Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Without a moment of neglect

Parenting, oft analyzed
With no agreement in opinion
Admired from outside
Mired while within
He was uptight, fearful
Thoughtlessly transformed
Into constant putdowns
His offspring suffered
Bore it well, till a day
With tears became
deluged. Till the yoke
of burden heightened
Days were woozy with
Strange emotions. Where
he lacked, others stepped
up. Seamlessly, impeccably.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Righteous pursuit
Of freedom and beauty
Of gratification of purity
Of new beginnings.
A sedate existence
Of protected living
Placid to others
Monotony to one
A pathetic sense
Of romanticized
Stature, garnering
No respect, none
Trials and torments
Troubles and tribulations
Forgotten in a jiffy
Swathed in nurture.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Poised to prominence

You, my brave soldier
Venture into territories
Newer and bigger they seem
But I only see your victories
Amusing your approaches
A smile to tackle all downers
Elastically adapting to all the
Challenging encounters.
Deeply rooted at times
Within your own thoughts
But at ease at making
Everyone laughing in knots
A new day, of the year
Tomorrow will begin
Shine bright like the star,
You shall wherein.

A mirror to your thoughts

A mirror to your thoughts
Is all I now seek
The forlorn face
Simple requests
And joy at water
Helpless you are
With some of your acts
Your legacy
While I watched you
A pang of sadness hits
Ticking clock in
Quiet time
Amuses you to no end
In tears I stand
As I leave you behind