Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Across ages

Face lined generously in wrinkles,
But the smiles, bright and shining,
Her life’s greatest joy was there,
And, their lives were intertwining.
She waited long for this moment,
The sweet sounds of his guffaw,
Tightly bonded, the world of theirs,
As I stand, watching in pure awe.
I thought I knew her, all there was,
Then, the grandma in her emerged,
Oblivious to others, ingrained in love,
Enthralled, my love for them surged.  

Friday, October 18, 2013

Food, glorious food

Image: Google search
In all hues and colors,
In wide spectrum of flavors,
Arranged in gastronomic order,
People seated in patient ardor.
The magic was in the hands,
Of the chef, catering to demands,
The process a sight to behold,
Proof is in the eating, I am told.
Of flavors, a delicate interplay,
From sweet to spicy, it sways.
Seasoned in perfect accord,
Of tastes an infinite horde.
The  savoring is captivating,
As patrons await salivating,
As amid scene and scent oscillate,
The zesty essence dominates.

Ignite the imminent

Marking the 500th entry, a wonderful journey, with hopes for more...


The day started out as any other,
Peering into the mirror, into my soul,
Going through the motions did smother,
Felt like, a smile to myself would console.
Time ticked by, as wait it did for none.
Though a creature of habit, I stood rooted,
With the routines, I seemed to be done,
This spark had come at a time, well suited.
In a divine calm, I felt soaked,
A smile in my lips and a skip in step,
A mix of glum and glee it evoked,
As I slowly wove my way out of the web.
Years of comfort built, held me back,
This place seemed part of me, extended.
Till this moment, when I was hit a smack,
Life as I knew, would soon be amended.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Strive, strain and stress

Daunting the task seems to be,
Chip away, can I? I try to see
Minutes then turn into hours,
While I begin to doubt my prowess.
Fastidiousness is my nemesis,
Perfectionist, I am not, I insist.
My efforts though get intensified,
Near the end, I stand petrified.
Deadlines don’t faze me, I proclaim,
The challenges I face, keep me aflame,
Intimidating that once I had tagged,
That job is now done and bagged.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Meeting place

Prompt courtesy: We write poems
I hardly contain my excitement,
At the prospect of an encounter,
Is there the perfect one, ever?
To take on my muse’s character.
Can there be the sanctuary?
The kind that can impart,
Wings to the humdrum pen  
To turn words into works of art.
 Is it just the unassuming chair,
And the mundane cluttered desk,
Or need it be  wistfully quixotic?
The quaint café with patch picturesque.
Do I really need any of these?
Or am I seeking out props?
Is it just enough to have –
My words and my thoughts?

Not one firm bone

Head floating in clouds
Heart hovering on the ground
Me, just who I am

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Natal bonds

Wordle courtesy: Sunday Whirl
Drunk with the joy, at the expected,
The turn of events, as they unfurled,
The birth of this little on trumps
Every other episode in the world.
The divine bond of love that bind us,
Prophesized from time immemorial,
Mending any upending sorrows,
Turning the carefree into territorial.
The spontaneous dancing in circles,
The thunderous yelps of delight,
Teetering on the edge of sleep,
Nothing thus far, feels like trite.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tractable tribute

For you, I sustain your beliefs,
For you, I adorn your attire,
For you, I hold back cynicism,
For you, I try, like you, to inspire.
Remorsefully, I handle your absence,
Regretfully, I sigh in despair,
Ruefully, I try to cope with it,
Rapidly, my heart seeks hasty repair.
For your loved one, I dreadfully fall short,
For your loved one, I try to march strong,
For your loved one, I seek out respite,
For your loved one, I follow him along.