Wednesday, January 25, 2017


A rebirth of my soul
This year I take to be
Not to be a burden
On the mighty earth
Lighting the lamp
of hope and joy
I shall give unto
The voices of the heart
The light tough of
Peace and warmth,
I shall be the bearer of
Coping with the
Heavy dose of life
I reach the bottom
Not to drown, but
Emerge refreshed
Renewed and revived

One for the ages

Parched we have been for a win
The so close, yet so far days
The practicality of father time

Rotund are the accolades
Unparalleled the count
Yet remains – ‘just this once’

Not one scandalous tale
In the rise to beyond greatness
Of the gentle affable one

In salutation, we applaud
Admiration overfloweth and
We stay, your humble devotees

 Prompt: 3WW

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

For freedom...

A crusade set forth upon
By the better halves
Many among who, privileged
But have a mottled past

In unison came the cries
Of equality, of shining bright
Change was in demand
Of freedoms and rights

An unexpected trigger
From transpired events
The voice heard as one
In the ceiling makes a dent

Historically unprecedented
Awaited in eager anticipation
The turn of events meant
It was not to attain fruition

Imaginary garden with real toads

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The new normal

Currently the misogynist thrives
As the leader and so his followers
The new normal, it appears
Lack of respect seems to be the lesson

Yesterday’s neophytes or todays
Experience is shunned as evil
In oblivious ignorance, the world
Seems to be tottering to its end

Families are thrown asunder
Children swayed of values
Friendships broken beyond repair
Life falls into complete turbulence

The tag reads like a misfit
An unpleasant taste in the tongue
While meekly, we shall accept
The obnoxious bigot harangues

Prompt: 3WW

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Affection triumphs

For the sake of kindred
Something was asked of me
Setting aside the distaste
Jockeyed into fake camaraderie

Lopsided things remain
Broken hearts aren’t mended
Crumpled are the lives amidst
There shall be no amend

Fragility of the human ego
Lives are torn asunder
Is there ever a respite
From the emotional plunder

 Prompt: 3WW

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


A gaping gap exists
Between perception and reality
Incorrigible my ways
Forever an exercise in futility

Attempts many are made
To set aside the negatives
Exclude the hateful taunts
And set forth the narrative

Of the wagon, many falls
Resolving its prevention
As days settle into lazy boat
Purpose loses its gumption

Prompt: 3WW