Monday, August 2, 2010

Qualms, no calm

Can I eat myself to obscurity?
Like the customary caterpillar
Will days in a cocoon then,
Turn me into something else?

Beauty is far from my mind.
Nor colorful transformations.
Seeking the elusive peace,
And for happiness to follow.

Have I not asked for before?
Feeling a sense of déjà vu
Repetitive I have become
Like a broken record, I sound.


  1. I feel the stuckness that comes from fear or more likely, not knowing how to get from here to there. Of having tried and tried... and perhaps not having taken the leap of faith (not that I care that much for that expression). What I feel is not necessarily what you meant at all, but thank you for this, for me.

    Can I eat myself to obscurity?

    How can one not read on after the first line, and then after the first stanza - really quite brilliant IMO.


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