Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Looking back at the year past,
Memories, for a lifetime will last,
A new home, fingers crossed,
Starting fresh, in it time slowly passed.

Success were few, failures more,
Some events in the year, were quite sore,
Time spent with family and friends,
For everything else, that makes amends.

Visitors at home, were quite a few,
On a few trips, we traveled too,
Life can never be a balance sheet,
One thing that it can be is bitter sweet.

Years later, when I will look back,
Will this be a year, that I will keep track?
Memory is short and so is life,
Of such years, life will be rife!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Train travel travails

Inside the train, snaking through,
Valleys and gorges and over bridges,
Time moves, as if in a standstill,
I see others, but I feel detached.

As dusk falls, the lights are out,
The homes lining the tracks light up,
Children running back to their homes,
Lamps are lighted outside in prayers.

I watch from inside, as if unaffected,
Slowly, I see life passing by along,
Routines are kept up, in the outside,
I however break mine for this journey

Diaspora within is a dispersion,
Floating population, varied destination
For a brief moment, these lives merge
The disparate travails of travel abound.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday greens

Holidays are here, to celebrate,
Over the lights, my eyes wander,
Economy this year, will dictate,
Balancing by thrift, the squander.

Anything down has a way up,
Patience it demands in such times,
Splurge with kindness and you'll triumph,
Setting aside nickels and dimes.

These are times to stay upbeat,
To maintain and to nurture,
Onward with optimism, not retreat,
With all hopes for a bright future.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cheery insights

Surrender to the joys abound,
Relish the sights to see,
Hear the melody all around,
Remember to laugh with glee,
Recollect memories that astound,
Treasure all these, that are free!