Friday, May 27, 2011

Supper gone awry

Suitors in arms,
Waiting hand and foot,
On the unsuspecting
Lady-to-be, in devout.

A supper when she sat,
Down to, this bleary night,
She wasn’t for interruptions,
Or a garish display of might.

A blanket expression,
She wore to ward off,
Their actions amusing,
She walked off with a scoff.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

In the merry month of May,

In the merry month of May,
In a morn, by break of day,
I woke up and I wondered,
Would I live upto hundred?

What brought about the thought,
With worry, I was wrought,
Of loved ones moving away,
Fears they continued to essay.

Prayers for all, I decided then,
And, follow the words of wise men,
Work! work with joy and pleasure,
Results and outcome, without measure.

Desires none, there shall be,
Happiness then, will continue to be,
Attachments always breed sorrow,
Think not of, what is for morrow?

Living for today, day by day,
Following the age old cliche.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Captivating charms

With a grin, I stumbled into
The fascinating bead store,
The jumble of colors did
Make me yearn for more.

Some too tiny for the naked eye,
Hardly weighed a gram,
Others covered in layers of art,
And, as big as my palm.

The beader hard at work,
With her head bowed down,
Creating magic with her hands,
Her love for the art – shone.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Grandiose verbose

Rambling wasn’t her forte,
Crisp and dry her repartee,
Acting lessons made her stray,
In a tangent, wandering away.

Loquacious, an occupational hazard,
Putting on a false fa├žade,
Bordering on loud and effusive,
Far from her previously pensive.

Not anymore, who she was,
One day, she would take a pause,
For now, frontward to the fore,
Milestones many, she had to explore.

One Single Impression

Friday, May 20, 2011


In my rusty language,

I strain for words,
Words to convey my love.

Rusty I had become,
In relationships,
A loner I lived as for
Far longer than I cared.

A strain this brought
In my love for her,
And hers for me.

A robot I had created
I become on with
A monster I turned it
And, it turned me!

Weekend Wordsmith

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dreary dampness

Damp, today promises to be,
Incensed skies pouring away,
Sheets of water deluging to sea,
Life slowly skids to a stop today.

Gray and cloudy keeps at it,
Wet slippery paths facing all,
Venturing takes a lot of grit,
A wrong step leads to a fall.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Museum manifests

A day at the museum,
Exhibition of the past,
Exposition of the art,
Anticipation of future.

Art in its entirety,
Genres of several kind,
Masterpieces of yore,
Mingled among potentials.

Bones and fossils crowd,
The flora and fauna cloud.
Machines from the bygone,
Rudiments of the science.

Voyeurism of life inherent,
Inexorable curiosity  reigns,
Transparent show for posterity,
The cycle of inquisitiveness.


Yielding away

Surrendering to sleep,
Is my dream for the day,
Into dreamland I will sweep
Off myself away.

My brain tell me to stop,
The body tattles with sign,
I artificially myself prop,
And vigorously feign.

Till no more of it can,
And the time is here,
Let there be no plan
And, into void disappear.

Sunday Scribblings

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Heart of joy

He brought joy to his mom,
His dad was his rooting team,
Managing his life on his own,
Was still a far fetched dream.

Little victories, they lived for,
A mini piano recital he performed,
He dressed up in his Sunday best,
To all who cheered, he warmed.

all from any sorrow,
Was his sweet and pure heart,
Brandishing his innocent appeal,
All over joy to all, he did impart.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Clasped and clenched

Locking my words deep within,
With rage, when I am seething.
Trying to portray a sane front,
So, them with words, not affront.

Words once out, can’t come back,
With strength, havoc they wrack,
Full control over anger, my artillery,
One that helps me avoid pillory.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Planet Halt

If I knew, I had just two,
Weeks that remain in the world,
I thought hard of what I’ll do,
For a moment, my brain swirled.

Exotic, I thought, some action,
Doing seeing things not from before,
Then, family brought fond reaction,
Memories there were a galore.

Thought some more, then I did,
No end decision, I came up with,
Knowing before I may forbid,
And, dismiss, prior to it, as a myth.

Rude Cactus

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Principal's principles

Skating on thin ice of diplomacy,
is enough to give the best - jitters,
Without an air of supremacy,
Sweetened every one of the  bitters.

With aplomb and grace, was handled,
The sticky and sensitive affairs,
One that in a blink, could be mangled,
And, caught them all unawares.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stage and its players

An actor is seen in glory,

Deserving, is he of the standing?
Rich fruits begets his labor,
Unworthy the largesse demanding.

Isn’t life a movie in motion?
Every day a new act in play?
Not one, but performers are all.
Each one’s story a ballet!

All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players

Monday, May 2, 2011

Still life of activity

Magpie Tales 64
 The child in her arms,
After a long day of work,
A photograph was not,
The thing to do then.

A cranky one, slipping
Away from her arms,
With a strong lock
But she held on.

An active baby,
Setting out to run,
Forced against will
To capture for ages.

A test of patience,
For the impatient pair,
Each would rather be,
Anywhere but here.

Magpie Tales

Sunday, May 1, 2011


In a jiffy, a line is drawn,
Maps are made in closed rooms,
Relationships in a snap, withdrawn,
And, a separate future looms.

Families are broken apart,
All for an arbitrary line,
Fences built, play their part,
With the singular aim to confine.

Creating borders is fairly swift,
Mingling, conversely, daunting.
Rather than at division, be miffed,
Togetherness, shouldn't we be flaunting?

Not a piece of cake

A multilayered cake, I presume,
Atop are the stately bride and groom,
Intricate sugar icing in play,
Centerpiece of the wedding day.

Flowers intertwined, bright and gay,
Perhaps roses and daffodils, in bouquet,
Thistles and shamrock to wrap up,
The best ever, to savor each sup.

Royal Nuptial

Splendid in display,
Restrained extravagance,
Regal attires in plenty,
Elegance in vogue.

Majestic, the key players,
Stately subdued in emotion,
Noble, the intent in all,
A modern fairy tale.