Monday, June 30, 2014

Being alive

One day frail and fragile,
I shall lie, with time to while,
Counting down all alone,
Closing on a life to bemoan.
Time, while still is there,
I should try to, life, repair,
Grab it today, by the horn,
Looking back not to mourn.
What is, that hold me back,
The clich├ęs I should wrack,
Live, I should in the moment,
Not fear the future and lament.
Today is as good as any,
Reasons there are aplenty,
Fortunate I am in that account,
Blessings many I have in count.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ho hum

A cathartic hiatus, I seek
Without jeopardizing my streak,
A workaholic by demeanor,
To keep it that way, am eager.
Risky propositions, I don’t undertake,
Hasty decisions, I don’t make,
A mundane existence I lead,
Pathetic, it seems to be, indeed.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Serenity, serendipity

I dream of a day,
That I can while away,
Creating my happiness,
In my serene ambience.
Life has other plans,
Peace and calm sans,
Racing the proverbial
Since the primordial.
All around fall apart,
Its own courses charted,
I shall take heart,
In the joy, chaos imparts.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Poignant Parting

I can’t say goodbye,
Don’t want to get on by,
Time doesn’t yet heal,
Life no longer appeals.
She wouldn’t want,
Her memories to haunt,
Farewell in peace,
Was one of her pleas.
Tears well up today
It happens this way,
A momentary pause,
The uneasiness gnaws.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Irresolute concession

Connive is what life does,
Against my apparent resolve,
Coming out top on a day,
I assume there’s success involved,
But is vehemently denied to me,
As everything begins to devolve.
Intrigued, I still am enough,
Challenges, as I try to solve.
One after another though,
In the downs, my life revolves.
Since I haven’t been broken yet,
Now waiting for the strength to evolve.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Perils of pusuit

A burden I carry, a cross I bear,
Unable to refuse, I do others’ share,
At deathbed, I may come to regret,
For now, as success, I tend to interpret.
One after another, crisis, I solve,
A race against myself and my resolve,
My life and priorities come to stall,
Slowly every day begins to appall.
I hold my gripe and move on,
Trying hard to keep the smile on,
Weakened, however, as the years go by,
I let go of everything with a sigh!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sham charade

Her words and actions are hollow,
Pretense of perfection wallows,
Fluffy comments of a know-it-all,
She continues to make one appalled.
An pompous air of superiority,
Her endless putdowns of asperity,
She seems to be harboring within,
Some unadulterated loathing.

Summer, you say

The heat, I complain,
Sitting cocooned within,
Overlooked passed wintry chill
What is with this summer
I throw a resigned sigh
Forgotten are the beach trips,
The ice creams and vacations,
Long gone are the lazy days,
Waiting to begin anew
I just annoyingly bustle .
The hues of wildflowers,
Chirps of the night crickets,
The dried brown grass
And the long bright days.
Uncaring, I whirr the AC on.

Monday, June 16, 2014

There I go again

Today, as I rejoice in celebration,
I can’t stem the deluge of tears,
Over the lost moments of life,
And opportunities’ missed over the years.
My utopian ideals lets me down,
Every now and then, it appears.
I try to squelch it and move on,
But toward it, my thoughts get steered.
Perfect, a picture I paint,
Father who roots and cheers,
The mother, an epitome of wisdom,
The little ones, two, are dears.
Yanked away by stark reality,
I paddle on, trying to steer,
Yet again, I do concede,
That I have to switch gears.
That brings back the heavy heart,
By the time it begins to clear,
There it comes, all over again,
‘The tide in the affairs’

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Just a thought

A step back, I pause and ponder,
At you, I look in wonder,
Bonding with you, in an instant,
In my life you shall be a constant.
Not a grumble, at your acts,
We have our own little pacts,
You twirl me around your fingers,
As you continue to toy and tinker.
Painless, was your transition,
Happy, your regular disposition,
With love, you shall be enveloped,
Into a fine being, as you develop.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Adorable darling

Your tears break my heart,
My whole world falls apart,
You fix yourself with a smile,
To regain myself, I take a while.
I follow you to every single nook,
I understand your every look,
Your incessant calls make my day,
Keeping all my doubts at bay.
I know one day, off you will go,
I just hope that day doesn’t show,
Interwoven, you are into my fiber,
As I hold on to you, a little tighter.