Saturday, February 27, 2010

A birthday to remember...

Birthdays to me are always dear,
Anticipation builds till the day is here,
I always wish it were perfect,
As, joy into it, I try to inject.

Now, as I age, as I get older,
I wonder if I should give it the cold shoulder,
Still, I would like to have it my way,
And, keep it as my special day!

Wishes, I want to have,
Gifts that I can always save,
Nothing fancy, just from the heart,
To make it beautiful, plays its part!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mistress of my destiny

To grab life by its horns,
To take charge, to control,
My destiny shall be mine,
Not a race, but a peaceful stroll.

This day, I hope to begin,
To live the fullest, not just exist,
For a change, I shall be strong,
And, from joy, I shan’t desist!

I will not wait for the one,
Day, when the pigs will fly,
I shall not wait and watch,
As life slowly passes by!

On my birthday, I shall,
Do all these and more,
Slowly, but surely I will,
To happiness, open the door!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Middle age is but a tease,
Of the life that is to follow,
Running around with ease,
Is not for long, in the morrow.

The joys that are generated,
By the ecstasy of youth.
Now become highly overrated,
And ‘sour grapes’ follow suit.

The meager days that remain,
Prior to the days of grays!
It is now time to entertain,
The adage of aging with grace!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Identical in distinction

Homogeneous bed of white,
Pleasing to the eyes, they were,
A second look, they did invite,
More like a commonplace fare.

An infiltrate then raised its head,
Standing tall amidst them all,
Anomaly, it was inferred,
People stopped to stare, appalled.

A turmoil soon began to broil,
Did they infiltrate bring them shame?
For fame, was their forever toil
With notoriety came the fame!

They embraced it as their own,
Welcomed it to their fold,
The seeds of change thus got sown,
And, born anew, from the old!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life as I see it

This comes across the miles from a talented photgrapher, poet friend, who sent this along to commemorate the milestone, the big two-five-oh!!!

Sitting in my rocking chair,
With hands on my heart,
I reviewed the life I led,
With evocative thoughts in my head.

Pictures of childhood chums, I see,
Electrical voices, I speak to,
The iPod, now my companion,
Solitary, things I do.

Run I do, the rat race,
Things I do, by the hand of clock,
Work I do, not where my heart is,
Live I do, like the flock.

Forgotten are the rainy days,
When I sit by the window,
Hand in hand, with the person I love,
A hot coffee to share.

Time, I ought to find,
Love, I need to convey,
To let the dear ones
Know that they are one of a kind.

This space awaits (updated to add "and received") a piece from a talented photographer and poet in commemoration of the milestone attained - the big two-five-oh!!


Old love, it has become,
Anything, it can overcome,
Years of togetherness divine,
For the other, heart does pine.

Forever seems too short,
To describe what we've got.
Even if today is just another day,
It is perfect in every way!

Happy Anniversary!!! to us:)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All I need is you...

There shall never be,
A lurch in my step,
All I need is you,
To give me a good grip.

There shall never be,
A frantic fear in my mind,
All I need is you,
To lend a hand with the grind.

There shall never be,
A tear in my eye,
All I need is you,
To steady me, to get by.

There shall only be,
The sweet odor of success,
All I need is you,
To help me under duress.

There shall only be,
A whole lot of love,
All I need is you,
To share, my love!

There shall only be,
A repeat of these years,
All I need is you,
For nine million more years!

On the eve of our anniversary, here is to you, my love!

Monday, February 1, 2010

True love

Milestone year, it soon shall be,
Very much in love, we continue to be,
Almost a decade, flew by like a week,
Each other’s company, we continue to seek!

One more year for those keeping track,
There is nothing in this, that we lack,
As long as we had each other,
Nothing else, was ever a bother.

Jinx it not, I shall by saying,
Just keep going, I will, by praying.
Each new day, is a pleasurable treat,
When together like one, our hearts beat!