Monday, December 30, 2013

Aged anguish

The spoken smiles, the unspoken tears,
Bright exterior, riled within in fears,
Words sound hollow and actions weak,
When gloom envelopes, life is bleak.
Thoughts weakened, language burns,
Alleviation attempts warrant spurns,
Burden and bondage seemingly,
Self doubts creep up repeatedly.
The end needn’t be near, yet
The finality seems to have set,
Borrowed time, recurring norm,
Beyond capability, emotions swarm.

Trendy toddler

A crisp outfit, color coordinated,
The sophistication never abated,
Quite exquisite for a one year old,
Was gladly welcomed into the fold.
Magnificent, in his make shift perch,
Interspersed with an excited lurch,
Anything could and was to be delved,
His innate curiosity outdoing itself.