Monday, December 30, 2013

Aged anguish

The spoken smiles, the unspoken tears,
Bright exterior, riled within in fears,
Words sound hollow and actions weak,
When gloom envelopes, life is bleak.
Thoughts weakened, language burns,
Alleviation attempts warrant spurns,
Burden and bondage seemingly,
Self doubts creep up repeatedly.
The end needn’t be near, yet
The finality seems to have set,
Borrowed time, recurring norm,
Beyond capability, emotions swarm.

Trendy toddler

A crisp outfit, color coordinated,
The sophistication never abated,
Quite exquisite for a one year old,
Was gladly welcomed into the fold.
Magnificent, in his make shift perch,
Interspersed with an excited lurch,
Anything could and was to be delved,
His innate curiosity outdoing itself.

Thursday, November 21, 2013




Death they say is a gift,
A stagnancy to the soul adrift,
The only constant in the world,
From the moment, life unfurled.
History stands silent witness,
To the ensuing emptiness,
No matter how it is spun,
Death never ceases to stun.
The departed soon are history,
The fading words, a mystery.
Even the best, bite the dust,
As one day, everyone must.
At times, seen as the easy way out,
But, life retains its own clout.
Every breath taken is beautiful,
No matter, how severe the struggle.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Defray the disarray

In a puddle of chaos I stand,
Sinking like in a marshy swampland,
The race of life, with its murky goals,
Pains my already befuddled soul.
Isolated, I seem to feel in a crowd,
Breathless, like trapped in a shroud,
Some days are silkier than others,
Not that I am given any druthers.
A lankiness pervades in all my fears,
Downing whiskey, whilst drowning in tears
Razor sharp bite the days seem to be,
Mouthing a prayer, I try to flee.


“Life is no bed of roses,
You better write some verses”
Is one precursor to the other?
Or are they both pitted versus?
I then take flight to a land,
Armed with my repertoire,
Would my words see me through?
Without dipping into the reservoir?
My thoughts came with wings,
In wild abandon, it flies,
The unflustered freedom,
The turmoil within it belies.


His bloodstained fingers
Belied his tranquil manner
Can’t judge by cover

Sapped and Shattered

Bitter, I try not to be,
Like a rag, when you toss me,
I am no self effacing saint,
When innocence, you feint.
Manipulating my feelings,
You inflame my entire being,
Flinging me, every single time,
When I am feeling sublime.
Tightening my heart strings,
The torment always stings.
I shall leave you on your own,
You can carry on your intone.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sham show

Your tears don’t faze me,
Skeptical I continue to be,
Your limited retorts don’t help,
Neither do your frequent yelps.
Your aggressive avoidance,
Words that pierce like a lance,
That hurt will never go away,
The distress, never allayed.
The heightened sense of hate,
Though, may never abate,
I am the bigger person here,
As to forgiveness, I near.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My little hero

This little girl trooper extraordinaire
Smiling though it all, she declares,
“Let this syndrome – beware”
With my braveness, I will ensnare.
Every day, about her, I wait to hear,
Nothing will, of her spirits, deter.
Standing up to it, she prefers,
Of the disorder, she is the saboteur.

Terse verse

I stare at the four letter word,
Urging my pen to move forward,
‘Poeming’ – isn’t it what I do?
Why is there so much ado?
When I sit poring, an hour later,
My palms create a paper crater,
Words are scribbled and crossed,
The clichéd paper balled and tossed.
Just another day, in poetry-land,
Where one and all try their hand,
Some days bring forth masterpieces,
Other days, one is left picking up pieces.

Feint a faint

Prompt courtesy: Sunday Whirl
In an instant, everything changed,
Buckling I was under my pressure,
Stride stopped short, but I managed,
To maintain dignity in large measure.
When my vision cleared, I heard humming,
There was a crowd bustling and milling,
Like being drilled, my head was thumping,
But, no one around, seemed to be spilling.
Navigate, I had to around medical terms,
Garnering and gaining, day by day,
I would not miss my dreadful squirm,
As among the machines, I drifted away.
By fortune, I was finally graced,
That bright morning had finally dawned,
From illness to health, I slowly paced,
Today, years later, this memory I spawn.


I open the door and step in,
A sadness lies deep within,
A welcome feeling, yet strange,
Back home, did I manage?
Seeing the familiar, my heart flutters.
My home, like my mind, has clutter,
The good kind, of the lived in tatters.
My reverie shall not be shattered,
Pictures in frames, of my past,
Trinkets of life, over time, amassed,
Souvenirs collected over travels.
Walking by, my story unravels.
Every step now, is a burden of pause,
Avoiding any possible faux pas,
Lingering within are gnawing doubts,
Coming to terms, with my whereabouts.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mystified misgivings

Downhill, my life seems to go,
Crashing into the dark trenches,
The strength I seek, eludes me,
The waterfall of hurt, drenches.
A river of agony washes over,
Taking me to the ocean of despair,
Baying, I moon around in the jungle,
Murmuring a helpless prayer.
From mountaintops to gorges,
I hunt for my vanished joy,
Confined within, like a lake,
Days continue to be a decoy.
A stream of love, is all it will take,
To break this flow of gloom,
With a splash in the pond of inclusion,
Under the stars, I try to bloom.

