Monday, July 27, 2015

In reverence, a homage

Death beckons at will
The gentle souls fulfill
There’s an end, to everything
The precursor to a new beginning
Some things don’t make sense
Especially when all feel the absence
Inspiration he was for all
Humble beginning to top it all
On his toes, till the very end
The common he did transcend
Dreams and visions he installed
Legacies remained to be built
Sacrifices, he stirred in many
From nothingness, he taught plenty
For the children, a better morrow
A life of joy, bereft of sorrow
Ideas, he worked for, tirelessly
But destiny took him irreversibly
A fine citizen, a cherished president
Collectively a great loss evident
Mourned by his countless countrymen
His greatness hailed time and again

Sunday, July 19, 2015


The rays of sunshine
Dance with the leaves
A graceful rendition
A ballet of sorts
Shadowed amidst light
The foliage prance about
Breezed away gently,
By the summer wind
The elegance, the joy
The blissful trots  
The sparkling rays
The rustling trees
Operatic allegory
Of the unseen nature
Nestled within
The deep forests
No prying eyes
Just carefree abandon
The primal purity
And pristine grace

Monday, July 13, 2015

Mythical demesne

Resurrection begins in isolation
In werewolves and witches nation
Voodoo dolls are blinded aspiring
Nemeses begin their veering.
Hunted and branded they’re as fruitcake
Spells are chanted in heart break
Alone, they are left to face the facts,
Amidst scorpions, vermin and the bats
Perchance among mortals, they appear,
Ordered by the heads to cut off ears
An occasional sighting in the royal ball
Is enough to make the subject appalled
Persecution is all they have faced
From the face of earth, erased   

Legacy left behind

The rains, clouds and the roof,
The game of a lifetime
Merciless, the opponent
Obstacles continued to climb
Feels like no tomorrow
The sun shall not rise
Sinking feeling in the heart
Familiarities reprise
Dreaded destiny is brought up
Maturity is summoned
Tears are stemmed, through
The rough, emerges the diamond.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

A day from the past, today

I seek ways today
To pay my tribute,
There seems no way
Attempts seem moot.

Stuck up and formal
The very word sounds
Not meant for you
Whose laughter abounds.

I think up rituals,
Ceremonies and rites
I plan to recollect all
Of the sounds and sights.

Nothing will bring you back
That hits me hard
No matter what I do
From life you are barred

The loss shall remain
The ache gnaws away,
Time lessens the pain?
But not like what they say.

Destiny and fortune, I
Seem to call out much,
For want of anything better
That will calm me much.

As long as I can
Smile at thoughts of you.
That shall be my homage,
From my heart comes true.
Remembering you, today and always... I pray, it stays that way  

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Exhausted essence

Aloof I want to remain
Ponder at the absurdity
Of the painful past
Of imminent adversities
Temporary, I deemed it,
But transient, it hasn’t been
Nary an up follows the down,
What am I supposed to glean?
Living is hard, I conclude
In reality, I shouldn’t carp,
Among privileged, I count me,
But, cannot stop this harp
The body of mine holds up
The broken down soul
When can I mend the tears
And become my old whole

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Entwining comfort

Weaving quilts of memories
Heartfelt grains of joyous moments,
Splintered by ominous worries
Cracking open anxiety torrents
The feeling pervades the bones
Dubious qualms crawl within
Escaping the cynical tones
And let some bliss seep in
Collapsing in a huddle of thrill
Crowing in a collecting hurrah
Like the clay pot water’s chill
Life takes a welcoming yaw

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Raspy, I got today
Trying to instill
Come obedience
But was a tedious drill
In a high, I set out
With a bag of wins
Brought to my place
With quips that stings
A nobody that I am
Was made to realize
Somber the moment
When I was left to theorize