,
And away from people’s pries.

Two short moments, did the deal,
A lifetime of love, it did seal.
Decades later, it is still divine,
And, sends a thrill down my spine.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Riddle of life

Red and gory, is that me?
Or pure and holy as white?
Life shan’t be a series to me
Of paths of remorseful contrite.

Seek to never tread away,
From the chosen path of right,
Quietly I shall lead my life
With care to not be a trite!