Tot’s opus

Waving his fists in rhythm,
He hit the perfect note,
Precisely moving his feet,
Impulsively trying to emote.

The sweet whisperings of music,
The choreography, his creation,
The emitting of the right sounds,
that displayed infinite elation.

A hop and skip, to the distance,
Tugging at an invisible drape,
A kneel here, a twist there,
Thus the routine takes shape.

Enthralled with himself,
Oblivious to watching eyes,
He was on his way to bliss,
And ready for the reprise.

An agonizing account

Criticized, she was today,
For leading her life astray,
Amplifying issues, they alleged,
Unpleasant memories, it dredged.
She was moaning, they barked,
In exasperation, she remarked,
It can never be just one’s fault.
Though it all, she did vault.
Then one day, something snapped,
Reached within, at skills untapped,
Discarding the cloak, that was her past ,
Onward to her goals, she surpassed.
Moving on beyond banalities,
A small price to pay, the causalities,
In serenity and peace she was,
Nothing short of a rebirth, ‘twas.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

An ode to the runner

In heat and in sleet,
Alone and in a fleet,
Their destiny is to run,
The race has just begun.
Their mottos may vary,
Of failure, they aren’t wary,
The thrill unprecedented
To others, may seem demented.
This is not just any race,
The need to keep up pace,
Until their final breath,
A last run at the face of death.
This maybe their swan song
From start to finish, amidst the throng,
Collapsing in complete exhaustion,
Their life, the ultimate inspiration.

Fabled Dawn

A slow drive unhurried,
Deliberate and lingering,
Smelling the proverbial rose,
Or here, the leaves, dwindling.
Spirited yellows, the ripe leaves,
Bright reds enveloping the way,
Few greens peeking from within,
As dried browns, rustle away.
Washed over by a elusive calm,
Mornings like today are scarce,
Soft melodies waft by, gently.
And, in the moment, I immerse.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Across ages

Face lined generously in wrinkles,
But the smiles, bright and shining,
Her life’s greatest joy was there,
And, their lives were intertwining.
She waited long for this moment,
The sweet sounds of his guffaw,
Tightly bonded, the world of theirs,
As I stand, watching in pure awe.
I thought I knew her, all there was,
Then, the grandma in her emerged,
Oblivious to others, ingrained in love,
Enthralled, my love for them surged.  

Friday, October 18, 2013

Food, glorious food

Image: Google search
In all hues and colors,
In wide spectrum of flavors,
Arranged in gastronomic order,
People seated in patient ardor.
The magic was in the hands,
Of the chef, catering to demands,
The process a sight to behold,
Proof is in the eating, I am told.
Of flavors, a delicate interplay,
From sweet to spicy, it sways.
Seasoned in perfect accord,
Of tastes an infinite horde.
The  savoring is captivating,
As patrons await salivating,
As amid scene and scent oscillate,
The zesty essence dominates.

Ignite the imminent

Marking the 500th entry, a wonderful journey, with hopes for more...


The day started out as any other,
Peering into the mirror, into my soul,
Going through the motions did smother,
Felt like, a smile to myself would console.
Time ticked by, as wait it did for none.
Though a creature of habit, I stood rooted,
With the routines, I seemed to be done,
This spark had come at a time, well suited.
In a divine calm, I felt soaked,
A smile in my lips and a skip in step,
A mix of glum and glee it evoked,
As I slowly wove my way out of the web.
Years of comfort built, held me back,
This place seemed part of me, extended.
Till this moment, when I was hit a smack,
Life as I knew, would soon be amended.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Strive, strain and stress

Daunting the task seems to be,
Chip away, can I? I try to see
Minutes then turn into hours,
While I begin to doubt my prowess.
Fastidiousness is my nemesis,
Perfectionist, I am not, I insist.
My efforts though get intensified,
Near the end, I stand petrified.
Deadlines don’t faze me, I proclaim,
The challenges I face, keep me aflame,
Intimidating that once I had tagged,
That job is now done and bagged.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Meeting place

Prompt courtesy: We write poems
I hardly contain my excitement,
At the prospect of an encounter,
Is there the perfect one, ever?
To take on my muse’s character.
Can there be the sanctuary?
The kind that can impart,
Wings to the humdrum pen  
To turn words into works of art.
 Is it just the unassuming chair,
And the mundane cluttered desk,
Or need it be  wistfully quixotic?
The quaint café with patch picturesque.
Do I really need any of these?
Or am I seeking out props?
Is it just enough to have –
My words and my thoughts?

