Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This day in mind

A day I spent like any other,
Talking to my sister across miles,
I was beginning my day, when
She was in shutting down mode.

Reliving childhood, she mentioned.
An idea so delightful, I clutched on,
Just that little thought sowed,
Some seeds of happy in me.

Like so many of the others, ours
Too was a normal, uneventful life.
Growing up was hard, but
Had its share of memorable.

Now looking back, filtering.
What surfaces, what plays in mind
Makes us all who we are, though
maybe not who we want to be.

Setting foot firmly in the present,
Letting go of past, though hard.
We march together into the future.
Allies, we shall be for life!


  1. terrifically done 3WW

  2. Wonderful! I like that honest truth that things aren't what we hoped but we march on anyway. All sisters should be such allies. :)

  3. Wow. Never thought u'd write one on this. The best part is the shutting down.. :) Beautifully written my dear sis..

  4. i love it. it speaks strongly of moving in your own direction while remembering your past. glad you had a nice talk with your sister. hope all is well.

  5. oh i loved that!!! i have four sisters and they are my best, best friends!!! two older two younger plop in the middle is the best place... especially warm when it gets cold.. thank you for sharing...

  6. reminded me of mine too...allies indeed, for life and beyond...


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