Sunday, May 23, 2010

For you, li'l one...

"I like you the most" you declare,
But, others' feelings too you spare,
You are always caring and kind,
Pleasure in little things, you find!

You love to play, play with all,
With your lovely stories, you enthrall,
Your memory of events, beyond compare,
Great in everything, you want to fare.

Growing up, you are so fast,
Beyond toddler-hood, you moved past,
Friendly you always are, to everyone.
You are always ready for fun!

Smart, I see, you are beyond measure,
Your thoughtfulness, we treasure.
The bonds you form are many,
Happiness, in every way, is your company.

May you always be this way,
We will always love you, come what may,
Forever, you will remain, our little one.
The apple of the eye, of everyone!

We miss you, dear li'l niece. Until next time... :)


  1. oh beautiful...she must be all grown up now?

  2. Sounds like you wrote this for my son, and your his mother! Just an all around happy kid.

    Sweet piece to pass on to your li'l one...
    - Dina


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