Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Idyllic deviation

This is not how I envisioned!
Growing up on a staple diet,
Of happily ever afters.
I hoped to be saturated,
By the love of my family.
I identified myself as fortunate,
To be one among the few.
I wished to have a loving,
A nurturing family.
Life had other plans,
Deviated from dreams,
Family I still have,
A good one on the surface,
Delve deeper to see
The loveless deprivation,
Insecurity gnaws at my heart
And, the hurt speaks out!


  1. sad, but sadly beautiful. Family is everything - and can be nothing.

    Just under the wire. Three fresh words soon.

    (And for some reason, blogger won't let me add you to the roll. Working on it.)

  2. i can relate to this on every level. it's sad how family starts out meaning something and then nothing at all. fortunately that's why we have good friends. if you need to talk just e-mail me. hope all else is well.

  3. Feelings and emotions are just perfectly poured in ....


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