Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wistful over wishes

Unabashedly I lay claim
On my spawn, my creation
Blinded by unconditional
Outpouring love without ration

Selfless, I deem to be
Putting others before me
In its wake, spiraling myself
Gnawed by guilt, I ain’t free

Winnowed by one and all
My days like all are numbered
I look forward to the time
I shall become unencumbered

Cliches and replays

I pen my thoughts

 And I pause to ponder

What I envision as poetry

Is a transcript of maunder

Clich├ęs abound in volumes

Unspoken remain few

And, of banal verbiage

There are certainly a slew

There seems to run

A constant theme

If I were to start a clique

I’d call it a meme

If connected by words

My life would seem bleak

Figments it is after all

Into imagination, a peek

Building walls

Building a wall around

My swing of emotions

Impenetrable enclosure

Keeps away even oceans

Adept, I am getting to be

At hermit mentality

While attempts are a fail

To move away from banality

Nothing seems to dent

Nor create a notch

Such is the impassability

Will not dislodge

Sunshine and happiness

Are held at bay

Darkness in the confines

And in the soul weights

Heart cries out to be free

The brain holds back

The day shall come

When the wall shall wrack.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Glockenspiels and Jingle bells

Alone in a sea of few

People who love and care

I flaunted it in pride

And cause me more despair

When the tides turned

Crowds beseeched me

I seemed to belong

In company, I decried

Push away the proximal

Retreating within my shell

This subsistence will

Prove to be my death knell

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wily words

A tart response to every word
Biting the tones, the undercurrent
This has what it's come to be
Life has turned out to be errant

Underhanded, the thoughts and ways
Devious plotting, forever hellish
Vindictive, if I begin to think
In its fumes, I will perish

There's a tomorrow, there's hope
Snap out, everyone will, of phases.
I pray that it happen sooner.
And, able I am to outmaneuver mazes.

I read me

Disappointments define me
Regrets reinforce it
As each day goes by
There is just more of it

Is it just a phase in my life
Am I not the one I used to be?
Toxic and negative now,
Does that describe me?

Is there a breaking point
Or one of no return
I day dream of such
And, of the end, I yearn

Monday, August 22, 2016

Spinning spiral of life

Out of the spinning spiral of life,

Stems the mist of muddled mix ups

Living with the constant ticking of time

I sometimes lose sight of the crux

Cringing within, at my dishevel,

I boot myself out of my stupor

To trim my toxic self-reproach

But misery is a constant intruder

Lifting my spirits seems futile

It is not for want of trying

Imprinted in my heart and soul

Is the incapability of striving

The hurt and the pain of the past

Shipped slowly at my core

While I moon at a moment of joy

Sorrow slowly begins its gore.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Murky muse

A tentative wobble toward
Joyous and content tomorrows
Initiated by shedding
The sadistic blows

As I scour my past,
For snippets of joy
I come to realize, pursuit
of happiness is a ploy

A ruse, after all, it is
Like those holidays
Created by Hallmark
Joy is indeed elusive.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Vague verve

A nebulous life we lead
the heart continues to bleed
Minor infractions are touted
And, feelings are largely flouted

Slick and oily, the emotions
In general, of values, an erosion
Bleak and dreary, does it look?
life is something we brook.