Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Same day, same time

Clichéd resolutions
Fresh starts
That’s not the norm
Same old continuations
Novelty stalls
To monotony we conform
Cyclical rotations
The new pitfall
Predictability swarms

Thursday, December 10, 2015


My well woven existence
Slowly began to unravel
Already in visible shamble
On the fringe of complete dishevel
Current days feel like
On rocky terrain
Nights are harder, so to speak,
As I beg to relieve the pain
There’s the constant battle
To pick between flight and fight
As my body gets chafed and filed
All I seek out is respite

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Festive, the feast

Hark ye, the holidays are here
Christmas eve beckons all near
The reds and the greens are visible
Out, come the tales and parables
A race against the hour to do
Collection of gifts and the ado
It’s all about the thought I say
As the holiday sales, I try to parlay
Trinkets laid out in neat displays
As I maneuver the shops in a daze
Does it really need to be in plenty
After all, it should not be about the money
On the day, I gather loved ones
Food abundant and chatting tongues
The joy of being under one roof
Of a richly content life, is proof.

Cloaked and covered

Clothed in shackled formals
A tie around my bonded neck
Like the caged bird who sings
I harp on useless jargon
Feet leadened by heavy wear
Like the chained elephants’ leg
Roar, he can, bellow at best
I scream to no avail
Layers of pieces stitched
Clothing cover my body
All that I will end up with
A piece of simple shroud
Silks and fancy polyester
Cuff links of gold, studded
Head to toe, each item
Reeks of nasty captivity.
The pure soul escapes
Discarding the body
Why do I then clutch on
To these useless dons


Resonant is the grief,
And the void burdens
Days are led in subsistence
And heartache extends
Placid, the outer remains
Turmoil and cries are
Well cradled within
Bottled up, with a vengeance
A life doesn’t cease,
With just an obituary
There’s the memories
In the hearts of who love
Life is short and done
Physical, with hurt and pain
But then there’s the fact
For others, it goes on.
There’s the clinging
The longing of the past
But, forward is the truth
The present, the moment

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Quirky cat videos

Funny, offensive or amusing
People react to it, in many ways
Likes and comments cause a rousing
Move on, they do in few days
Symbolic, the creator aimed,
But, was lost in translation
Disclaimer, no animal was maimed
Was needed to appease the nation
Cats and dogs come and go
Causes, they espouse are many
Life is, after all, a great big show,
Actors on stage are zany.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Death is lackadaisical
A nude awakening of
The only certainty
In all of eternity
The barest of emotion
The whys and the how’s
The ceasing of life
But, I have to go on
Makeshift plans are made
Overwhelmed and overcome
Irrationality rules
Mind is beaten down
Continuity and onwardness
Get hard to relate to
Time can heal, probably
But I shall resist


Imperfectly, it started. Rustic, not
It is all not about me, I need
To learn that lesson and move on.
I conjure up old memories and
New insults. I overreact, in
Anger and despair; shedding tears.
I want to run, escape this
Human jungle. Faraway into
Pastoral oblivion.
All I need is a day of peace, a
Routine without sadness, a
Home to relax in
A soul space of escape
Untethered. But, in the midst of
them humans, Ambitiously greedy?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I absorb what is around
Certain emptiness

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Without a moment of neglect

Parenting, oft analyzed
With no agreement in opinion
Admired from outside
Mired while within
He was uptight, fearful
Thoughtlessly transformed
Into constant putdowns
His offspring suffered
Bore it well, till a day
With tears became
deluged. Till the yoke
of burden heightened
Days were woozy with
Strange emotions. Where
he lacked, others stepped
up. Seamlessly, impeccably.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Righteous pursuit
Of freedom and beauty
Of gratification of purity
Of new beginnings.
A sedate existence
Of protected living
Placid to others
Monotony to one
A pathetic sense
Of romanticized
Stature, garnering
No respect, none
Trials and torments
Troubles and tribulations
Forgotten in a jiffy
Swathed in nurture.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Poised to prominence

You, my brave soldier
Venture into territories
Newer and bigger they seem
But I only see your victories
Amusing your approaches
A smile to tackle all downers
Elastically adapting to all the
Challenging encounters.
Deeply rooted at times
Within your own thoughts
But at ease at making
Everyone laughing in knots
A new day, of the year
Tomorrow will begin
Shine bright like the star,
You shall wherein.

A mirror to your thoughts

A mirror to your thoughts
Is all I now seek
The forlorn face
Simple requests
And joy at water
Helpless you are
With some of your acts
Your legacy
While I watched you
A pang of sadness hits
Ticking clock in
Quiet time
Amuses you to no end
In tears I stand
As I leave you behind

Friday, August 28, 2015


Flowers arranged
In beauty
In joy
In hopes
In expectations
In welcome
In pride
Flowers symbolic
Of expression of ecstasy
Of shedding the past
Of embracing the future

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


One of those days it is
Where nothing goes my way
Churn out poetry I try
But dinged and dissed I get
Rejected by stalwarts
Reviewed and ignored
My writing never made
A mark, in their world
Heartbroken, I continue
Scripting. More drivel?
Words come easier now
But accolades shall never.

