Monday, January 31, 2011


She loved him for an eternity,
Invisible, she however, had been.
Safe she felt in his vicinity,
Women then weren’t heard, just seen.

Decades ago it was, she lost count,
A shy smiling bride, she recalled,
Waiting for her groom to dismount,
Her friends, at his sight, enthralled.

She had hovered in shadows, forever,
Fishing around for his compliments.
Of respect to her, there was endeavor,
Of love, existed sporadic elements.

A second wind, she hoped to catch,
Past their prime, when they’d be.
Hoping now was just a random patch,
After all, together they were meant to be.

For her, love was just a salve.
To have her socks blown off,
She didn’t ever look to have,
Just enough, so no one would scoff.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The subsistence shindig

Life is a carnival of sorts,
To comedy, it resorts,
A journey of its own, is life.
Some peace and a lot of strife.

Is there a purpose to this mess,
At times, amusing I must confess.
Pandemonium continues to ensue,
And, then turmoil begins to brew.

A street party, life is every day,
A cavalcade of joys to sorrows, sleigh.
From sorrows, slowly the joys stem,
And, that is how I remember them.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Heightened downer

An unexpected descent,
While awaiting progress,
Almost surrealistic
Aspirations killed off
In the blink of an eye.
All I am left with is
The ever relevant cliché
‘Life must go on’!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Outage outrage

With a power outage, we suffer,
Coping ways, among us differ,
Some like me write verse,
Others in here, plain curse.

A few overachievers as everywhere,
Catch up and try a show-off affair,
Work is standstill, by a breakdown,
Productivity for the day, unknown.

Automotives accidentally knock,
To the transformer, gave a sock,
People inside in tremendous shock,
All around crowds begin to flock.

A day in waste, to mourn of,
Solitude is anything to scoff,
Scrambling, others I seem
Puts life in perspective for me.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Buoyant bravado

Courage I need to take the plunge,
And the nerve to, the past, expunge.
Dare I rock the boat of familiarity?
Move on with an air of temerity?

Adversities, one after another, hit
My own worrying adds to the bit.
Getting through the days, one by one,
Motivation, to enjoy, there is none.

Fear for loved ones, tops the list,
Professional life too is in a mist,
Trying hard, in self pity to not wallow,
And, the greats, in spirit try to follow.

Come out of this, unscathed, I shall,
Prayers and faith, will break my fall.
Healthy and happy, shall be one and all,
Hardships blown away by a squall.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Tales of a basin

A bird bath waits forlorn,
Her friends get plenty attention,
Winters are hard on her,
Waiting, she is in isolation.

Come summer she'd perk,
Filled with nectar like,
Oh! What bliss in life!
When the heat does spike.

Now amid a wilted lawn,
by the side of a dry fountain,
she dreams of sunny days,
Of spring, she tries to feign.

Embarking on their flight,
toward south to warmth,
The birds seem to not care,
About this lonely basin bath!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


A conference room,
with temperatures freezing,
A stiff handshake,
And, then it began.

A flurry of questions,
Baring of inner souls,
The perpetual quandary
Always a baffling poser.

Do you tell the truth?
The modified truth?
The diguised truth?
or just plain lie?

Imminent in nature,
the necessity to speak up,
Befuddled I murmur,
Pulling myself together.

Giving them what they want
I simply sold my soul,
A flake, did I end up?
Isn't it after all, a job?

Now, on the other side,
I am an authority,
Not one to be deluded,
Unmasking them instantly.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To meet again,

A happy goodbye,
To a valued colleague,
Adventures will satisfy,
His zest for intrigue.

Not to taint the moment,
With sadness or regret,
Just an upward ascent,
Of deadlines, not to fret.

Look forward to the prospect,
Of plausible chances,
Crossing paths to connect,
As life slowly advances.

A willing participant,
He used to be in all,
With laughs, he can enchant,
And, in life have a ball.

Missed he shall be,
As he crosses the sea,
Welcomed he will be,
Back here, if he needs to be.