Sunday, February 28, 2016


Maybe I can be sad
Said a three year old
Wise beyond his years
With words profound
From tomorrow I
Try to barter and probe
Like the little boy from
The other side of the globe
He rewards me with
A million watt smile
Today is for us to live
Tomorrow away by miles
It may turn out
Great, bright and cheery
Not like what I feared
Not dark or dreary

(dedicated to a very important little one, who has enriched my life beyond words)

Looking within, letting go

I flutter above
Suspended animation
I oft state
I want to watch
Myself go by
I await completion
Of a well put day
Instead of a chaotic
Mad rush of
Surrounds my
every move
every step of mine
fumbles and slips
I fool myself
Of being settled
Far from it! Very!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Enveloped in love, strangely ...

Limp with overwhelming
Gratitude and joy
Marveling at all the
Love pouring in deluge
With not a hateful bone
None of any spite even
A day and people
Filled with pure love
Unlike any other
Today was different
Just a warm blanket
Of much needed affection

Silent love

Oh you, I remember everyday
Beside you, I sit to converse
Without you, tears will flow
If only, time, I could reverse
Today, the first of the rest
Of my life, as I begin
Milestones none, void many
Just a series of has-beens
Little does one know, I
Walk in silent love
Burying regrets within
Hearing you, from up above.
(Self commemoration for the birthday, a milestone one...maybe)
Walt Whitman’s Leaves of grass, 1900
“O you who I often and silently come

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tales of joy

Let’s go and find the key
That’s close to the fine pot of gold,
Tell me where the empty room is
To fill it with my range of dreams
Let’s return to the place of tales
And a case a case of happy endings
Met our match, we shall stop
The magical window sill
It then hit me, smack on
The searching high and low
At all costs, shall go on, for
There is no risk of “The End”