Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Time of life

Annoyed every morning,
At the recurrent pain,
Gnawing away the insides,
Seeking relief in vain.
Age is the cause,
But it gets hushed up,
The need to stay young
Necessitates cover up.
Like a switch turned on
The aches began to garner
Just as she went past
The proverbial corner.
Admittedly she did not
Look anything like old
But the body discerns,
The groans are foretold.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Short stint

Not so long ago
Your head fit in my palm
I look again today
My hands are normal
Far from gargantuan
I think I blinked
The customary forty winks
Where did time go
Was I enshrined
In suspended animation
Is the time continuum
Inflated exponentially
Age is just a number
While I stop tallying mine
You accumulate digits to yours

Gift of infatuation

Giddy with anticipation
Was a clich├ęd one-liner,
The lewdness of her gaze,
Wasn’t lost on her or others,
The craving was a frill
The lavishness a guilt,
Needless to say, she was
Just a slave to her desires.
Her heart was in tremor
And her head dizzy in excess
The day finally was here
It came packaged in white
As she pulled away the covers,
Revealing the shiny new gadget.
An attempt in stealth
From her loved ones
A lapse from prudence
For just this once.

In contentment, in joy

You, to be born tomorrow
Of me, mine shall be called
You shall bring me no sorrow,
As with you, I shall be enthralled.
As much a part of me, you are
Though seeds, I’d have sown,
Truth could be very bizarre,
You shall be of your own.
I shall bring you into the world,
I will wait to see your face,
And then let you free to unfurl,
Every bit will forever amaze.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


My sacred sanctuary
Away from the routine,
Unlike my crowd that
I think I fit in
Was violated beyond repair
Left with a gaping hole
Not so much a compunction
Not a sense of qualm,
Again my soul is stripped away
As I try, to move on, get a grip.


I don’t get that about me
Unexpectedly I begin to rebel
Against the unfairness of it all
Right thing, I thought if I do,
Always of the virtue,
The evil bias shall not
Raise its iniquitous head.
That was not to be
Prejudicially, I was taunted,
The clicked lesson reinforced
Life is far from fair
Questioning the premise,
Gets me nowhere
Why doesn’t everyone
Live and let live