In the news

Menacing the trends
The slump continued
Unprecedented levels
To downward milieu
Models and resolves
Unravel shabbily
Money turns hands
Quickly, craftily
Rampant are setbacks
The unfulfilled dreams
Money talks the talk
Brings out human extremes
The ups and the downs
Aren’t easy to stomach
All  hunky dory, at rallies
But not so much at plummet
All and sundry claim
Their share of the pot
Experts and laymen
With their pain are wrought
The vagaries of nature
Is well applied here
All the stochastic motions
Begin to now appear
The laws of the finance
Of capitalistic market
Stands out unscathed
While goes on – this racket.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Nostalgic melancholy

I come back, here again
I wander far, but I go back
This place is welcoming
Within, time stands still
Musty the smells are within
Floors been walked on
Overflowing with things
Stuffed to the gills with belonging
Generosity lies inside the doors
Aging gracefully the structure
Brimming still with souvenirs
Of the many past decades
Once, a shiny new build,
Now a museum of sorts
Collecting dust among others
Time flies, but is rooted


Parallels I draw between
His accomplished life
And my transient shambles
Something calls out
A borrowed family
None to call one’s own?
Compensation for loneliness
Are the acquired things
That money begets
Choices were they?
Or plain ol’ destiny
Shackling him
The point of no return
No escape
When here, its final

Saturday, August 22, 2015


As I listen, I am reactionless
Within I shake my head
In disagreement, I think
I am unsure of it, myself
Conversations are beautiful
I participate meekly
I never voice out strongly
But I nibble aplenty
Wallflower, I no longer am
Small talk comes easy
Social chatting my forte
But it never was this way
Get on my nerves some do
I control myself with élan
Some I blast out amply
Then brood a while in regret

Friday, August 21, 2015

Off you go... yet again

The ding of the ringing bells
Woke me up from my reverie
Sweaty palms and parched lips
Put an end to any revelry
Dreams, no, nightmares
Plagues all of yesterday
An apprehensive optimism
For it was ‘back to school’ day
Books and pens, my first love
Armed with thirst for knowledge
Like New Year’s resolutions
Many things today, I pledge
The first week flies by
Reconnecting rediscovering
Then begins the hard work
And at the teachers’ cowering
Days go by in rapid pace
The its time to test
Hours as I pore over my books
I meekly let out a protest
The realization sinks in
The teachers stand firm
Gently guiding the astray
With pride, your work, affirm
And, it is all over
Times to say goodbye
But one things stand out
The strong bonds of an ally.

Train tales

I am left with the shake
The aftermath of a locomotion
The big beast of burden
Just whizzed by this station
Like rooted in time, I stand
Unable to process it all
If not pulled away
I could stay till nightfall
The 70 coaches fly past me
he passengers waved and smiled
I soaked it all in with feeling
For after all I was a railway child.
The hustle of the world
For all of five minutes
Embarking of its journey
The lifting of my spirits
Snaking away slowly
Way past my line of sight
I am left pondering
At my lonely plight
Goodbyes are hard
But its only until next time
Then a cheery hello
Such is, of life, the clime.
Photo credit: Douglas Salisbury (through Imaginary Garden with Real Toads)

Lost in thought

By the side of the river
The silver meander
I walk, lost in thought
To refresh renew and repair
The chirping of the birds
The slow swaying of trees
The lush green beneath me
And the blissful breeze
A perfect picture they paint
I, however, am rooted within
I look inside my heart
Oblivious to the worlds’ spin

Thursday, August 20, 2015


A nasty itch began
Eyes twitched and teared
Runny was the nose
It was just what I feared
I knelt down in despair
A silent cry I gave
There it goes again
The ills I have to bear
Trigger what was it by
I began to ponder
And, then I faintly heard
A very distinct purr.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer days

In the last leg of the day
From summer of this year
Is the crisp warm evening sky
That will soon disappear.
Rituals of the warmth
Imminently to be replaced
In respect of the freeze
With cold, as days are laced.
As it had often been done,
A hop and a skip outside
Shall be a thing of the past
As, nervously  are huddled inside.
A lucky show of the sun
A shy sunny day, in between
The critters come out to play
And, nature does her preen
Seasons are a friend to all
Like shopkeepers doling out treats
The cycle slowly moves forward
We see our share of repeats

