Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Captivating charms

With a grin, I stumbled into
The fascinating bead store,
The jumble of colors did
Make me yearn for more.

Some too tiny for the naked eye,
Hardly weighed a gram,
Others covered in layers of art,
And, as big as my palm.

The beader hard at work,
With her head bowed down,
Creating magic with her hands,
Her love for the art – shone.



  1. Sheilagh Lee said: love this describes an artist store perfectly

  2. I love all the pictures this conjures up. Well written poem.

  3. I don't dare set foot into a bead store most of the time. Doing so means I'll walk out with a much lighter purse. So I'll just read this and enjoy the place vicariously. :)

    My three words are here.

  4. Lovely I can really envision this. I used to make bedded necklaces when I was a kid, my daughter now comes home from daycare with her colorful creations =)

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  6. What a beautiful description of a moment of joy filled with myriad colors.

    Purvi is Puplumages :)
    I am from ~


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