Friday, July 25, 2014


Her namesake, yet to be born,
Her effects, one to adorn,
Every little gesture of the one,
Just like her, will be found.
In one, I shall see the other,
With love, on both, smother,
“If only” – everyday I will sigh.
But no one can answer my why.
My life, she had mothered,
For her, I create another,
Their lives shan’t ever meet,
But her soul, in one repeats.
Without her, I have no rudder,
In the one, I find my succor,
Her life, I can never revive,
In spirits, I keep her alive.


A profound statement, I heard,
Of smiles and tears,
Of mother and child,
Asked of a day marked in history,
Of cycle of life,
Of joys and sorrows,
Idealizing general stereotypes,
Of the right thing,
Of presumptions,
The mentality of herds seen,
Of acceptance of norm,
Of never straying tradition.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ardor Candor

I wish to blend in and disappear,
My plan for life is never clear,
Off the beaten path, I wish to veer,
And, the aimless life, better steer.
Every moment is spent in fear,
Every day, I shed a tear,
For everyone, I hold dear,
I sigh and wish they were near.
To let go, and live in cheer,
Into the past, to stop to peer,
After all, a mortal, I am mere,
One day, like all will expire.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A second look, maybe

Liberally, laced with profanity,
He shouted around in fury,
Like a banshee, spouting insanity,
No one in particular, his quarry.
Quarrelsome, he is dismissed,
But not once received empathy,
Was he evil, and very pissed,
Or a victim, of severe apathy.
Sides of every coin, are two,
Every shade of black has a white,
Gray are how the most do,
We are, to set the wrongs, right.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Impressions by the sea

By the side of the waves,
Contemplating my days,
I walk on, without a care,
Oblivious to others, unaware.
A sense of urgency pervades,
The answer I seek, evades,
Burdens have me cornered,
How do I unshackle onward?
Poring away, into the horizon,
Awaiting the days to enliven,
Bleak, look the days ahead,
To the future, I set foot in dread.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Incomplete, you and I are,
So close together, yet so far,
Incomplete are my words to you,
Yours complement me, too few.
Incomplete, the life goes on,
The halves we each mourn,
Unfinished, I am without you,
Not whole, you are too.
In search of the completion,
The missing piece passes mention,
How do we make us whole?
Is it within our control?
Inspired by song: Adhoori

Turning point

As I stand in the threshold,
Of a point of never return,
My feet stop short, cold,
And, my stomach churns.
Will I be able to go through?
Or will my fear pull me back?
One thing, though, holds true,
No one will cut me any slack.


My notepad, my canvas,
My pencil, the acrylics,
As I tousle and touch,
I pan it like a critic.
Words, in excess as they flow,
At times can’t be stemmed,
Once in a while, I hem and haw,
For at least a line to be penned.
As I step back and view,
The filled up lines in the page,
Gratification washes over me,
In which, I revel and engage.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


A new day dawned,
And a new joy spawned,
A sense of entitlement,
Combined with contentment.
Joy, unparalleled, today,
All doubts set to allay,
A home to call one’s own,
Eternal elation, ever known.
Beyond a roof to shelter,
An expression of dreams stellar,
To flourish and thrive with it,
And, into its comfort, submit.
Had to commemorate this day for the posterity, being monumental! Congratulations to you-know-who!

Heartrending recollection

Fraught, we are with misery,
Of that long gone day in February,
Birth and death, are but a cycle,
To an honorable end, one is entitled.
Nocturnal nightmares abound,
Tears well up all around,
Not a single day goes by,
When her thoughts don’t make us cry.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Imaginative imperative

I look around and see,
Trying to piece my story,
Like a half done puzzle,
I feel broken and frazzled.
Cluttered everything seems,
Things bursting at the seams,
Purging, I am in vain,
Not an inch, I can gain.
Life but goes on though,
I reap what I sow,
Seeds of joy are here,
But happiness doesn’t appear.
I bite off more than I can chew,
Values, I incessantly eschew,
To put it into practice I try,
With my ideals, I constantly vie.
I then turn off the lights,
And with it, my brain bytes,
All I need to do is just be,
And, of thoughts, be free.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Vocational hazards, revisited

Emotions, I display, one too often,
Losing my stoic bearing,
Older, as I seem to have gotten,
Impatience creeps up, in snaring.
No time for incompetent goofs,
Annoyances beyond repair,
Time to face the harsh truths,
Stem the cries in despair.

Just a random rhyme

I live in a constant fear,
Of loss of everything dear,
I anticipate every moment,
As an upcoming doom omen.
I read all the quotes,
All about happiness it connotes,
I cannot seem to shake off,
A thought of possible lay off.
At the deathbed not to regret,
And, travel tales to beget.
Maybe I should let go,
The disguised-as-work, throes.
Alternatives, I don’t have many,
The gutsy ones, I much envy,
Forever, on the right path,
I incur my own wrath.
Whimsical, I want to be,
Unburdened and just free,
This shall never happen,
I will continue misshapen.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Sigh, sigh... cry, cry!

Disappointed, an understatement,
The look-backs and what-ifs.
Inconsolable, I am within,
All the clich├ęs I sound to myself.
Deep down is a gaping void.
If only, just one more,
Why couldn’t luck favor?
Many a such I am asking.
Cocooned from any talks,
Everyone moves on, but me.
In denial, I steadfastly remain,
Accept, I hope not to,
Not a word about it now,
Someday, I shall move on too.
Passing time, changes all paths.
Today, I will sigh, once more.
Silently wishing an outcome,
Nothing like the one past.
It probably wasn’t meant to be,
But is there another chance?
Everyone who knows me, knows what it is. Oh! not a big deal at all, but had to mention!

Is it for real?

Through my lens, I see,
What life, one day shall be,
If only future, I could tell,
And, on past, not dwell.
The fear, of the imminent,
Of being forever transient,
I feel like I am done,
But I have far from begun.
I wonder about the whys,
Zest for life, has demised.
Miles and miles, I have left,
At prospects, I seem bereft.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Again, I do

Insignificant, it is overall,
But I feel an inner pride,
Unable to divulge at all,
I caress a smile inside.
Godless, others have been,
Stating skeptic negativity,
I held my ground wherein,
I shut off all the pity.
Recreating historical reports,
Nothing short of grueling,
Many a skill I did court,
Outcome, in time, fulfilling.