Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The beginning of the end

He was nearing the end of his life
Ambitious he wasn’t, he realized,
Life for him had been a struggle, a strife.
That was his own and he greatly prized
Incredible others, he idolized
But to be one of them, he did not like
Now, mature and wise, he of them despised.
The ugly truth of life, he did dislike
Something that could no longer be disguised,
Gradually he knew, what his life comprised.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vivid vivacity

Colorful, like butterflies, flitting by,
Dressed in their dance costumes,
Little ones, with their heads held high,
Their dedication spoke volumes.

With pride, my heart swelled,
Seeing our dear little one there,
Joyous tears, in my eyes, welled,
Looking at her lovely fare.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Reign of rigor

Nature rules supreme,
Sovereign is her state,
Distinctions, there are none,
Her subjects for her are one.
Majestic she holds her fort,
Even in the autumn of life,
Supply, she does to all,
The sweet nectar of joy!
All creatures survive,
Under her just rules.
Additions there are a few,
Subtractions of late, many.
Men, her prized creation,
Caused her kingdom’s anarchy.
Nature, however rules supreme
And, sovereign is her state!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Overbearing gray
Descending fog stifles all
Leafless trees in line


Powers, I have, a great amount.
The world, all of it, I did surmount.
The master of the universe I am,
Anywhere, anytime I can cram.

Clean up this land, I did in a snap,
Peace and prosperity all over the map,
I did all of this, sitting in a chair,
See, I am superpowers' apparent heir.

Invisible, I can be, anytime I want,
No task, ever, will it daunt!
A moment is all it will ever take,
Of course, that is, until I awake!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stellar sadness

Eclipsed in sorrow,
Waiting for penumbra of joy!
Will I languish forever,
In the umbra of melancholy?
Orbit eternally, will I,
In the phases of grief?
From the velocity of life,
I seek an occultation!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life, a stage?

Extending his exposure to the limelight,
He stood silent, deep in thought,
Seeking a remedy, for him a respite,
Firm hands in his hips, sleep he fought.

Conformed he hadn’t, often, to norm,
Scofflaw, he however, wasn’t thus far,
Multitude of roles, he had to perform
In the plum of his career, he was a czar.

Real and reel, for him was a blur,
A confection of truth and lies hover,
A pittance of love, for him would stir,
A denouncement of all of his in clover.

He sought for substance all along,
A husk of triviality was his life, he felt,
Snapped out of his reverie, by a song,
Life as an actor was something to be dealt!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Looming gloom

A hanky I may need today,
To stem my tears,
Heartbreaks for no reason,
Miserable smears,
Drifting through the tasks,
Warding off fears,
The thick of this gloom,
I hope soon clears,
Life, however, shall go on,
It appears!


Drifting aimlessly,
A hanky keeps company,
through the thick of tears,

Friday, September 11, 2009

Treasured pleasure

Your identity, that is your name,
To fame, it shall be your claim,
The joy in the process, beyond dreams.
Its loved by all, luminous – it gleams.

With bated breath, you were awaited,
Your tiny presence, got us elated!
The thirst of longing for you was sated,
To greatness, you are, one day slated.

Nurture you, we will, as you grow,
With pride and delight, we seem aglow.
Soon, our hopes you will transcend,
Today, with love, all our wishes, we send!

You know who you are, little one!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Commonplace glamor

Summer trips, by the road,
BBQ grills fired up around,
Smell of warmth wafting by,
Red, white and blue in July.

Sports woven into its fiber,
Baseball, football and tennis,
Labor day with its sneaking chill,
Travels abound, with school in tow,

Football begins to drive weekends,
A turkey feast with pumpkin arise,
Cornucopia given in thanks
Soon enough festivities take over.

Traditions of one’s own originate,
Created for the sense of belonging,
Life thus goes on here beautifully,
Like the poetry verse that’s just right!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Engaging in war,
Aiming at disarmament
Resulted in mayhem!


His disarming smile
Amidst his toddler mayhem
Kept his mom engaged

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Spirited clash

Thwack on the left and then on the right,
Alternating with the roaring applause,
Aargh - a grunt, loud and wrought in pain,
Aaah – a groan, followed by a pause!

A few loud shrieks and some squeals,
Screeching in pain or is it joy?
Squeaky foot work on the surface,
To prevail, briefly they toy!

Out from there, a call of name,
In return, a whimper of a smile,
The climax in pin drop silence
A well played game, worth its while!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Noisy surroundings
And copious commotion
Beginning of school

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mute pursuit

Not the pitter patter of rain,
Not the roaring of thunder,
Nor the flash of lightning strain,
All I hear is silence, I wonder.

Not he rustling of leaves,
Not the gushing of wind,
Nor, of the storm, the heaves,
All I hear is silence, I find.

Not the burn of the scorching sun,
Not the buzz of the flying bee,
Nor, the chirping of the birds on the run,
All I hear is silence, I see.

The quietness of the rooms,
The insulation below the transoms.
The panic of the moment looms,
Outside I go, and my world transforms!

Fire play

Blazing hot star,
The street performer act,
Crowd gaping around in awe,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cusp of seasons?

It is threatening to rain,
Dark clouds covering sun’s glare,
The day just lost its luster,
Gray can never surpass the shine.

Isn’t it still summer?
Where did seasons go?
Are the leaves ready to fall?
And, rains waiting to pour?

In the cusp of seasons,
Oscillating from cold to warm,
Can I still wait in anticipation,
Of a hot day, before moving on?

Din in the train

As I sit in the train,
Watching people go by,
Detachedly I strain,
To hear words floating by,

“Why, Mummy, why?”
I hear a little whine,
“when can we see the sky?”
I then hear a sigh of resign.

Hushed laughter spots,
A loud bellow interrupts,
An instrument melody waltzs,
A harmonious song erupts.

A soft purring snore,
A whimper and a cry,
A boy practising his roar
And a conversation gone awry.

As I slowly alight,
With a smile, slightly sly,
I witness a wordy fight.
And I wonder, should I spy?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sounds at work

The gentle whirr of the AC
Monotones like the waves of sea.
The CPU buzzes on in pace,
Voices in subdued tones and bass.

The clicking of keys all through,
Everywhere these sounds imbue,
Whistling and humming I hear,
I try to guess who, before they appear.

Conversations, now are a lull,
Over their tasks, as they mull.
A moment of pause to take it all in,
A day of work, thus shall begin.