Not one firm bone

Head floating in clouds
Heart hovering on the ground
Me, just who I am

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Natal bonds

Wordle courtesy: Sunday Whirl
Drunk with the joy, at the expected,
The turn of events, as they unfurled,
The birth of this little on trumps
Every other episode in the world.
The divine bond of love that bind us,
Prophesized from time immemorial,
Mending any upending sorrows,
Turning the carefree into territorial.
The spontaneous dancing in circles,
The thunderous yelps of delight,
Teetering on the edge of sleep,
Nothing thus far, feels like trite.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tractable tribute

For you, I sustain your beliefs,
For you, I adorn your attire,
For you, I hold back cynicism,
For you, I try, like you, to inspire.
Remorsefully, I handle your absence,
Regretfully, I sigh in despair,
Ruefully, I try to cope with it,
Rapidly, my heart seeks hasty repair.
For your loved one, I dreadfully fall short,
For your loved one, I try to march strong,
For your loved one, I seek out respite,
For your loved one, I follow him along. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Ticks and tocks

Striking the iron while hot, red hot,
Molds it into marvels, from the taut,
Grabbing the days by their horns,
Seizing every moment that adorns.
Thus are born the tales of success,
With contentment, that one can caress.
My days, however, whiz past by me,
Of scattered moments, I hold the debris,
Stealthily, the time seems to slip,
Days into months and years, skip.
While I don’t seek a complete pause.
A tiny slowdown wouldn’t hurt my cause.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Happy Haiku

Happiness for all
I believe in that premise
With a pinch of salt

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ode to the toddler

A cutie, he is, handsomely so,
All of four, years he has to show,
That doesn’t change the fact,
Making up in smiles, any lack in tact.
Easygoing in his ways, the little one,
Always on the lookout for fun,
His people among many are two,
Who dance gladly to his every tune.
One by  one, he ascends milestones,
Garnering courage for some unknowns,
His vocabulary he enhances swiftly,
While maneuvering his play deftly.
Days turn into months and years,
He steadily overcomes his fears,
Onward, he moves, winning hearts,
All the while advancing his smarts.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lark about

He blundered through snippets,
of their life together, some vignettes,
Seemed he enjoyed being the center,
at times he was like the stentor.
She cringed at his every word,
with every laugh, he was spurred,
Drunk he was with attention,
Alcohol needed no special mention,
Silent she was, thoughts suppressed,
Waiting for the moment, he digressed,
however, wasn’t to happen this time,
As he continued his comedic mime.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stock Squawk

Serenity was all she sought,
As elusive as happiness was,
With tears, she was wrought,
A life of regret, she deemed.
Anticipation, however, kept her on,
A brighter tomorrow, she yearned for,
Fearlessly, grabbed the bull by its horn,
One happy day and her heart began to soar.
Things in years can change,
In an instant from bleak to bright
For smiles, tears can be exchanged
Love can work its way on even the trite.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Destination fascination

Like a little girl in a candy store,
I was awed, amazed and more,
The fantastic game, that was,
Felt like time had taken a pause.
The thrill of being up close,
And, in the moment engrossed.
Could say was just another game,
At the moment, with interest,  aflame.
In much anticipation, I kept waiting,
Rains showed no sign of abating.
Finally turned away in despair,
Of ups and downs, once again aware.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Relative insanity

She is known to go berserk,
Fixating on issues at hand,
Dismissed as just another quirk,
But, her manner is always offhand.
Duplicate tantrums are thrown,
At inconsequential details,
To magnitudes, quibbles are blown,
Still callously, she goes happy trails.
Not a single bone of kindness,
Seems to exist in all of her,
Leading life in ostensible blindness
And continuing self seeking demeanor.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Inspired in agony

Into the depths of darkness, you faded,
Steadily into despair, I plummeted,
In the shores of agonizing anguish,  
In a sorry state, I began to languish.
Life shrouded by obscure shadows,
Soul hollowed by misery of sorrows,
Without looking back, you left,
In fading life, you left me bereft.
You were my friend and my guide,
Now, within my heart, you bide.
Living on without your presence,
Devoid of any and every pleasance.
You were the rhythm to my silence,
Even as shaken melody, you are the finest,
Your outpouring love, shall reassert,
Like a sporadic breeze in the desert.
Strengthening my resolve, I flow,
Into the unknown, with your thoughts aglow,
By your persistent zest for life, aided,
Though into depths beyond, you faded.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kindred spirits, aberrant merits

Delinquent in relationships,
Circumstances forced her to be,
Others sucking her dry like thrips,
While haplessly, looking on, was she.
Ignoring her own emotional wants,
Torn by regrets of aloofness around,  
Suffering through all of the taunts,
Suppressing the triggers to breakdown.