Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stock Squawk

Serenity was all she sought,
As elusive as happiness was,
With tears, she was wrought,
A life of regret, she deemed.
Anticipation, however, kept her on,
A brighter tomorrow, she yearned for,
Fearlessly, grabbed the bull by its horn,
One happy day and her heart began to soar.
Things in years can change,
In an instant from bleak to bright
For smiles, tears can be exchanged
Love can work its way on even the trite.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Destination fascination

Like a little girl in a candy store,
I was awed, amazed and more,
The fantastic game, that was,
Felt like time had taken a pause.
The thrill of being up close,
And, in the moment engrossed.
Could say was just another game,
At the moment, with interest,  aflame.
In much anticipation, I kept waiting,
Rains showed no sign of abating.
Finally turned away in despair,
Of ups and downs, once again aware.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Relative insanity

She is known to go berserk,
Fixating on issues at hand,
Dismissed as just another quirk,
But, her manner is always offhand.
Duplicate tantrums are thrown,
At inconsequential details,
To magnitudes, quibbles are blown,
Still callously, she goes happy trails.
Not a single bone of kindness,
Seems to exist in all of her,
Leading life in ostensible blindness
And continuing self seeking demeanor.