Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tiny tender tot

Truly blessed I feel,
Totally in love, I am,
Thankfully, I count blessings,
The joy at the sight of him.
Tangible, my love isn’t,
Thrill at the smiles from him,
Tugging at my heartstrings,
Twirling at the glimpse of me.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Subtle serenade

Smothered, he is with love,
Sleeping as he was in peace,
Slowly drifting into bliss,
Surrounded by his world.
Soon enough, bursts awake,
Searching for familiarity,
Sleep fades away from him,
Starts now, his cute routine.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Right of relation



Reveling in my little baby,
Remarkable in every way I see,
Revitalizing the exhausted me,
Redefining new life to be.

Ransacking my heart for love,
Revolved around him, I am now,
Relishing the moments with wow,
Rays of sunshine he does endow.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Quintessential cutie

Queried, his looks are,
Quiffed his locks are,

Quizzing his eyes appear,
Quotidian isn’t his fare.

Qualitied his time is
Quotas for him are amiss.

Quitter, he isn’t one,
Quibbling in his gaggle for fun.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Precious pleasure

Petite in size, he maybe,
Profound in thoughts he goes,
Pampered days, he leads,
Pondering on joys of life.

Puny, he may be in looks,
Petty, he never once becomes,
Pearls of laughter emanate,
Progress as he does toward bliss.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Only own



Oblivious to the vagaries,
Orbiting around his world,
Outlasting apparent tiredness,
Outpouring all my love,
Overpowering emotions pervade,
Optimistic, the days feel,
Overriding feeling of hope,
Onward to brighter ways.

A voice to my choice

Inner thoughts buried deep,
Subconscious makes me weep,
Yearning I have for a thing,
But, wonder what destiny will bring.

People around shut me off,
At my thoughts repeatedly scoff,
For others, I seem to be living,
Being human and forgiving.

A need thriving within,
Driving my thoughts herein,
All consuming it is now,
Though I try hard to disavow.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013



Nudging the days faster,
Nicely settling in as well,
Naively he went about
Navigating his month old dwell.

Nineteen to dozen, he cooed,
Nibbling at our molten hearts,
Nuzzling his tiny head at,
Nabbing the position of ‘smarts’.

Worry flurry

The pressure of life,
The stressful rat race,
No respite from these,
No chance of a volte-face.

Bodies are abused
With relaxation a taboo,
No breaks to catch a breath,
As anxiety we spew.

Who cares about the roses,
No chance to smell them,
A mad dash to nowhere,
Of the bleeding, no way to stem.

Monday, April 15, 2013

My mini man

Mindful of his surroundings,
Meandering his way around,
The tiny little man paused,
Smiling at his mother’s sound.

Months go by in a jiffy,
Meant to be that way,
Milestones he vanquishes
Marveling, we are left, at his ways.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


The pinks and hues are out,
Spring seems up and about,
A celebration of life sparks,
Be unto light from the dark.
Refreshing the days out to be,
Languishing is all I can see,
As days go by it may get better,
As, get out I do of grief’s fetter.

Dejected gloom now consumes,
As though a deadline looms,
As I await the perfect day,
Withering my present life away,
The clouds shall one day, part.
And, I shall head for a fresh start.


Pleaded in prayer
Vital one wasn’t answered
Final forever   

Archetypic gloom

An apology of a life, I lead,
Continuing to exist and to cede,
A sorry state of affairs present,
Elude, I need to, the inner torment.

A hollow body, soul buried,
The mind, with suffering harried,
Regrets prevail, infinitely many,
Squashed are hopes that rise, if any.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Locks of love



This lanky lad of mine,
A bundle of love, so divine,
Lapping up the days with charm,
Lustered luminosity, he swarms.

Leisured days for him now,
Life is catching up in tow,
Listing his daily milestones,
Largely will there be any unknowns.

Languishing in anguish

Like the dusky evenings,
Everything looks gray,
There isn’t a sliver of silver,
To keep the sadness at bay.
Like the flow of monsoon,
The tears don’t ebb or fade,
Like the breath of life,
Every moment is invaded.
I see her everywhere,
Her resounding laughter,
Echoes on much after,
Like time’s constant patter.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Kiddish knack




A keen sense of it all,
Kept on peeking up,
Kitty came when he called,
Life was kind of good.

Kindled his little thoughts,
Kick started his day,
Klicked, klacked and smiled,
His little kingdom came alive.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just love


Jazzed up, he was
By the jelly like bear,
Jiggled it did, engagingly,
Joy at it all, was bare.

Jarfuls of pearly laughter,
Sweetly jamming the air,
Jestful acts of fun,
Justifying the affair.

By his jarfuls of goo-goo,
Jeweled, the days are,
Joyance is all pervading
In a jiffy, clears all despair.

Refrain strain

Repeatedly as I write,
The pen on paper, I lay,
My arms are out to spite,
Making my shoulders pay.
Gnawing indeed, the pain,
Carry on, I do with disdain,
Resolution seems to be in vain.
Disregard, I continue to feign.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


My need for her, primal.
The void, the absence,
Forever and final,
It can’t have happened

Grief is a poor surrogate,
For the raw intense ache,
Raising emotions of despair,
Feelings of Desolation raked.

