Thursday, September 23, 2010

Assuaging assonance

Poetry could be my solace,
Rhymes without reason, my support,
When life moves in a harried pace,
Some normalcy, I try to purport.

Now-a-days, I seem to need,
Not a nudge but a shove,
Unease continues to breed,
Of anxieties a trove.

My steady gait belies,
My ripened state of panic,
With a smile I try to guise,
Fears within that are volcanic.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Uneasy angst

This little life of mine,
Can it change in a blink?
It makes me pine,
And drives me to the brink.

Nothing to show for the years,
There is just painful sorrow,
Comparison with ones’ peers,
No hope left for the morrow.

One after another follows,
I am left picking pieces,
In the dark and dreary hollows,
Misery just increases.

Tension in the mind,
Eats away day-by-day,
I am on a quest to find,
Some peace and make it stay.

A weak moment, when health issues of a loved one were worrying; now slowly and surely positive signs are seen,

Friday, September 10, 2010

Unseen, unheard, not unknown

A connection I formed with you,
unspoken, unwritten, unsaid
My nephew to be, my very own.
I dreamt of sitting by you,
breathing in, you, in peace.
I anticipated whisking you away,
to a world of you and me.
I waited to teach, you life
to read to you, entering
a fascinating world of books,
I would make you a reader,
a mathematician, along the way.
You would be eager, curious
and I would satiate
You grow and I nurture,
I could say nothing to you,
I wish I could speak volumes!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Little pleasures

Charmed, he did, his way,
Into our hearts, with ease,
Feasted our hearts away,
At his conversation piece.

Showers us, he always does,
With boatloads of love,
A relationship so robust,
Of memories a treasure trove.

To our own, he is akin.
And, with each day gone
Beyond anything we imagine,
He has excelled, shone!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to school, they go

Little ones with heads held high,
Others with a little tear standing by,
It is that time of the year again,
Enlightenment and knowledge to gain.

Pouncing on goodbyes to be gathered,
Breaking away from being mothered.
Parents and guardians with a brave face.
Rippling with worries beneath the surface.

With refreshed brains and a blank slate,
To negate the ignorance, the kinds wait.
Changes are a part of growing up,
Learning lessons to never give up!

Classrooms to find and buses to board,
Games to be played and points scored.
Just having done the best, is the reward.
Memories then, they will continue to hoard.