Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tender defender

When its sisters, it is different,
An instinctive feel to some things,
And, a knack to know persists,
Crushing qualms of reality.

There is a charm to knowing,
The urges of one another,
Whispers are not necessary,
When looks can tell the story.

Picking up shards of each others’
Scattered thoughts of distress,
Brining life to the ashen face,
Soothing what the world scalded.

Espousing among themselves,
The indefatigable forgiveness,
A rip can’t tear them apart,
For love is a glue that repairs.

Revert to refuge

Lumbering away into Thursday,
Gradually, a wee wreck I become,
Anticipation builds for the respite,
To weariness I seem to succumb.

Bubbling beneath the surface,
Is the prospect of a retreat,
A sanctuary to slink away into,
Following that, routine to repeat.

Frail grit

Endurance tested to limits,
More to it, than to eye meets,
No amount of modern amenities,
Negates fact of human entities.

Fahrenheits and wind chills,
Not just words for cheap thrills,
Human fortitude hardened,
While with other trials burdened.

Whims of cyclical nature,
Pillaged by human stature,
Reprisal is not her thing,
On ourselves, affliction we bring.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Full on

Intended to I
Into the New Year tiptoe
Barge, it did on me

Friday, January 20, 2012

Muted murmur

Silence pervades one and all,
The unspoken cuts through, baring,
Words squelch the weak heart,
Joys emanating are sparing.

A hollow shell of a home,
Forgiveness there isn’t any,
The deep dark secrets buried,
In every nook, every cranny

Happiness is elusive anyway,
A small speck of it fell astray,
Toward joy, cannot sway,
For a life to live, perhaps, pray.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Curtain call

A silver hair freak she wasn’t
Aging gracefully was her intent,
Wait, the sliver of time, doesn’t.
Downhill, toward end,began her descent.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A neat feat

I join the exclusive tribe
Of the elite few who lay a claim,
To the guild of cadence,
I played a piece on the piano.

A novice nonetheless, I am
Fingers are no clichéd magic
Hours of diligent exercise preceded
A landmark to record, nothing short.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Roil & spoil

An occurrence that jolted all,
Ailments font differentiate at all,
The whole world crumbled to fall,
Plunging everything to a pall.

Life was blown away by squall,
Distraught, one lay in a sprawl,
While, of it, an attempt to maul,
And, the dire, trying to forestall.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Irresolute resolutions

This year I will let go
Curl up and wait for it to show,
Cross the clichéd bridges
Only when I reach the ridges.

This year, I will take a deep breath,
Cease to lead a life of stealth,
I shall stand tall and announce,
Challenges along the way, trounce.

This year I will learn to live,
And, of myself to me, give.
Not one to look back, regret,
And, to others, always abet.


Worn to shreds, tattered
A page from my life’s book
Closing the chapter

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Attempt to alleviate

I put a thatched roof over me,
My memories bubbling within,
Nothing is lost, nothing forgotten,
From the start of the breathing me.

A gate to cover my flood of tears,
I made with imaginary stones,
Thousands of tear-lets escaped
Left my insides fluttering away.

The hearth of feelings within,
A flash of joy it cooked up,
Thus I embark on my rebuild,
And, at normalcy, I seek to grope.

Deft degeneration

Brutal are the vagaries of life,
Eccentric are out responses,
Outcries over things unfounded,
Coherence, swiftly on the decline.

Sullen is the general populace,
Brooding, the national pastime,
Glowering away for no reason,
Liveliness begins a rapid wane.

Skeptic cynicism abounds,
Fed by an explosion of facts,
Eulogized by men of yore,
Trust is a thing of the past.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Embracing innocence

The sweet illustrations of innocence
Unadulterated brightness in the smile,
Delightful discovery of knowledge,
Milestones are met in succession.

The joy of a puzzle in place,
Beats a million dollar escape,
The dawning of awareness,
Diamonds pale in its brilliance.

Enfolding embrace in its purest,
Envelopes an unmatched quietude,
The bliss and contentment outweighs,
Every tangible substantiations.

Superable, it is

Invincible, it is not today,
Ways and means are many,
Catch a hold, an iron grip,
Tame it like a Spanish bull.

Matadors are built if steel,
Doctors too aren't any less,
Holding on to dear life are
Riders atop the topsy turvy.

Disable, deform it might,
Subdue, it shan't succeed,
A day will dawn clearly bright,
Rising beyond these pin pricks.

Monday, January 9, 2012

A lease of peace

Surface so smooth, a still water pond,
A state to attain, of humans, beyond,
Thoughts, a ripplee start slow,
Soon enough in a deluge to flow.

A plonk of a jolt, comes along,
A pebble to a rock, it moves strong.
Reflection muddled by turmoil,
Serenity, thus, stands to roil.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


The new year feels eerily familiar,
The old hasn't let go it's hold,
Ring in, I tried with all my might,
Steadfast,the past kept a clasp.

Many of these have gone by,
Each time previously, I tried,
This year felt jarringly odd,
Renewed wasn't to be had.