Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ramta Jogi

Drunk with emotions
She lived over decades
Going through its motions
Till the memory fades
Contrition and reparation
Were her companions
Forever in preparation
Of the imminent canyon
This unforgiving penance
Her stark, austere living
Conspicuous in presence
Her qualms and misgivings.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Twirling in the freedom
Of today’s gorgeousness
Frolicking in my wisdom
Letting go of annoyances
In hues of pastels
With rosy spectacles
Breaking out of their shells
Are the little miracles
I crave this innocence
The living in the moment
The state of immanence
Where happiness is potent
In quest of the tenuous twister thriller


An apology to myself
For putting me through
The proverbial wringer
I don’t even once
Make it easy on me
I make lists beyond
my capability. I overdo
I overstretch my limits
I fail miserably to love
Up to my unrealistic
And utopian expectations
Mediocre, I make me
But excel I hope to
I seek my own forgiveness
Which I then will deny
A bundle of contradiction
Complications. Complex
That’s me in a word


I will live on
adrift but
like the bobbing
confined to
A tight
turning radius
I will know the stillness
while the
hits. The distance
isn’t a safety net
And, closeness –
Not the end.