Saturday, July 10, 2010

Disquieting disposition

As night nears, fear ensues,
The unknown, the trepidation
Life is bizarre, nay a narrative.

Normalcy I seek, I beseech
Shakespeare's world stage quote
Does not provide a good solace

A weight the size of a boulder
Hangs heavy on my head,
Trying in vain, to reassure I am

Triggers of alarm, are a few
A loved one in pain, is prime
Events, each, a part it plays.

Pinpricks, it shall remain,
To be rubbed away, and moved on,
For the positive end, I await.


  1. Very interesting. I enjoyed reading this poem.

  2. i hope everything is okay. sounds like a family member is having some trouble. if so, here's to a speedy recovery. if you want to talk i'm an email away.

    sorry for my long absence. i've been busy with family, etc...


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