Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Aging apathy

The body gradually weakens,
Mind, but remains nimble.
Patronizing behavior sets in,
Demeaning and degrading,
Relationships unwind.
Once the best, there ever was,
Now slowly begins to unravel.
Changes beyond one’s control,
Living transforms to existing
And life plunges into darkness.

Will we all age this way?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Early days

Tire swing in the park
A trip back to my childhood
Can I reverse time?
Can I reverse time?
A trip back to my childhood
Tire swing in the park


Opening the door
Fragrance of love wafting by
Home, I have arrived!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Today, I am on cloud nine,
Ecstatic I prance around,
Disbelief and privilege combine,
Gratitude does abound.

Someone I greatly admire,
Kindly gave me an award!
First ever in the blogsphere,
To rejoice, I can afford!

Continue to pass this on, I shall,
To seven others as directed,
Them and others et al
All of whom well respected.

Seven favorites of mine,
Here I shall soon list,
In my own way, I define,
From ordering I shall desist.

Blogging1, I made few friends,
Brought me a feeling of belonging.
To bookstores2, my love extends,
All loved ones3, I think of with longing.

Helping others4, I always want to,
Giving gifts5 is yet another,
Cute little things6 I collect too,
But save money7, I’d rather.

Typing away, I pick you,
Lakshmusings as well.
Firmly rooted is chosen too,
On Just my way of thinking I dwell.

ThomG is an awesome read.
Just a mother of two is one more,
Rude Cactus, I lurk, I cede.
There are many many more I adore.

Here I add a word of mention,
A note of thanks included.
To the awesome Poefusion,
And all great blogs here alluded.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Frame of mind

Scary thoughts cradled in my heart,
With reality - can’t tell them apart,
Just as life begins to seem perfect,
Gnawing uncertainties begin to affect,
Its share of sorrows, life snares,
Anger and disappointment then flares,
Scary thoughts cradled in my heart,
With reality - can’t tell them apart!

Style of poetry: Octelle


A perfect diamond ring,
Moon cradling the Sun
Slowly and gently to be let go
From its phenomenal snare,
A morn swathed in darkness,
Dawned not once, but twice,
Swarms of people awaiting,
A historical spectacle divine!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Human Nature

Of mistaken identities,
Leading to comedies
Men are like muffins,
With mushy insides
Covered by hard tops!
Society of humans,
As brothers come together,
When tragedy strikes!

Who am I?

I am again measureless patterns,
I seek to know me and my verve,
Am I the undecipherable enigma?
Is there a purpose, here, I serve?

Whether I shall turn out to be,
The hero of my own life…

Will there be some happiness?
Or of conflicts, I will be rife?

How do I come to know me?
Am I really who I think I am?
Is there another side to me?Am I just a big ol’ sham?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Walk in the beach

The flaming red sky,
A setting sun bidding good bye,
Walking on the shore feeling lost,
Loitering along, time to exhaust.
A heavy heart, feeling forlorn,
Walking in a slump, I mourn.
Looking sanguine, in the ocean breeze,
Seeking acuity, from the seas.
Dejected hearts, I see around,
who, sorrows seem to hound,
I pause, as if in a seance,
All around, people are in a trance,
Furless I feel, I stand exposed.
To my world, I am transposed!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Sulking, the sky grieves,
Raindrops drip down the leaves,
A hypnotic daze surrounds,
In the wet and watery grounds,
Thus refreshes nature today,
For a fresh start, clears the way!


It got me thinking,
How complex things can become,
My life as it is!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dream on...

Dream on, the sky is the limit,
Dream on, for dreams are sweet,
Dream on, of a great life ahead,
Dream on, and great joys are spread.

Dream on, and fulfill each one,
Dream on, and think of everyone,
Dream on, go till the very end,
Dream on, but doing, time you spend!

NaiSaiKu (July 14, 2009)

It got me thinking,
How complex things can become,
My life as it is!
My life as it is!
How complex things can become,
It got me thinking,

Monday, July 13, 2009


As white as snow
A supporter of peace
Feathers outstretched beautifully,
The dove!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Whys of us?

Why can’t humans forget?
Why do we continue to relive,
Every hurt in the past?
Why can’t we seem to forgive?

Why can’t humans learn?
To love unconditionally,
When will we ever stop,
Needing to keep a tally?

