Sunday, March 29, 2009

A drop in the ocean

Sitting in the dark, I wonder,
Will it be of help? I ponder,
The message is out, loud and clear,
But, is it as bad as we fear?

My little part, that I play,
Accumulate, it will, day by day,
Leave it behind, as my legacy,
Not just rely on others' mercy.

As I observed the earth hour,
The neighborhood, I did scour,
There are others who believe,
Actions will provide the reprieve.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Image source: Poefusion

Love is seeking and finds,
Love is direct, at times winds,
Love is earnest as is flippant,
Love is reactive and is planned.

Love comes layered and in bulk,
Love makes you savor and sulk,
Love, in it, you stumble and regain,
Love is tender, with some pain.

Love is elusive and brazen,
Love can slow, or hasten,
Love brings tears and joy!
Love, sure is complex, oh! boy!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For posterity

Of the burden, we carry,
Of issues, we must be wary,
Our children pay the price,
Now ways we must devise.

Ubiquitous in its presence,
Organic - of natural essence,
Green is the new goal,
Of course, there is the toll!

Being green needs prudence,
People, so, are on the fence,
Evaluate one must prior,
Else it could lead to dire!

On man can indeed,
when actions, of speech precede,
Our world in its splendor,
is one to our children, we render!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Parted she has from childhood days,

Said good goodbye to the carefree ways,

Taken leave of nimble bodies,

Farewell to all the things the world embodies!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Alphas abound

ingredients of this verse,
Building blocks, I use to converse,
A writer I hope maybe I will become,
To words, one day, I may succumb.

Artist, I have always wanted to be,
Though maybe I do have creativity,
If only I could paint, I often sigh,
Create a masterpiece, my! Oh! My!

Anecdotes or yarns, I love to read,
To its pleasure, I myself cede,
Knowledgeable pastime it is indeed,
And, my curiosity it does feed.

Ancestry defines where I come from,
Family helps in who I become,
Friends belong to the extended kind,
With them, you make it through the grind.

Average, I think is the way to go,
Moderation, a trait, one should show,
Neither of the extremes I hope to be,
But the top may not be that bad for me!

Anonymity, very much a mixed bag,
Normalcy along with it, will tag,
Fame at times can be a can of worms,
Notoriety has totally different terms.

Arrangements bring order and organization,
Contentment is a great sensation,
A place for everything and everything in it,
Too often though, I deviate from it.

Architecture to accounting, its been a ride,
Structures and numbers in its stride,
Engineering can be of many a style,
To understand that, it did take a while.

, whichever way it is defined,
To investigation, it needn’t be confined,
I end up doing a little too much,
I know and have been told as such.

America- United States of, rings a bell,
A vast nation where I currently dwell,
Among the diverse, I do belong,
A feel of home here, would I prolong?

More ‘A’s here, not to be outdone,
My name and that of my loved one,
A tag prompted by someone I admire,
To continue to write, she does inspire.

Across the miles

Like a brother, he has become,
The one, with whom I kid around,
Lot of good times and then some,
Mutual respect between us abound.

Today is a day to celebrate,
The day dawned bright and clear,
Wishes flow in, in a spate,
Sending him a lot of good cheer.

An year older and wiser,
Feet firmly on the ground,
Today is so much nicer,
Just 'coz he is around!

You know who you are, Happy B'day!:)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Her calling

Lost in thought, on a lazy afternoon,
Her recent past flashed by then,
Seemed like time went by, just too soon,
Scooting by were her unfulfilled yen.

Cajoling herself out of day-dream,
She wondered, if she was a recluse,
Awakened from the stupor by a scream,
Tempering him became her excuse.

Dashing up to the source of cry,
Unevadeable responsibilities in her tow,
Picking him up, nimble and spry,
For she was a mother now!

She loved his every little freckle,
Smothered by loving pecks, she was,
Her life now had become a speckle,
Of little milestones and a lot of pause!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Here I go again, on a ramble.
Going about things, in a scramble,
Snow is here, all around in ample,
A blizzard, we get to sample.

It was Mother Nature’s revenge,
For a gorgeous summer, she tries to avenge,
Weather is, these days, certainly strange,
Winter to spring, all in the range.

A Genuine respect for nature,
Love for earth, one should nurture,
The delicate balance needs a suture,
For our land is growing an aperture.