Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Raving rant

I have skipped many a meal,
And, missed events for you,
I have cut short family time
And given up travel too.

I put my dreams on hold,
As fulfilling yours, I felt,
Would be realizing mine.
And, was I more wrong?

I was available anytime,
Multi-tasking a lot, I lived,
Yours before mine, I set,
Now, to what avail, I wail.

Time to be cutthroat,
There is no more us, I yell.
I remind myself slowly,
After all, it is just a job!


  1. yes, sometimes jobs have a way of getting under our skins and making us believe that's all we live for. hope things slow down a bit for you to take in the better parts of life again. have a great day.

  2. Really liked your poem!

    Shows a great deal abour relationships everywhere in the world!

    Come visit me!

  3. Nice. So sweety the poem. Some times we cant go with dreamy subject. Stomach demands full time. Heart or mind no time. Thank you for Alerting and with Best Wishes.


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