Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Afflicted conflicts

I have nothing to say,
I have moved far away,
I am no longer who I was,
I need to stop, take a pause.

Beliefs of mine have changed,
Life, to shatter me, has managed,
Nothing I say or do matters,
I am in shambles and tatters.

Naught festive cheers me up,
Forcibly, I morning wake up,
Rumpled me, I have to show
Nothing but tons of sorrow.


  1. So sad. I hope it is just poetry and not where you are emotionally today.

  2. this is incredibly sad i hope this isn't about you but if it is we all get ind ark spots where we think the sun doesn't shine but when we least expect it we let the light in and it shines brighter than before,

  3. very sad and hope it is just a poem and not about you...if it is here is hoping you have a bright spot right ahead...


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