My insides seem to scream,
A silent overriding bawl.
Basking around are thoughts,
As I lay in a remorseful sprawl.

Itsy bitsy intensity

Idyllic it was today,
Intended to be that way,
I am with the little being,
Indebted for this feeling.

Intertwined are our lives,
In anticipation each day arrives,
Inherently bonded, we are,
Irrepressible love beyond compare.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lament of loss

How can death be,
A celebration,
An end of a life,
Be a joyous one?

Young and old alike,
However be the shape,
A last breath is one,
Always to be mourned.

The stamp left behind,
By the fading soul,
The one last time,
Of doing what is done.

Even a hunter of yore,
Mourned the hunted,
Survival be it for,
Even that’s duly grieved.

Hankering for hugs


The tiny handsome hunk,
Stole my heart in a blink,
Always the happy trooper,
Hungry for minute adventures.

Hugs and cuddles sought,
With high spirits, day is fraught,
Heavenly, the sounds, he makes,
To hold him, my hands ache.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Petite boy, Giant joy

Guffawing in Elation,
With genuine rapture,
A gladness pervading,
Like a gentle spring breeze.

Gaggling on constantly,
With many a goo goo sounds,
A pride at the gumption,
Of grasping another milestone.

Grabbing with two hands,
Gathering near, not far,
A grand smile of content,
And, gratification at life.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


It was a joy to behold,
The new arrival to the fold,
My heart felt like it’d explode.

Life to change forever,
In ways imagined never,
With love, to devour.

He came today.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Fond exchange of glances,
Fascinated looks of love,
Fawning and doting aunt,
Fulfilled and content nephew.

Fully in joyous bliss,
Unfailing mutual feelings,
Unfathomable affection,
Forever, the bond.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Infant Ebullience

Enchanted he is by his fingers,
Enticing him to his bidding,
Enthralled at the myriad shapes,
Excited guffawing at his act.

Expectantly awaiting response,
At ease on the receipt of one,
Exuberant are the joys,
Of the endearing little one.

Math path

Life goes numeric
Additions there are
The newborn beings.
Subtracted cruelly,
Are dear and near,
Leaving us a zero.
Pluses in existence are
Bleak as life seems,
Seriously outnumbered.
Minuses, the deceptive,
Sneaky little ones,
Overpoweringly stay.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hold that moment ...

Lest it pass away,
Hold on to it tight,
Veering on the edge of
Slipping away in history,
is that devastating instant.

Freeze it without fail
Once past, wont return,
This shal be final,
There is no deja vu
Forever, it will gone!

Time needn't heal,
And, move on, should not,
Routines and normalcy,
Let them hold thereon,
Hold that moment! That moment!!

Desired dearie

The darling of my eye,
my dazzling little one,
Dabbling away at life,
Daring to have some fun.

Displaying his personality,
in myriad dioramic ways,
Grinning delightfully at all,
in his distinctive style.


Death doesn't call ahead,
Neither does it leave behind,
Comes with no calling card,
Leaves everyone in a bind.

Definite as it can be,
There isn't any other way,
As long as there is birth,
Death can't be kept at bay.

Dynamic is life, in eternity,
But it is stopped short,
The finality of a demise,
not a thing can thwart.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Charming cheeriness

Channeling his inner child,
Chukling to himself cutely,
He cozily cuddled with me.

Comfortingly cocooned in
My careful arms, he
cherished the coddled sleep.

Calm and composed, I was
Content in my chap's
Chubby cuddly contour.

Maybe Baby

Life is indeed a maybe,
Provisional events, at best.
Squinted deals made with,
The unseen higher power.

Arguably agreed is the case,
When daily events, give a licking,
Hard to march on, with definiteness,
When faltering are the steps.

Perhaps and possibly are
Oft recurring expressions,
Uncertainty, being the only surety,
We are in for a rough ride!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baby boy

Bright and brilliant
The day dawned,
Beautifully unblemished
And beyond belief, stayed.

Boldly branded as
Best among the betters
Brought a brand new
Bundle of bliss

In honor of my li’l nephew

Monday, April 1, 2013

Dedicatory, in memory...

Swathed in Pallid whites,
the ostentatious marble facade,
A testament to love apparent,
Or pompous feeding of self worth?

Unparallelled the beauty indeed,
Tantamount to unadulterated joy,
Standing tall on riverbanks
With guilt ridden souls beneath?

Decades of laborious creation,
Charmingly intricately intertwined,
Motifs and ornamentation galore,
Artisans' crafty sweat and blood?

Festering centuries of passion,
the eternal everlasting kind,
Epitome of romance' portrayal,
Concealing boiling rage within?

...About the wonder of the world Tajmahal in India...

Prompt: Write about a magnificient place.

Spanking new

Battle cry of the new arrival,
The short sweet yelp of life,
Music to the ears of all,
Communication begins thereon.

Embark on his adventure,
thereby called life, he begins.
Every moment, a voyage,
toward the unseen morrow.

Escapedes and exploits, his,
Are awaited with bated breath,
The pristine quest of life,
Incessant until the last breath.