Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today I draw a blank,
Writing now for writing sake,
Among the bottom, I would rank,
Excuses here, I try to make

Clich├ęs I seek to avoid,
But, on days like today,
Of ideas, when I am devoid.
Mediocre is the price I pay.

Childish a word comes to mind,
Tag this in the class sub par,
This day I come to find,
I need to lower the bar.

The more and more I begin to fuss,
Looking for that one spark,
My brain feels like a sticky mess
Looks like emptiness left its mark.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Three birds of a feather,
Vagaries they weather,
Musical notes tied together,
On beauty & melody, they tether,
Tunes so soft, they don't smother,
Pausing to take a breather
Come closer, come hither,
Soon, before the songs wither!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Her heart is like falling leaves,
Today, as someone close leaves.

Time together spent has come to an end,
Taking along the memories, he leaves.

The history between them is long,
For her to go, she needs her leaves.

She stood waving, in the narrow alley,
Eyes following his steps on the strewn leaves.

Just the other day, Just someone said,
Goodbyes are always hard, when one leaves!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Crown prince!

The Prince!!!
In his priestly robes,
Adorning the royal ring,
He strolls through the garden,
Waving to the awaiting throng of crowds,
Under the magnifying glass of public eye, all the time,
His private life, and his childhood dreams, taking a backseat,
Oh! There are unseen and unheard rigors of being the crown prince.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Momentous impetus!

In the pouring rain, she frolicked,
Not a worry in her mind, carefree,
To the vagaries, she was indifferent,
To enjoy life, she didn't need a reason.

Things hadn't been this way always,
To her friend, her sorrows, she poured,
She used to cry for no real reason,
And, to life, she was indifferent.

A conscious decision she had made,
Pouring into it, her heart and soul,
To live well, her motivating reason,
And, to others, she became indifferent.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A sliver of hope

Global warming and wacky seasons,
Violence for no specific reasons,
Death & destruction that's rampant,
Tell me, tell me, it didn't happen!

Rising gas prices, falling economy,
All over, countries seeking autonomy,
Plotting and scheming, going on then,
Tell me, tell me, it didn't happen!

Peace and harmony, no longer a priority,
Kindness, a quality seen in a minority,
Weapons, not skills, people sharpen,
Tell me, tell me, it didn't happen!

Environment is itself in question,
Selfish reasons at one's discretion,
Our earth becoming quite misshapen,
Tell me, tell me, it didn't happen!

One day, things will all be right,
Future, for all, will be bright,
It will not be 'if', but just 'when?'
Tell me, please tell me, it will happen!


an open doorway
to invite or inhibit,
allures and intrigues