Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Burden of words

A sassy retort, a snarky snap,
A trigger the cause to all mishaps,
Quick to draw, throw an insult
With nary a though of the result

Biting remarks, bordering on rage
Pointing fingers and ripping rampage
Raw emotions and fury abound

The slurs he continues to pound

Friday, June 10, 2016

Mulling over melancholy

Years have passed to no avail
This past year, will however prevail
A bag of disenchantments dominate
As ways to get past, I ruminate
Not a single triumph to recall
Of misery, I seem to be in thrall
Little moments seemingly so
Even those have been a blow
How did I get myself into this rut
Of dread and dreary, entire gamut
Snap out of it one can; I used to say
Different altogether, when it’s my day
Persons, things and events,
Have contributed their contents
However hard, I seem to try
From its clutches, I can’t pry.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Yet again, gloom

I look at you, yes! You there
Is your life really simple
Are you devoid of worries
Or filled with chaos ample?
Outlandish, as it may seem
Mine has no prospects
Lack of hope charts it out
Gone are the happy aspects
Perplexed I am too, at this
But, misery continues to nibble
At my already broken spirit
My soul is now awfully brittle.

Thursday, June 2, 2016


I fear rejection
There I put in down in a paper
I bear not any malice
But I’d rather do without.
I conform to others’ views
In hope of inclusion
I stay away from states
Where I need to pick a side
I don’t act in rebellion
Nor pioneer any reverses
I wait and I view myself
As this life passes by
Even in poetry, I toe the line
Not me, to stray from the
Path of righteousness

Stranded on the shore

The misty horizon beckons
The deceptive spring day
Frolicking in the beach
I hoped to, but turned out gray
Amidst the teeth chattering chill
I still had my sweet way
Far into the frigid waters
I let the ways on me, play.
Life isn’t waiting for the calm
As goes the oft repeated cliché
Its dancing amidst the cold rain
Keeping it up, be it sunshine or nay.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ruinous reign

A lethal combination
Of misconstrued communication
And petulant demeanor
Made up for a downer.
Between the two, there was
no love lost. Many a faux pas
Cringing at the conversation
Sneaking away in desperation
The maniacal accusations,
Heralding each other’s’ frustrations
Kook, one is berated as
And, so on goes the razzmatazz
Caught amidst the melee
Near and dear, enter the fray
Unpleasant are their ways,
Mired in the loveless life maze.