Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Raving rant

I have skipped many a meal,
And, missed events for you,
I have cut short family time
And given up travel too.

I put my dreams on hold,
As fulfilling yours, I felt,
Would be realizing mine.
And, was I more wrong?

I was available anytime,
Multi-tasking a lot, I lived,
Yours before mine, I set,
Now, to what avail, I wail.

Time to be cutthroat,
There is no more us, I yell.
I remind myself slowly,
After all, it is just a job!

Weary of the wariness

Obsolete, one tends to become,
To this paranoid institution.
Brutally phasing out, they
Treat people like specks of dirt.

The hush-hush within,
Several layers of doors,
Dare they let out their
Precious, so called secrets.

In essence, they live in
An utopian world of substance,
Where every fallout is
Nothing short of a cataclysm.

In mundane routines of
Arrogance, they persist on
Practically, antediluvian,
Extinction could befall soon.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Camaradarie for Contentment

Love life and life will love you back. Love people and they will love you back.

Faces to friends, they move,
Loving people I begin to,
And, me back they do love,
World begins to get manageable.

Love life as well, I must,
Its love back, I do seek,
Need some gusto and zest,
Existing'll no longer suffice.

Alterations, I am long overdue,
Dramatic, maybe, not so much,
Babysteps, of it quite a few,
Peace and happiness, I aspire.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super showdown

A scrimmage, I will witness hereafter,
The hype before, stayed much after,
The goosebumps accompany the thrill,
Stereotypes many it does instill.

A pizza, a big screen TV a few,
Beer and soda in many forms are due.
Gruff looking men reduced to tears,
Commercials are fun, it appears.

Yearly tradition, in homes a many,
Wintry distraction, it provides a plenty.
Passions fly in words and actions,
Together and rooting in factions.

Music, an interlude for all,
Crowds in passion, begin to sprawl.
In the end, winner is just one,
So, ending the season of fun.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vows and wows

Living the life, we are, of a wedding vow,
Through better and worse, we have been.
Through laughter and tears we show,
The love for each other, grows within.

In sickness and in health, we shared,
Cherish we did from the day forward,
To each other, our souls we bared,
For richer, for poorer we were aboard.

We have both been freed and bound,
And, have been none other than ourself.
Standing by each other, we found,
The love in our hearts, is reward itself.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


A decade, is it already?
Still going strong and steady,
Living the clich├ęd style,
End the day, with a smile.

Taken for granted at times,
Airing out each others’ grimes,
Forgiven and forgiving forever,
Held a grudge, we have never.

Another year added to the kitty,
To commemorate, a new ditty.
Together as one, onward.
Memories as we continue to hoard.