Friday, June 10, 2011

Not days, years...

Not so young, groom and bride,
Both were their parents' pride.

Tall, handsome and dignified,
Subdued, gentleness personified.

An articulate mind, inured,
A silent one, firmly moored.

Woven together, tapestry of lives,
Joy from the other, each derives.

A growing family ensued,
Toward better life, to collude.

Careers put on hold, when needed,
Family's calls were timely heeded.

Days went by, with some U-turns,
Speed bumps causing concerns.

Dedication to each other shone through,
As goals were steadily pursued.

Years passed by them swiftly,
As they busied with life deftly.

Every passing day is a wonderful sign,
Of their togetherness, a shrine.

A intricate woven tribute this forms,
As they continue to weather storms.

HappyAnniversary to you!