Thursday, May 23, 2013

Glum, her dole

 A clever retort, she thought,
Would finish it all for good,
With tension, she was wrought,
Continuing to incessantly brood.
Relationships, she wanted all,
Silky smooth, was her call,
But, in a beat, they began to fall.
Filling her with dismal appall.
Lonely, in a crowd, she felt
Yearning for the affection,
But life continued with welts,
And, all she felt was dejection.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Darling she’ll be of mine,
Adorably, hearts she’ll steal
Unbelievably, my life’ll change
Guardedly I shall tread.
Hopelessly in love, I’ll end up,
Tirelessly, I will endeavor,
Enthusiastically with her
Relishing indeed every moment.

Forbidden alliance

Furtive stolen glances
At each other
Sneaky messages et al
To meet further
Secretive calls from
Out of nowhere
Keeping up the pretense
Of normal fare.
Covert is the affair
Between them
Illicit is the way
It shall stem
Stellar are the means
To meet further
Spiking their interest
For each other.

Lines of pain

Lyrics of life
Is what I write,
Songs of sorrow
Is not my plate.
Time fleets by
I make way
Heading on,
Subsist, if I may.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Coveting connection

Can’t any of my little ones
Send me some wishes today?
Like mother, or important to me,
Some words like that, they say?
A small gesture from them, shall
A huge dividend to me, will pay.
Or is motherhood, so very elite
And, has to uphold its restrictive way.