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


There’s no other locution
Used more often
Reminiscing or speculating
Vocal or written
Life without regrets
Utopian at the least
But the joy it begets
Aspired and beseeched

if only.. translated

If only I did
If only I could
If only it were
If only he would
The hapless sighs
And the lost hopes
The wishful eyes
And incessant hopes



Sunday, August 16, 2015

Be you, be cursed

He just throws them
Like that
Belittling, trivializing
Words, sharper than sword
Churning in her mind
They wound her
Pecking away joy
Like a woodchuck
Until the final blow
Striking her down
Negativity cultivated
Cursed by all
From maternal
The heritage, ancestry
Spewed forth
The melancholy, he permeates
To his loved ones
The most loved
Word, with words, he strikes
Forever, mired in such
resentment. Be you, be cursed

Monday, August 10, 2015

The far away gaze ...

Into the horizon she gazed
Amidst the chaotic crowd
Transported to eons away
As for answers she scoured.
Burdens of thought pervaded
Not a moment of respite
There are lives to be saved
Not a day of plain old trite.
Amid the race to cure
There’s the other side
Responsibilities to kinfolk
That she needed to abide.
She was bound for prominence
Mundane life tied her down
Though pale in comparisons
In banality, she started to drown.
Untethered should have soared
Instead against the currents swims
Life is nothing, if not strange
Upheavals are created in a whim.
A sort of a tribute ... you know who you are ...

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Half-baked lines
float around
I write one down
And blanks abound
A word stands out
I rush to make a verse
Stubbornly it resists
And, I take a recourse
Books and pens I buy
Dreaming a fresh start
But a few pages into
Nothing stands apart
I move my place
From work and home
Even a bookstore once
Thoughts continue to roam
Not a chance I have
To see through my dream
Of filling up my rhymes
In papers by the ream

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Addicted, I am to the thoughts
To the concept of suffering
Defiantly I resist all relief
Not to let go of the misery
In the filthy pool of self-pity
I wallow incessantly
I wait for the wave of tears
Between now and nether
Ridden in the guilt of joy
I refrain from the happy
Addicted I am to the pain
The soul wrenching kind

Monday, July 27, 2015

In reverence, a homage

Death beckons at will
The gentle souls fulfill
There’s an end, to everything
The precursor to a new beginning
Some things don’t make sense
Especially when all feel the absence
Inspiration he was for all
Humble beginning to top it all
On his toes, till the very end
The common he did transcend
Dreams and visions he installed
Legacies remained to be built
Sacrifices, he stirred in many
From nothingness, he taught plenty
For the children, a better morrow
A life of joy, bereft of sorrow
Ideas, he worked for, tirelessly
But destiny took him irreversibly
A fine citizen, a cherished president
Collectively a great loss evident
Mourned by his countless countrymen
His greatness hailed time and again

Sunday, July 19, 2015


The rays of sunshine
Dance with the leaves
A graceful rendition
A ballet of sorts
Shadowed amidst light
The foliage prance about
Breezed away gently,
By the summer wind
The elegance, the joy
The blissful trots  
The sparkling rays
The rustling trees
Operatic allegory
Of the unseen nature
Nestled within
The deep forests
No prying eyes
Just carefree abandon
The primal purity
And pristine grace

Monday, July 13, 2015

Mythical demesne

Resurrection begins in isolation
In werewolves and witches nation
Voodoo dolls are blinded aspiring
Nemeses begin their veering.
Hunted and branded they’re as fruitcake
Spells are chanted in heart break
Alone, they are left to face the facts,
Amidst scorpions, vermin and the bats
Perchance among mortals, they appear,
Ordered by the heads to cut off ears
An occasional sighting in the royal ball
Is enough to make the subject appalled
Persecution is all they have faced
From the face of earth, erased   

Legacy left behind

The rains, clouds and the roof,
The game of a lifetime
Merciless, the opponent
Obstacles continued to climb
Feels like no tomorrow
The sun shall not rise
Sinking feeling in the heart
Familiarities reprise
Dreaded destiny is brought up
Maturity is summoned
Tears are stemmed, through
The rough, emerges the diamond.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

A day from the past, today

I seek ways today
To pay my tribute,
There seems no way
Attempts seem moot.

Stuck up and formal
The very word sounds
Not meant for you
Whose laughter abounds.

I think up rituals,
Ceremonies and rites
I plan to recollect all
Of the sounds and sights.

Nothing will bring you back
That hits me hard
No matter what I do
From life you are barred

The loss shall remain
The ache gnaws away,
Time lessens the pain?
But not like what they say.

Destiny and fortune, I
Seem to call out much,
For want of anything better
That will calm me much.

As long as I can
Smile at thoughts of you.
That shall be my homage,
From my heart comes true.
Remembering you, today and always... I pray, it stays that way  

Happy Birthday!