Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Heart to heart, far apart.

No topics are taboo between us,
You pamper me with the right fuss,
The heavy heart was like a rock,
Now slowly, relief begins to flock.
Why did I say, all that I did?
Among others ,unknowingly slid,
Tight I feel like a miser’s squeeze,
Despair, in no way, can be appeased.
The sighs and sadness wiped away,
Smiles, toward happiness, did sway,
You pray, you can be there for me,
I say, that’s my heartfelt plea.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Pithy antipathy

In anger words are strewn,
Out of proportion things blown,
Ties, one by one, destroyed.
Feelings with abandon, toyed.
Isolated by thoughts and actions,
When life is lived by emotions,
Running strong, each one’s passions,
Leading to many infractions.
Scrutinized, they are, forever marked,
In silence, move about unremarked,
Faithful, they maybe in actions, though,
Seeds of doubt have gotten sowed.
The bigger person, there is none,
Pretexts for it, many are spun,
Life still continues in succession,
Seemingly one remains in repression.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Selfie, you see


Expectations on me run high,
But spare me that potential bit,
For talent, I seem to have nigh,
Save for the flashes in whit.
Make up, I do try to, what I lack,
Paired up, with my sweat,
Dedication behind every act,
Outcomes in moderation might beget.
Caressing my failures in disquiet,
The first instinct is tears,
Buried within a raging quyot,
A scarlet mound of fears.
Aim for the sky, they say,
And reach for the shiny stars,
What’s the price I have to pay?
A soul seared with scars?
Continue I may with aspiration,
But, I shan’t be deemed special,
Struck I am with the revelation,
In the universe, am just a speckle.

A passing allusion

An afterthought, I shall remain,
Trying otherwise, is in vain,
Should I to the fact, resign?
Or of otherwise, try to feign?
Nurturing, is it a part of me?
Though its results, I never get to see,
Always, that’s me, behind the scenes,
Uncaring, the end is about the means.
Can I do anything different?
Do I just ascribe it to be efferent?
Will this feeling be persistent?
Am I destined to be itinerant?

Sweet beginnings

Innocence breaks my heart,
The world will rip it apart,
As they age from infancy,
Knowledge lets go of it in sufficiency.
But the blank slate, that’s their mind,
With not even a trifling maligned,
Unsullied are their joyous smiles,
With nary a worry of the viles.
This purity rubs on with ease,
All other worries begin to cease,
Time will seem to stand still,
Life’s purposes will get fulfilled.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Lest I forget…

How do I keep her alive?
At least in my thoughts, I strive,
How do I assure remembrance?
With, of normalcy, a semblance.
Plastered my walls with photographs,
Seek, I continue to, for an epitaph,
Into her, I wish to breathe life,
And, make up with memories, rife.
Fading away into deep oblivion,
Is not, in any way, an option,
Let days into years and eons turn,
The heart, for her, will always yearn.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Receding forward

As the year passes on
To the annals of history,
I am left at the fork,
Of seemingly a crossroad,
In conundrum, as I stand,
Peering at the horizon.
I wait, in vain, for a sign.
Turmoil within roils,
Leaded feet of mine linger
Pensive of the destination,
Moving ahead wasn’t to be
As I turn back, it dawns on me,
These are paths in illusion,
These roads lead to nowhere.