Why can’t humans let go,
Just live for the joy of it?
Why is the world thus?
Can we, these forces, defeat?

Why can’t humans stop,
To smell the roses, pause?
Why the need to one up?
And, of fights be the cause?

Why are humans consumed?
In mundane clich├ęs innumerable?
Why can’t there be a fresh start?
Is ideal just a fictitious fable?

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Measuring every tick of the clock,
Straining to hear the sounds of time,
The four walls closing in slowly,
The room was getting smaller,
Sweating hard, in terrifying fear,
Listening to the wafting radio hum,
Giving up all hope of any escape,
Breathing heavy, hard and strained,
The trapped feeling is like none other,
Just then, door opens to freedom!

“Wake up!”, he heard the sweet voice call!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kismets and trinkets

A cat with one paw raised,
The clover leaf, almost razed,
A horse shoe fallen off the hoof,
Rabits foot, tied to the roof,
Rainbows with the pot of gold,
Penny on the ground to behold,
Dream catchers caught on,
Red chinese lantern from Saigon,
Wishbones and bamboo plant,
The seven Gods will always grant.
A stray eyelash to blow away,
A falling star can make your day,
Tortoise, elephant and pigs,
Crickets and dragonflies on twigs,
Across the world these are sought,
A stroke of luck for the distraught.

Circus ruckus

On this October evening divine,
Plans for a trip are in the design,
Of all the places, where do we go?
Soon enough, you’ll come to know.

Off to see all the animals, there,
Something else that not many’d dare,
Acrobats and flamethrowers around,
So many things that do astound.

Ropes of the trapeze were strained,
Performers for hours had trained,
The clowns came out to give a pose,
Keeping the others, on their toes.

The ringmaster is the spine,
Majestic is his royal reign,
Other things add to the ruckus,
That was our trip to the circus!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Kneeling in the garden,
Atop a transparent seat,
Soil under her will harden,
But she will keep at it.

Praying for her sanity,
All she seeks is peace,
Letting go of her vanity,
From suffering, her release.

A tragedy hanging in the loom,
Which she seeks to destroy,
There is a consuming gloom,
But she looks for the joy!

Subdued, she won’t be,
Rising from the ground,
From everything she’s free,
And with happiness surround.


The sky cries with me,
Swallowed by gloom, I am,
To the one, I kneel, but
Nothing can take the pain away,
Transparent is my face,
With grief of the unknown,
Pouring my heart out,
Clears away any self doubt,
This day too shall pass,
Morning will dawn anew.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A voyage

Worn out from the daunting trudge,
Every step, a burden to budge,
Needing a place to rest weary,
Looking for sometime, finding nary.

"Is there anybody there?"
said the traveller, in despair,
Knocking on the moonlit door,
Almost dropping on the floor.

Life is thus, a journey long,
Traipsing on, till the swan song,
Lay to rest, at the very end,
Death, it will then portend.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer showers

Standing close to the foggy windows,
Watching the flashes and thunder,
The skies are opening and pouring out,
Monsoons are here and it soon shows.

The parched ground thus reawakens and grows,
Slowly, life creeps out from under,
Insects buzz on and crickets are out
Earth shall regenerate, it knows.

The streams are swelling and along flows,
Rousing earth’s hidden wonder,
Showers rage on, wiping out the drought,
Scenery in its brilliant pose.

Standing close to the foggy windows,
Watching the flashes and thunder,
The skies are opening and pouring out,
Monsoons are here and it soon shows.

Blue rain

Bright and shiny sun
Dreary and overcast sky
Mix to pour, blue rain


Source: read write image #17

A man with a donkey’s head,
An odd and extraordinary tread,
A frayed shade open and spread,
An alien creature or home-bred?
Would he stand a human’s stead?
Or into the horizon, off he’d sped?
Was he one of the sixty’s ted,
Whose heart for none shall bled?
Is he a nightmare to dread?
Or just a creature soon to be dead?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Up and Down

She found the sweet smell of success,
Opened doors, for her to access,
Slowly she left the others behind,
In her race, she aced the grind,
On her way, she amassed a following,
Winds of fame, toward her, were blowing,
Yearning for the sparkle of victory,
Soon, her life became contradictory,
Once at the top, she realized,
Of all the devious designs devised,
Her world collapsed like a pack of cards,
She was left picking up the shards.