Monday, June 30, 2008


Monday Mural

Looking into my palms,
I see my unending qualms,
In the mirror, I detect,
Self doubt, begins to infect.

As I branch out, growing,
Taking root, as life is slowing,
The arm is broad and strong,
sending fears to where they belong.

Lasting I hope, I can be,
Giving to all, like the tree,
Head held high, forever,
In the face of adversities, I endure.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer song

Summer’s here, summer’s here!
Umbrellas up, and sunscreen smear,
Mornings are bright, evenings clear,
Mangoes, peaches and cherries appear,
Expect to see some roadside deer,
Road trip to the sea-side pier.

Summer’s here, summer’s here!
Olympics in summer too, this year,
Nice weather, will soon disappear,
Go, on! Have fun! Without a fear!

Friday, June 27, 2008

A saga once more

Down the stairwell, she rolled,
With her, died her secret,
So he thought! but truth be told,
there was something he'd regret.

A mute spectator peering through,
In a roll of film, he caught the action,
He was found by her killer, though,
Beaten, almost dead, pleased at his infraction.

Back to life, slowly was nursed,
By a doctor, who upon him stumbled,
He kept to himself, his lips pursed,
but about a guy, he always mumbled.

A conversation, over the telephone,
About the killer, he overheard,
his ears, he quickly honed,
It was time for action, he feared.

The news caused a stir all over,
His fame shattered by his past,
Over her grave, the mute guy hovered,
Glad, she found her closure, at last!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Auto narrative

A nagging feeling I have
I feel a shake coming,
Will I just fall apart?
And, my engines break down?

I am old, but have been loyal,
Running through all the years,
Across the coast, through cities,
I have seen it all, I must say.

On all their spontaneous whims,
that they pick me and drive to,
I stood them through thick & thin,
Through some rain, and some shine.

Now, I think its my time,
And, to let me off and just stay,
I know they love me, for who I am,
But, embrace the new, they should

I think I heard a rumor whir,
A shiny hybrid to take my place,
I would still be here at home,
Ready in tow for any occasion.

Like the old horses of yore,
I'll be a teacher to all those new,
Trusted with the novices at the wheel,
Seasoned and reliable that I am.

Past my prime, still a beauty,
performance matching the young,
A trip I will take in a bit,
right here, down the memory lane.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


melodious strain
harmonious and poignant,
the musical note

Friday, June 20, 2008

A dog's life

He was brought in as a puppy,
Romping around, he was happy,
He didn't have a care in the world,
On the sandy beach, he rolled.

Older he grew, he was stubborn,
Impatience, in his master he'd discern,
With a dog trainer, he spent his time,
He grew bigger, into his prime.

He knew to respond to a whistle,
Seeing strangers, his fur would bristle,
Loyal, he was to his master,
He had prevented many a disaster.

In the backyard, he did spy,
A little girl, eating her pie.
He went closer, wanting to befriend,
And, a friendly paw, he did extend.

Soon, the two were inseparable,
To be without one, the other wasn't able,
Thus, they continued to live on,
soon, they realized, how time had gone.

Time passed by, he became slower,
He couldn't lead, became a follower,
Day-by-day, he grew weaker,
He could hardly drink from his beaker.

The vet said, he'd soon be gone,
upon the master, the bills piled on,
They wanted for him, all the comfort,
For he had loyally, once held fort.

His little friend was inconsolable,
To forget him, she was unable,
All the good times, together they spent,
she remembered, amidst, her lament.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A different ball game

Frequent passes,
to one who is open.
Run back and forth,
shooting baskets.
Fouls, one too many,
Both teams struggle,
Winning and losing,
just part of the game.
Someday, maybe,
I too will play,
Until then I'll be,
a silent spectator.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Friend, philosopher and guide,
Take them all in your stride,
Everyone needs someone to be each,
But, they better not just preach,
Look for, in them, these traits,
Your support, in all straits,
Ideally, leading by example,
Upon you, shouldn't trample,
But, remember, you too,
do unto them, what they are to you!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Precious pal

From under the covers,
Your shiny face peers out,
Once you get started,
There is no looking back.

Previously, you were bulky,
A new avatar, you are sleek,
Change you did always,
In response to every fad.

Your speed makes me dizzy,
But your performance is key,
No matter what you will become,
I will adore the way you are

Maybe one of these days,
Technology will breathe life into you
Until then, my laptop, you will remain
My precious, inanimate friend!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

Hip! Hip! And a hurray! Today is the day,
A celebration of your love going strong,
Predicted further to continue that way,
Pleasant journey that has been all along,
You just want these good times to stay!

Always together, with each other you belong.
Nothing but the best is wished you way,
Never ending stream of joys – may they throng!
Inspiring memories that were gathered day by day,
Valuable lessons too, some right and some wrong,
Each of those, however, a fear – they did allay.
Remembering the roses, not any of the thorn,
Sprinkled though, the years, were with some fray.
Advancing on forward, with togetherness lifelong,
Respect for one another, that you always essay
Your hopes of a good life, may they prolong!!!

... you know who you are:)... heartiest congratulations!

Monday, June 9, 2008


The valiant lies crushed,
For him, by his side, she mourns,
The whole field was hushed.

Devastated, she becomes as she learns,
Of the plots against him, the brave!
Always more, than the eye discerns.

Out of respect, she will not rave,
She will, though, fight tooth & nail,
For the motherland, he fought to save.

One day, a martyr - the world will hail!
And, peace in their land will prevail!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


An undeniable imminent action,
Uncomfortable long hours in preparation,
All smiles soon, upon completion,