Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Muddled struggle

Is my entanglement my undoing?
Or is heartless the way all are going?
Every word of others I dissect,
End of the day, my heart feels wrecked.
Sensitivity has it heightened in me?
Is death the only way to be free?
Bereft of joy, I don’t want to end up,
And unnecessary emotions stirred up.
To smile, I enforce upon me, a rule.
My thoughts, I also slowly retool.
Change, I anticipate in life’s chapters.
And, forever, I shall be in raptures.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


I was the master of my world,
Hands on the wheels, I soared.
The journey was the destination,
Solitude was the ultimate intention.
No voices egging me on,
No safety net to fall back on,
My battle was just my own,
The road to finish, unknown.

Turn it around

The path is punishing
Arduous and demanding,
I will my steps to not falter,
Towards the win as I totter.
Dismissed by some, as a joke,
My passion, I needed to stoke,
Proving to none other than me,
This is who I am, I proudly decree.

Live on...

And, thus it ends,
An illustrious life,
In memoriam,
The words are rife.
For every birth,
Death’s in the sphere,
There’s no escape,
The End will be here.
That’s how it is
The mark of final.
Instinct is it primal
For survival?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rhyming reasons

Morose, my verses are, I am told,
Grief is instant, never foretold,
Welled up tears, I don’t let fall.
Instead, on paper, I begin to scrawl.
Sparse have become the joys,
Age and circumstance destroys,
Whatever little seeps through,
Days are strewn in sough.
Impulsively, I should set out,
And, a change bring about,
But as days slowly pass by,
My resolve begins to go awry.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Tag, tag my way...

Here are the rules of the game: 
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  • List the rules and display the award.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
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About me, seven facts,
So sweetly, she did ask
Deny I cannot this one,
Being awarded an inspiration.
Plain Jane, I think of me,
Uninteresting in all degree,
I will introspect to  uncover,
What will I find, I shudder.
A wallflower, I try to blend,
A helping hand always extend.
Thoughtful I am, others say,
I guess I was made this way.
Memories are my strength,
To preserve them, I go any length.
Of the past and the future, I worry.
Amidst that in the present, I scurry.
Collections, I love to complete,
From angels to elephants, no mete.
I dream of my own sanctuary ,
To escape into a world, imaginary.
Photographs are my antidote,
Time to it, I always devote.
Seven now? have not lost count,
Distracted, as my life, I recount.
Now, I express gratitude,
To reflect, had the latitude.
Opportunity in the form of a tag,
And, also an award in the bag.

Dear Maha, I truly appreciate,
An opportunity to satiate,
You, who I deeply admire,
Never do cease to inspire.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The lows of the high

Eradicate the sorrows of today,
Plunge in and rejoice all the way,
For there’s no certain morrow,
While through days, we all furrow.
Squeamish in happiness we are,     
Awaiting misery, that’s not far,
Silent have become the lips,
Smiles fade away into the dips.
The means of joy aren’t mercenary,
Just clich├ęs age old and legendary,
Of little grins, the many drops,
An ocean of joy, it does prop.

Taught by a tot

Through your eyes, I see now,
Little things, to me, you show,
You teach me to be present,
And not into brooding, descent.
You emphasize on this instant,
And not to dwell on the distant.
You show me to be open,
And, not obsess over what's broken.
You educate me to prioritize,
And, by words and actions, entice.
You instruct me to engage,
And, each one, to aptly gauge.
Wise beyond your years,
For you, I am all ears.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Reeling reality

I daydreamed a childhood,
In my mind it exists,
Reality doesn’t matter,
For I have it all figured.
White picket fence home,
With grass to skip upon,
Pink drapes on my window,
From it to peer outside.
Gardens with daisies,
And bluebells and lilies
Paths to hidden cozies,
And tree-houses on top.
Picture perfect the happiness,
And, days bright and slow,
Paradise appears in paper,
But none has seen it, at all.

A mid life hiatus

The road oft traveled,
The middle of life,
The clock a-ticking,
Mind begins to strife.
Attempts to alleviate,
Fall through flat,
Days are moving on,
Life goes on with a splat.

Toddling in art

Picking up the brush,
You paint a bold stroke,
‘Digger’ you declare,
Your creativity, we stoke.
A squiggly wiggly in red,
Takes its daring shape,
‘Humpty dumpty’, you say,
In admiration, we are agape.
‘Blue and yellow, and more’
You sing in all gusto,
Pages turned and filled,
As you go on with tempo.
‘Painting!’, you proclaim,
Looking all around,
Your ardent admirers,
Applaud several rounds.

Art of life

I watch life, as if it were an art,
A painting, a landscape, set apart,
I watch it, as if it is the stage,
And, stay away from it, I manage.
Every brush stroke, is a breath taken,
Some unfinished, midway forsaken,
The climax is awaited, hoped befitting,
Actors in it trudge on, unwitting.
A blank canvas for one and all,
Hues and grays have now befall,
Unscripted was how it all began,.
Destiny, and then its course ran.
A canvas, a stage, that’s all it is,
With onset and ends, hits and miss,
Subjects and actors keep moving on,
Many a shapes and roles, each dons.

Thoughts in randomness

I write, I accumulate,
My darkest fears and thoughts,
It never does satiate,
The ghosts with which I am wrought.
I read and absorb,
All of the hurt and sorrows,
All of it distorts,
My heart’s beaming pharos.
I mull over and muse,
At others’ every spoken word,
My heart is bruised,
As the intent behind each is heard.

All for a smile

I smile today, for no reason,
Lifts my spirits, for its the season,
I pause amidst and ponder,
I jolt me back to life’s wonders.
All the quotes and books I read,
Positive, I try to be, never succeed,
Of everyone else, but me, I worry,
Brings me down, however I parry.
Every new day, to myself, I assure,
Turning into a new leaf, has allure,
Today, this moment, as good as any,
Therefore, I smile, I smile aplenty.

Follower, forever

Muddy paths formed by foot,
By the many before me.
Pioneering is liberating,
But, it is not for me.
The vicious cycles of firsts,
To lead is never my forte,
My own pace, I would rather,
And, hover in its comfort.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Wee wily nily

You resist, I persist,
You win some, I the rest,
Every day, I marvel,
At your garble, larval,
Wise beyond your age,
Grasping the language,
Vocal and verbose,
Regaling grandiose,
You push to the limit,
I pull in, and inhibit,
Knowing you are wrong,
In a hug, you merrily throng.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Scenes of serenity


Monsoon peering in,
And peacocks are preening,
The fluty squeals of birds,
Trills of swallows reeling.
The bright moon shining,
And streams rustling on rocks,
The earth blends with the sky,
There’s silence in the blocks.
Chestnuts dropping,
Pings the eerie quiet,
Branches sing the blues,
Nothing short of a riot.
I step into this scene,
Heavenly as it seems,
Breathing deep in my lungs,
This picturesque dream.